Why Everyone in Shanghai Should Be Getting Their Wine Delivered From Australia
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Why Everyone in Shanghai Should Be Getting Their Wine Delivered From Australia

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 15 December 2017, 05:02 Hrs
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Australians have been well known and respected wine makers for a number of years now and that is why everyone should be ordering wine delivery in Shanghai. With a growing market and the increase in digital communications, it is becoming easier, cheaper and faster to order it online and have it delivered to any designated location.

Additionally, personalised account make sure that customers always get a product that they will like with suitable recommendations provided amongst other things. Not only does this make it easier, but it ensures that there is never a shortage of bottles in the cellar, so that whenever a last minute dinner comes up, there’s always a bottle to take over to the hosts.

Australia Makes Quality Wine

There are about 60 wine-producing regions throughout Australia, so as stated before, there is certainly no shortage of it. Australia produces a wide variety and has done so for many years. As a trusted producer, there is every reason to be ordering yours from Australia and having it delivered to Shanghai.

In 2017, 21 Australian wines placed in the top 100 best as noted in the World Ranking of Wines and Spirits report further highlighting the quality. Not only this, but these bottles were not excessively expensive, in fact, the bottle voted number 1, which was Australian, came in at only $30 a bottle.

Earlier in the year, Australian wines dominated at the Melbourne International Wine competition, with a $7 bottle sold in Aldi stores earning best value Shiraz.

Given the close proximity of Australia and China and the absence of many quality producing regions nearby, it makes sense that everyone in Shanghai should be getting their wine delivered from Australia.


Some companies have invested in warehouses in Shanghai dedicated to storage so that their consumers can be assured that it stays fresh during transit. These warehouses are climate controlled so that the products stays at its optimal temperature and at no time gets too hot or too cold – something that could ruin the taste and/or duration of the drink.

In addition, these warehouses are situated in central Shanghai within the free trade zone making them easily accessible so that there isn’t a long waiting period between ordering and receiving the product. With space to expand these warehouses, there is no worry about any increased demand and any resultant delays.

There is an expectation that demand will increase and that is why there is room for the space to be increased to store more wine for the short term while it waits to be delivered directly to the door of customers.

Ultimately these warehouses encourage those to get wine delivery in Shanghai, making it easier for both the winemaker (who knows they have a sale) and the consumer (who get sit delivered to their door).

Rise in E-commerce

One of the big reasons that people in Shanghai should get their wine delivered from Australia is because of the increasing digitalisation of the world. Ordering online is now so easy and fast that it would be strange not to go for the quality available in Australia given that it is very little effort and won’t take long to arrive.

With an increasing interest in e-commerce, many Australian companies are looking to increase their online and international sales and are therefore setting up the required transit routes to have this completed most efficiently.

The advantages behind this, is that the website is constantly being developed and is aimed at providing a customer friendly experience. This online method allows the customer to search for the exact wine that they are after and see when their desired item will be back in stock.

Many of these e-commerce platforms also allow you to rate the products that you have previously ordered to so as to gain an understanding of what you do and don’t like. It personalises the choices for you so that net time there is recommendations to choose from.

This not only makes it easy for you, but opens up the range of wine that is ordered and creates a diversified selection of wines as opposed to just ordering the same thing every time.

For everyone wanting wine delivery in Shanghai, get it from Australia. There is a great selection from white to red, a chardonnay or a shiraz, meaning that it suits all who are interested. The proven quality of Australian wines should only increase the confidence.

Then it’s the purpose built warehouses in central Shanghai that will keep the product at its ideal temperature as it waits to the transported to each customer’s door. And finally, the ease of the e-commerce world now, a simple log in online and its done, means that ordering from Australia has never been easier.

The addition of the personalised profile that builds an understanding of your tastes over time is also a big advantage of ordering online from Australia. A recommendation of wines makes the process so much easier, so get the wine delivered from Australia. 

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