Why I Prefer My Bank's DMRC Card over the Metro Card

Why I Prefer My Bank's DMRC Card over the Metro Card

I started out from home with a beaming “I am ecstatic for my first day at work” look on my face. I was to take the metro (the godsend for every middle-class Indian individual) to reach my office. To be precise, I had to travel from Dilshad Garden Metro Station (the place of my residence) to Shivaji Stadium Metro Station (the location of my office). The offer letter unmistakably stated the office timing to begin at 9:30 A.M.

Naturally, I was nervous about making it there on time (first impression is the last impression, remember?) The travel time would be the ten-minute walk from my home to the metro station plus the 40-minute train journey.

By the time I reached the metro station, the clock struck 8:35 A.M. “Seems to be going as planned, so far” I thought. But minutes later, I swiped my metro card only to find that it had run out of funds. The hurry with which I had entered the station prevented me from taking a good look at the queue outside the card recharge counter. Now that I did, I was terrified at the thought. It was 8:40 A.M in the morning! Panic started to set in. Finally, resigning myself to my misfortune, I stood in the queue, got my card recharged, boarded the train, and made it to my office 23 minutes late.

Flushed and embarrassed, I made my way through the intent stares of a crowd of surprised strangers, wanting nothing more than to disappear. But, this was nothing compared to when I had to face my boss for I was sure he’d seriously be rethinking my offer after the stunt I’d pulled off on the very first day. He approached me silently, the inscrutable look on his face not giving away his thoughts even for a second. To my surprise, he simply asked, “Why the delay?” I explained to him my feeble story. “You still use the metro card!?” he asked. I found his exclamatory question amusing (“Is there any other option?”)

As if reading my mind, he jolted me out of my inward monologue with, “You need to switch to your bank’s DMRC Card! Not only will it make your commute easier, you’ll also be able to save money and avail exciting offers!” I was all ears by then.

The very next day, I applied for IndusInd Bank’s Titanium Metro Plus Debit Card (since I had a bank account with IndusInd Bank). The card would allow me to avoid serpentine queues at the station, as the metro chip automatically gets recharged with 200 as soon as the balance drops below 100. Besides, I could use it both as a Debit Card and as a Metro Smart Card. Above all, I could enjoy 10% discount on all my metro fares and BOGO (Buy One Get One Free) offers on movie shows.

All I needed to do is apply for it online on the bank’s website. Ever since I have started using the IndusInd Bank Metro Debit Card, I have been enjoying a hassle-free metro ride. Apart from being the panacea for all my travel-related problems, the card’s flexibility in being used as a debit card makes it a really valuable asset.

Even today, four months later, my boss playfully makes remarks on the “deer caught in the headlights” expression that I had on the first day of work. Truly, every cloud has its silver lining.