Why Booking Train Tickets Is Now Easier Than Ever?

NEW DELHI: The Ministry of Railways, led by Suresh Prabhu, has taken many steps to ensure that passengers have a smooth time buying tickets. From pre-paid cards to, cash on delivery, the ticket buying conveniences also include extending the duration for advanced booking.

The economictimes.indiatimes.com takes a look at four measures that are designed to make the ticket booking experience easier.

Restricting booking of train e-tickets on a single login: 

Now, a person can book only one e-ticket per login, they will be automatically logged out after a booking. This will make it harder for Tatkal sellers to buy and resell tickets in bulk, but easier for individual customers to get tickets. However, this will only be applicable for e-tickets between 0800 and 1200 hours.

RuPay Pre-paid Card:

Prabhu has also launched the IRCTC and Union Bank of India RuPay Pre-paid Card, which can be used to buy both train tickets as well as goods from IRCTC stations and websites. The card will be both physical and virtual, with a code that can be entered if you do not intend to use the physical card.

Book 4 months in advance: 

Travelers can now book train tickets four months in advance as the Indian Railways have decided to extend the advance reservation time from 60 to 120 days. This will take effect from April 1st and is a measure to discourage touts. The new method will facilitate easy traveling for genuine passengers as the cancellation charges for 120 days’ advance booking are higher.

Cash on delivery of train tickets:

 It is now possible to book a train ticket online, and pay for it at home. The new cash on delivery service will make this possible, to encourage customers who don’t have net banking facilities.

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