Traveling In Southeast Asia

Traveling In Southeast Asia

Due to its mysterious appeal, vibrant culture and amazing nature, Southeast Asia is a must-visit destination for many travelers around the world. Located between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, this Asian region composed of 11 amazing countries is a haven for many travelers because of its unique flavors and budget-friendly activities.

The region enjoyed around a 10% increase influx of tourist and earned around $131.1 billion in its tourism industry. Some of its popular countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Cambodia enjoyed double-digit growth.

If it is on your bucket list or you have already purchased your plane ticket to one of its countries, this article is for you. Do not be afraid to embark on this amazing journey that is life changing, palette bending experience. I’ll give you some insights into the places to see, things to do and food to try.


Southeast Asia is the region bordered by China in the north, India in the west, Australia in the south and the Pacific Ocean in the east. Eleven countries belong to this group including Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. All of which can offer you the most unforgettable travel experience. This region might be the most budget-friendly tourist destination, except maybe Singapore, because of cheap prices for food, lodging, transportation, and activities. It has everything a traveler can think of, from amazing waterfalls, uninhabited island paradise, raging rivers, crystal clear water, and peaceful temples.

Where to Go

The places to go heavily relies on the amount of time you have to explore but whether you have 2 weeks or 4 weeks or three months to spend, you will have a fun, memorable trip.

For 2 weeks, it is highly suggested that you only visit one or two countries for you to experience it and get enough time to immerse yourself into their culture. You will only be scratching the surface though but it is enough for you to get an idea of where to you want to visit next.

If you have a month to spare, you can follow the so-called Banana Pancake Trail or the classic Southeast Asia Loop. This trail starts off in Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur, from there you can catch a cheap flight to Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and even Malaysia.

If you have three months, you are in for some amazing adventure. You can experience the ultimate circuit. Again, start in Bangkok and explore its nearby countries like Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and Malaysia, then fly out to Indonesia, visit Brunei and enjoy the Philippines.

What to do

It is difficult to pick just a few things to do in SEA, because there is so much to do. Cambodia can offer you their amazing Angkor Wat, a majestic view of their historic past. Thailand can give you their amazing beaches and the Songkran Festival. Philippines is composed of more than 7000 island, and you can choose from pebbled beaches, powdery white sand, volcanic sand, pink sand and some of the best-uninhabited island for some one on one with nature. Indonesia can fulfill your Eat, Pray, Love inspired expedition. If you are travelling to Bali, make sure to check out its famous surfing spot, yoga destination, and trekking location.

What to bring

When thinking about the items to bring in Southeast Asia, you can bring what you typically bring with you when you travel to other destinations. Maybe apart from a hammock and some sun protection, you are good to go. The region is a tropical destination blessed with good weather, except for the monsoon season though.

Just remember that when you go and start your adventure in this wonderful place bring with you your soul, take pictures, create memories and make friends.

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