Want To Earn Extra Money? Here's How

Want To Earn Extra Money? Here's How

One of the trends that have never ceased throughout the years is to earn extra money. Thanks to the internet and technology, making extra dollars has been easy and fun. Whether you've got a job, a student, or a freelancer, there are many ways to make extra income.

However, you must find your passion or skill so that earning extra money would become enjoyable. With this list, you're sure to find one or two things you can do to earn more cash:

1. Answer Surveys

Answering paid surveys is one of the easiest ways you can do to earn extra money. Some high paying surveys for extra money even reward you with free products of discount coupons.

You may wonder why such a thing exists, but surveys or consumer feedback are vital for most companies. They use the results you gave them to tweak their ads and products.

All you need to do is sign up or register with legitimate survey companies out there, and then they'll send you an email of the available surveys. Afterwhich, you answer simple questions that usually come with choices. That's how you get paid with a dollar up to USD 20.

2. Become A Virtual Assistant

Want To Earn Extra Money? Here's How

Another great way to have extra money is to become a virtual assistant. A virtual assistant (VA) is someone who services companies from anywhere around the globe in exchange for a fee. This industry has grown dynamically over the past years since anyone can become one no matter what degree one holds.

For instance, you can become a website designer, customer support, lead generation expert, project manager, or social media manager. Most companies or business owners don't look into your degree as long as you can do your tasks well. If you're skilled in many areas, you can have as many VA jobs to keep you going. Even if you’re still studying, you can earn money by being a VA.

One of the best reasons why a lot chose to become a VA is the time flexibility it offers. That's why you can select a VA position that caters to your time availability.

3. Tutor Other Languages Or Subjects

Aside from VA jobs, tutoring languages to any subjects can give you extra money, too. Especially when you speak various languages, you can find many clients wanting to learn a different language.

This side hustle is also great for people who have a knack in teaching or if you love meeting different races. Even with little experience, you can have an average hourly rate of USD 8-10 on your own time. But if you've got high qualifications, you may earn as much as USD 30-85.

With so many students and even professionals needing your tutoring skills, you can find many clients as well.

4. Sell On E-commerce Sites

If you want to start being an entrepreneur, you can do so by selling stuff on different e-commerce sites, like eBay and Amazon. You can even build your own online store if you've got great products to sell.

For instance, you can sell your old clothes or jewelry in e-commerce stores. Just take amazing photos of your products, post it online where you've registered, then wait for your clients to buy them.

If you want to sell it quickly, you can use the e-commerce sites' paid ads to make your products appear on people's pages or sites. If you describe your products well, then you can attract more potential buyers to visit your website or page.

5. Create Information Products

Not only can you sell things online, but you can even sell information products. These products refer to anything that guides people in any aspect of their lives. Digital information products are not merely information, but these are strategies or tips on anything via a membership website, webinar, audio, video, or an ebook.

For instance, you can sell info products about sales. People would love to learn how to sell their products without too much effort. All you need to do is to research the niche of your choice.

What's exciting with this business is you earn money even when you're asleep or offline. As long as you've got your website running, people from different places can buy and download your info product anytime.

6. Make YouTube Videos

You earn money through YouTube by registering for an Adsense account. Then, ads will be attached to your YouTube videos, so if viewers click or watch it, you'll get paid for it. However, you need to choose the right niche if you want to make money with YouTube videos. Vlogging, gaming videos, tutorials, product reviews, and weight loss videos are popular ones in making money.

If you'll start a YouTube channel, you may need to build your audience, too. That way, you get more viewers that can potentially watch or click on the adverts. This may take you some time to reach a high volume of traffic on your YouTube channel, but if you've got exciting videos, you'll definitely earn extra money with it.


There are more ways to earn extra money, but the mentioned ones are the most popular and easiest ways.

From answering paid surveys to selling products and information, you can make these at your convenient time. Even with tutoring and virtual jobs, you can earn much with a flexible time. Or, if you want to become a YouTube sensation, you can start a YouTube channel that can give you extra income as well.