Uber India Enhances its Safety Features

Uber India Enhances its Safety Features

To make its rides safer, Uber announces a slew of safety features such as RideCheck, Audio Recording and PIN verification in India and South Asia. The company in its statement has declared that the Audio Recording feature would be rolled out for trial in India later this year.

The RideCheck feature is introduced to figure out irregularities on the trip such as unexpected stops, which could raise potential safety concerns. In such scenarios, the company could initiate the RideCheck and both the driver as well as the rider would be reached out as a safety check measure.

These new safety features would allow Uber to flag certain trip irregularities, such as long, unexpected stops or midway drops that could signify an increased safety threat, especially for women. Thus, Uber has introduced this feature to proactively contact the riders and drivers during the trip and offer tools they may need to escape from that situation.

Furthermore, the Audio Recording feature would enable the driver or the rider to record audio on their smartphone during the trip and sent it across to Uber to report a safety incident. Also, the company claims that the audio file would be encrypted and the recording could not be heard even by the person who recorded it. Rather, the feature only supports to send the recording to the company's customer support agents.

Uber has also introduced its PIN verification feature. Hence, the rider would get a four-digit PIN which is required to initiate the trip. Also, the trip would begin only when the PIN provided by the rider matches through the app. This feature would avoid confusion of getting into a wrong cab.