Why CRYSTALS Blockchain Based Modeling Network Will Be the Biggest Thing for Modeling Since the Internet
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Why CRYSTALS Blockchain Based Modeling Network Will Be the Biggest Thing for Modeling Since the Internet

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 05 June 2018, 05:14 Hrs
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Why CRYSTALS Blockchain Based Modeling Network Will Be the Biggest Thing for Modeling Since the Internet

The 21st century and the advent of the internet has changed the modeling industry more than any technology since the camera. It has never been easier to find, book, or recruit models.

However, despite the huge revolutionary potential of the internet for the industry, there has continued to be stangation due to the monopolization of powerful modeling agencies. These centralized groups who sign and book out models operate as gatekeepers to models and their output for the client and a gatekeeper to an models profits on the supply side.

The top few agencies control up to 17% of the total industry and operate opaquely with each other in order to determine rates that most benefit them, creating a power system that is easily manipulatable by the already powerful.

This dynamic not only creates an inefficient market, but also stunts competition

That is why the CRYSTALS could alter the modeling industry for the better. Using blockchain technology, CRYSTALS would allow a decentralized, secure and global community of clients and models who would be able to find, book, and record their past work, all while a patented double-confirmation system ensures fair compensation. This could empower everybody involved, while limiting the power of the giants to control profit.

Here’s Why CRYSTALS Works

The most basic component of the CRYSTALS project, is the CRS Token cryptocurrency. Attempting to remove the dynamic of agencies taking commission from its models, or clients who don’t pay at all in exchange for “exposure,” CRYSTALS does away with this model that is ultimately harmful to models.

By making clients book models with its CRS Token, CRYSTALS ensure that models are not told after their work is completed that their terms have changed. Furthermore, CRYSTALS’ patented double confirmation systems utilizes a smart phone app that is activated when the models show up to work and satisfactorily perform their work. Because of CRYSTALS, Models and clients can be sure they are paying and being paid exactly what was agreed upon

But CRYSTALS’ innovation is not only in the use of the CRS Token to instantly and securely exchange value across the network, but also in its creation of a open and global community that relies on the positive contributions of its users in order to flourish.

However, the innovation of the CRYSTALS is that ultimately, value is determined through transparency and performance, rather than the opaque posturing and branding of agencies.

High-quality work is displayed by models and is easily viewable and searchable by potential clients.

But in addition to transparency, the system of DP allows for the liberation of models from the often abusive and exploitative nature of agencies. Models are overwhelmingly young and the power structures of agencies make them ultra-competitive for models.

As a result, young models can often be subject to working for less than they need, or unable to complain about abusive behavior, due to the political and unstable nature of the agency structure. With CRYSTALS, however, models can, in effect, become their own bookers, marketers, and protectors. The impact CRYSTALS can make on the safety and work experience of models is huge.

CRYSTALS creates a system where models are not subject to the politics and dynamics that come with the the fear of the potential of being signed or dropped by their agencies, but rather fairly compensated for providing work clients want.

This is ultimately the innovative power of CRYSTALS and its use of blockchain. The ability to receive instant and secure value on a global network through blockchain technology could permanently alter the nature of an industry stuck in the past. No longer would “exposure” and the ability to get signed by an agency be currency for a model. Rather, currency would be currency.

The ultimate benefit of CRYSTALS could be the transfer of the democratic, decentralized nature of cryptocurrency to the goods and services it affects. Just as agencies acted as a sort of centralized, global catalog before the internet age, they are now centralizing access to profits for models and raising the price for clients.

Cryptocurrency could permanently change the model for the industry and extend the ideals of decentralization and self-determination for all.

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