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Why Indian Muslim Politics is about to Change Forever

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 23 April 2012, 02:29 Hrs   |    19 Comments
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While a religion based political party for Muslims in secular India is not a politically correct thought; however, with a superficial secularism, no so-called secular political party has given Muslims little more than token representation. Ironically, all our secular parties have again and again proved to be communal at core.

“While it is not surprising that a so-called Hindu party like BJP does not give Muslims their due, the Congress, the Communists and various regional parties do not do that either,” Jagannathan writes. The Congress party has been successful in flocking the Muslim community - that is frightened by the periodic communal riots – under its political umbrella during elections, but to the detriment of their economic prospects.

Realizing the vote-bank politics of the Congress party, the other backward castes broke away from the Congress and now the Muslim community is increasingly becoming aware of this bitter truth and is in the struggle of finding a political identity for themselves to protect their interests. BJP’s attempt to create a Hindu vote-bank almost came into being during Ayodhya movement and post Gujarat post; however, “but a Hindu vote-bank that groups all castes under one banner was always an unlikely prospect – as the creation of several caste-based parties in the Hindi heartland and in the south shows,” the article says.

“Till we reach a minimum level of economic and social inclusion, the best we can hope for is a genuine coalition of castes and communities. An emerging coalition of regional Muslim parties is the missing link that will complete the picture in this decade,” the article concludes.

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Reader's comments(19)
1: It should be known that cast base Politics wont survive in long run, Muslims have to realize that they are Indian First, and Indian Constitution has provided equal Opportunity . It was Congress at its Root level who had dominated over Leaders of Muslim League of India before 1944, which resulted in the Partition of this Country. Some vested interested has poisoned the mind due to illiteracy . has any body cared for the families of Mr. Rafeeq Ahmed Kidwai, and other Leaders of Independent India, It is known that Most of the Muslims were converted Hindus so were living as brother before partition . so what went wrong after it Reservation Policy will not give any benefit , so people must discard it , and think for the Policy of Upliftment through Progression,
Posted by:Raghuraj - 26 Apr, 2012
2: For to-days pathetic condition of muslim community,i squarely blame them and their leaders only.They shud follow the law of the land,They will have 4 wives and produce more and more children,and wont provide basic amenities to their own wards.Changes are universal truth,they cant talk about 6th century stories.They should opt for change,have only one wife,two kids,good education,should respect women folks.Separate political party will produce more scoundrels only.
Posted by:dattatraya bhat - 24 Apr, 2012
Mr. Bhat It is very sad to see someone blaming the muslim community religious practices as a cause for the backwardness. So much so to say "to produce more scoundrels". If forming a political party and contesting in the mainstream for ones rights will produce more scoundrels then the entire mainstream is producing more and more scoundrels. If at all muslims or other sectors of varoius religions were given what they had been promised as the article mentions the need would never be raised. These new political parties are not to encourage religious practices but they are to give the rights/to fight for the rights for a particular religion or sect.
Neu Replied to: dattatraya bhat - 25 Apr, 2012
4: Did we read in history that the British were good at Divide and Rule? We have proved them wrong. We have mastered the art of Divide and Rule. There is no unity among hindus, muslims, christians, harijans, etc worst it has percolated down to district and panchyat level.
Posted by:JBP - 23 Apr, 2012
5: If Muslims weere not given proper representation in parliament, administration, police & education fields, even after tall promises made by so called national parties years after years, how long will they wait ? Whenever Muslims raise their voice for their basic rights, they are dubbed "Not interested to join mainstream". If 15% population is deliberately left behind, what kind of composition would be the so-called "Mainstream" ? It would be better for Muslims or other bachward sections of society irrespective religious identity, if so-called national , mainstream political parties sincerely try to just implement the constitutional rights or norms so fervently advocated by the founding figures of Indian Constitution long ago.
Posted by:Aman - 23 Apr, 2012
6: My appeal to them is to be part of the mainstream secular India. Any political party that is formed on religious lines is not good for the country. I said the same thing to some people who approached me saying they'd like to start a Christian party
Posted by:Archue DSouza - 23 Apr, 2012
7: ALLAH HUMMA SALLE ALAA MUHAMMED ( peace and blessings of Allah be upon him)!
Posted by:a r sm - 23 Apr, 2012
8: So long as Indian Muslims are not given their due rights; peace or progress will remain to be just fictitious. Progress or prosperity is just about for the aristocratic capitalists.

