Why Dubai Should Be the Next City to Host Your Business Conference

Why Dubai Should Be the Next City to Host Your Business Conference

When it comes to choosing a location for your next business conference or event, you should never shy away from cities that truly dazzle and capture the participants. One of them most certainly is Dubai, an ever-expanding city that thrills through its constant innovation. With almost 3 million people walking its streets, Dubai is a vibrant city that will most likely impress all those who are coming in to attend your business event. But let’s break it down and see what exactly makes this city so incredibly attractive:

1. It Hosts a Myriad of Breathtaking Landmarks

Most people who travel to Dubai, either for business or leisure, do so especially for the unique architecture this city has to offer. Burj Khalifa is one of these awe-inspiring landmarks that for many years has remained unrivaled in the world - a 160-story skyscraper that offers magnificent views of the city. Another marvel of human engineering is the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah luxury Hotel built 280m offshore in the Persian Gulf - a view that’s like a gorgeous painting in itself. Palm Islands are another man-made conglomerate of islands that are a breeze to stroll on and take in the beauty of the location. When such amazing architecture is the staple of the city itself, you can rest assured all conference hotels in Dubai live up to the same expectations.

2. It Offers a Rich and Exciting Nightlife

Dubai is well-known for its exciting nightlife and impressive venues that host a variety of entertainment events to suit all needs. In fact, the United Arab Emirates has already made a strong reputation for itself in the sense that it brings in some of the biggest names the musical industry has to offer. There are a lot of clubs to suit all tastes and all of them have remarkable features that will leave you with long-lasting memories, regardless if it’s the magnificent view or the astonishing indoor settings. This will give the participants of your business event the chance to remain engaged and energized throughout the entire period of time they are in Dubai.

3. It Is the City Where Innovation Feels at Home

With such physics-defying architecture and unique collections of supercars, Dubai certainly is a city that embraces and nurtures innovation. This city has already secured its place on the map in terms of innovation grants and development programs, so you can expect a location that not only welcomes technology, but also supports it to flourish year after year. Having said this, you will definitely find hotels in Dubai with conference facilities that will not only thrill you, but also propel your business to the next level.

4. It Is the Ideal Location for Conferences and Meetings

It’s safe to say Dubai is a leading MICE destination of the world, making it ideal for meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions. With more than 350 meeting hotels with conference rooms in Dubai and with the coming Expo2020 event, this city will secure its top position when it comes to exchanging ideas and setting the foundation for a new and better world. By organizing a business event in Dubai, you’ll also give your company the opportunity to enter a world of top players that are focused on growth and positioning themselves towards the future.

5. It Boasts Impressive Infrastructure

The United Arab Emirates has a long history in admiring and collecting supercars, the kind of automobiles that only come by the dozen, if even. So while in Dubai, participants at your business event will have the opportunity to revel in the wondrous features that such supercars hold, as well as the gorgeous infrastructure the city has developed. Additionally, the Dubai International Airport has not long ago become the world’s busiest airport for international passenger traffic. The Al Maktoum International Airport at Dubai South also aims to become the world’s largest airport in a few years.

6. It Is Fantastic for Business Tourism

Numbers show that Dubai’s tourism is already fulfilled at around 20% by business tourists - people who come here precisely for conferences, events and business meetings. Despite it being a young destination in this direction, Dubai has tremendous potential in becoming one of the leading destinations for business tourism. The World Expo 2020 will surely help propel it to this position, so imagine what it would feel like for participants attending your business event to know they’re in the heart of the world’s leading business tourism locations.

Developing at such an impressive speed, Dubai keeps the entire world on its toes and curious regarding what this city will offer next in terms of innovation and possibilities. If you make this city the next destination for your business event, rest assured that not only will your company benefit from it, but so will your participants, who will be more than thrilled to be in such an up-and-coming booming and inspiring location.