What Type Of Advantages Can You Get By Using Magento Shopping Cart

What Type Of Advantages Can You Get By Using Magento Shopping Cart

A Magento is a type of shopping cart. It enables to create flexible and completely functional e-shopping websites. It is built as well as introduced by “Magento Inc.”. Let’s learn about some of the important benefits of using a Magento shopping cart.

About Magento platform

Magento is very powerful platform that is also regarded as one of the rapidly progressing eCommerce web app frameworks available all over the world. Magento is not just secured but also assists most of such payment methods.

It is based primarily on Zend Framework. This framework works efficiently with MySQL and PHP as database. Currently, Magento eCommerce framework has become the first choice for developers among 150,000 online businesses, and world’s leading brands.

Features of Magento framework
Larger eCommerce websites

Magento shopping cart is appropriate for eCommerce sites with several stores. With around 25% of the total online shopping websites in the world running on Magento, it has ranked as the best eCommerce framework. A few the highly influential eCommerce sites such as Harvey Nichols and Samsung runs on Magento framework.


A few industry experts call “Magento” as over-architected. This is because the architecture of Magento is very powerful that meets the needs of any website easily. Magento is designed with an objective to customize and scale. It prevents any sort of common issue that any developer can face. Magento takes good care of issues that are done in different platforms that cause trouble.


Magento provides remarkable collection of a wide range of extensions that can be easily integrated to suffice business requirements. These extensions are present to cater to specific needs. The price for these extensions is very less till you require it for a customer relation management integration.


Magento is considered for open source software. This platform has got a large community of skilled programmers who can assist you whenever any question gets raised. Due to a strong community, this software framework has seen a sudden growth in downloads and implementation.


Keeping your online store in running state is critical for the success of an online business. Every minute that the website goes down is equivalent to lost revenue. Magento's support professionals are available 24 x 7 to offer global support.

Their customer service professionals offer prompt response that helps in quick resolution of issue. Magento takes pride in getting known as the firm with record of the highest percentage for call resolution in the first time.

Easy and simplified administration

Though to make customization on this platform need advanced level of programming skills, the administration system of it is very much simplified. Any person who has less technical knowledge can quickly and easily perform modifications to the site whenever needed. Also, the reporting and analysis module is easy to operate as well as understand.


With all these benefits, implementation of Magento framework is a wise decision for businesses that are looking to obtain success online.

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