Common Hindus, Muslims other minorities will continue to be exploited in the guise of 'democracy', by such factional forces.
Ultimately the elite can be concluded, and seem to be eroding themselves from the roots of our mother land.
Those who plant and play: the seeds of evil will seize to exist, themselves, by that very notion: The law of nature!
Posted by:a r md - 23 Apr, 2012
9: With past 65 years of Independence; all round statics conclude a horrible state of affairs, for all India Muslims. What the further 50 years hold, is anybody's guess.
Posted by:ar ms - 23 Apr, 2012
10: What happens in Kashmir? now it is going to be in Assam,
whenever muslim get majority, hindu are removed from their area,
in Bangaldesh,minority people are being penalized,
other hand in India , there is NO diff in hindu/muslim, equal opportunity in all area + spl reservation aur kya chahiye.why people wants seaprate party join any party in which all indians are particepating, WHY you Want/promote ALGAW-WAD
Posted by:BHARTKUMAR - 23 Apr, 2012
11: Indian Muslim Politics can be changed only by our Muslim Brothers & Sisters. To call BJP a Hindu Party is not fair, unless by Hindu it is meant all Indians living in Bharat.
Posted by:BH Agarwal - 23 Apr, 2012
12: in 90s Rise of religious parties such as BJP, Shivsena, political experts have cliamed that more cast based parties will be formed, but uneducated muslims now only understood what religious politics can do. if india divide in these types communal politics its cost should pay by the voters who cast their votes for BJP, Shivsena and Muslim league
Posted by:sharaf - 23 Apr, 2012
13: What do you guys have to say about BJP/Shiv Sena which is a Religion based party. If muslims create a party then its going to be a threat to democracy then what have these parties done to the country? Do we have a single party which is free of corruption? there aren't any so no point blaming a single party or single community for all the wrong doings. Pls introspect.
Posted by:Inti - 23 Apr, 2012
14: Well, if it is indeed true that such a development is in the pipeline, it may just about start a Sikh Party, A Hindu Party, A Christian League, A Protestant League, and the likes... Is it the future? Is such a future necessary or necessiated? Will it turn out to be good for India or otherwise? We will be witness to all these questions soon if indeed the report is credible.
Posted by:RRK - 23 Apr, 2012
15: After Europe, now India! What Aurangzeb could not achieve they will. Good I will be dead by then.
Posted by:Manpreet - 23 Apr, 2012
16: if Muslims try to dominate indian politics which is highly hindu caste based it will simply divide india in two religions a big threate to democracy.
Posted by:chandrakant - 22 Apr, 2012
17: I wouldn't agree completely thought some stated points are really valid. The last thing India needs now is a bunch of new political parties. Sure, this helps the Muslim community in someways. But chances are that these parties with newly found hope will end up being corrupted regardless of the cause. TMMK is one such example.

India needs to completely kick out religion based politics for good. It's about time and we have seen more than enough.

A couple of new Muslim parties see success, and the next thing we would see is other communities like Christianity would want some sort of unique representation like this. Nothing good could come out of this.
Posted by:Arshat Mohammed - 22 Apr, 2012
"India needs to completely kick out religion based politics for good"

200% agree with you...
Dipankar Banerji Replied to: Arshat Mohammed - 22 Apr, 2012
rise of muslims means eradication of Hindus and other religions. this is historical truth. minority muslims in this land blessed with more facilities than other like poor farmers committing suicide nationwide. what else they want. let them work honestly for what they deserved. india will become another pakistan soon.
raghy Replied to: Dipankar Banerji - 28 Apr, 2012