Where shall I Open a Demat Account: Angel broking or Zerodha?

Where shall I Open a Demat Account: Angel broking or Zerodha?

The first step for anyone who wishes to start trading or investing in the market is to open a demat account with a reputed broking house that carries on various services related to the stock market. There are many broking firms in the country that are very well known for its reputation, standing out among its peer and the readiness to help clients out with their portfolio.

Here, we are comparing two renowned and reputed broking houses in the country namely Angel Broking and Zerodha to know more about Angel Broking Demat Account and Zerodha Demat Account. Both these firms have different services provided to clients but it often becomes difficult to select which is the better one to be a part of. Therefore we have made it easy for the reader by listing characteristics of both the broking houses so that a better and strong grounded choice can be made accordingly.

Knowing about the offers it provides gives one the chance to compare the brokingcharges on various offers and how pocket friendly it is for the customer. Investors always look for firms that have the lowest broking fee so that maximum is gained from the market at all times. The below section gives one on one comparison on broking charges, services provided, details on how to be a part of the firm and more importantly how to open a demat account in the quickest and easiest way possible.

Angel Broking Demat Offers and Benefits

Angel Broking is a large broking house that has been in the market since 1987, that is even before the demat system of trading initiated in the year 1996. It took up the more flexible approach to trading in the market that was quick, technology based and hassle free. It includes no paper work and is a more conventional method towards trading.

The benefits attached on being a part of Angel Broking is that its broking charges are flexible and reliesupon the investor’s portfolio. Moreover, for any trade in the equity market there is no Angel Broking Demat charges on equity delivery and has absolutely nil hidden charges. For the ones who wish to trade in intraday, F&O and currency,per trade brokerage is 20 which is not too hard on the investor’s pockets.

Additional, it is a market super power existing since decades. It has the expertise to manage and deal with client grievances in the best possible way and has many Angel Broking Demat Offers. Its technology based trading platform lets one buy and sell quickly and often allows investors to catch the correct price of the script. Plus, for newbies in the market and for all those whowish to get support on their investment, the firm has a team of technical and fundamental analysts that provide research based guidance to clients.

Zerodha Demat Offers and Benefits

Zerodha is a SEBI registered company that started in 2010 but raced faster than any other broking house in the market. It has a client base of more than 3 million who trade in the market and contributes to 15% of Indian retail trading volumes.

Zerodha grew in demand for its excellent pricing structure that serves the best benefit to investors. It allows investors to place trade in equities with 0 brokerage charges in both the BSE and NSE. Moreover, its mutual funds also has 0 commission and no hiddenZerodha Demat charges. It also has a great broking charge bracket for Intraday and F&O trades that charges only 20 per trade for the same.

It has also come up with a certificate based challenge that lets investors into a profitable returns in the next 60 days. Its referral programme awards 300 points reward to the one who referred the broking house as Zerodha Demat offers. Its support system works on solving customer grievances at all times. Whether it is based on opening an account or with regard to the market, the support team is always on the go to help clients.

It also has services based on trading in different market that are customized as per the investor’s preference. Its transparency is reflected on its website with detailed information on the spending of the company as well.

How to Open a Demat Account in 5 minutes

Opening a demat account is easy, has no implied charges and consumes only 5 minutes of an individual. Follow the points below if you wish to open a demat account.

  • Click on the link that will redirect you to application page to Open a Demat Account.
  • Fill in your necessary details like name, phone number, City, etc. The representative will call and guide you immediately.
  • Submit identity proofs like Aadhaar card, Pancardand other needful documents.
  • Now a relationship manager from the firm will call you for a brief introduction on how to operate with trading in the market and to give you an insight on the services provided by the firm.


Investing in the market has a lot of monetary benefits to the investor. Therefore, it has become a common ground for millions of people in the country to multiply their funds.

This article lays all details on two most reputed broking houses in the country making a comparison of its services and commission charges so that the reader can take a decision and open an account now with the one that suits it the most.