Top 5 dishwash gels of India

Eating in clean dishes is essential. We need to ensure the utensils and container in which the food is served are clean and hygienic. Easy to use and better formula that vanishes grease and tough stains, offers protection against germs, and friendly to skin makes dishwash liquid gels a preference over bars and detergents. But which dishwash is the best choice?

Below is the list with a description of India’s top 5 dishwash gels that should be an important part of your kitchen for a cleaner, healthier, grease-free and bacteria free dishes.

Top 5 dishwash gels of India

1. Jadugar Drop Dishwash Gel

A product launched by Shamani Industries after the massive success of their Jadugar Detergent.

It is a triple action formula liquid gel which cleans 3x more utensils when compared to competitors and has a power of 100 lemons to give you clean dishes without any residue. It is one of the first dishwash gels which gets extracted from fruit pulp.

A little quantity (one drop) of it suffices to clean a sink full of greasy and dirty utensils. It makes dishwashing easy, leaves fresh smelling and clean utensils.

It does not cause any harm to the skin because of its neutral contents. It is the best choice for all sort of hard stains on utensils and delicate cookware as it leaves their surface scratch free.

Jadugar Drop Dishwash Gel is one of the cheapest amongst all the Dishwash gels available in the quality which is of top grade and second to none.

Top 5 dishwash gels of India

2. Vim Drop Dishwash Gel

Vim products are sold and marketed as a Unilever brand in India. Vim Drop Dishwash Gel was launched in 1993 and is the first dishwashing brand that created this category and is still a market leader.

With the power of 100 lemons, Vim gel clean dishes easily. With its great fragrance, it leaves dishes odor free and as shiny as new. You just need a spoonful of this liquid to clean utensils used in a one-time meal for the entire family. It leaves no residue and does not create damage to delicate cookware surface.

Unlike dishwash detergents and bars, it is gentle on hands and gives you a pleasant cleaning experience with high standards of hygiene.

Top 5 dishwash gels of India

3. Pril Dishwashing liquid

A Jyothy Laboratories Ltd product, Pril dish wash range is known for ease and performance against the toughest of grease problems. Pril liquid has been in the market of dishwashing for almost two decades.

It has been one of the topmost choices for dishwash liquids. It removes grease very easily because of its high grease dissolving powder formula. It also has antibacterial properties, German Active+ Molecules which gives you advanced protection from germs and bacteria. The amazing fragrance leaves utensils fresh smelling and is light for hands.

You can get 4 options for Pril dishwash liquid which includes- Pril Lemon Fresh, Pril Orange, Pril Anti-Bacterial with Neem and Pril Lime. With its proven and flawless results, it is a good choice for a cleaner kitchen.

Top 5 dishwash gels of India

4. Giffy Dishwash

As dishwash segment is shifting from bars to liquid so one the largest FMCG business couldn’t stay behind and decided to compete in the market and launched Giffy dish wash gel. It has two fragrances- Green lime and lemon.

With 2x faster cleaning power, natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and fresh fragrances it is ideal for urban households. The active salt and lemon formula leaves no stains or residues and all you get is sparkling clean utensils.

Top 5 dishwash gels of India

5. Dettol Kitchen

Even a kid knows what Dettol is famous for- It kills 99.9% of the germs. While it offers the best protection from germs for its handwash, floor cleaners, and other products, how can it ignore the Kitchen? A kitchen needs the most attention, after the utensils we use to eat should also be clean.

So, Dettol offers all-around protection through its multi-purpose Dettol kitchen dishwash liquid. It ensures the good health of your family by fighting 100 illness and disease-causing germs. With its expert protection from bacteria and germs, it has been designed to leave your utensil and kitchen clean with a pleasant fragrance.

With its agenda “A food that is cooked healthy should be served healthy as well” Dettol is one of the favourites and topmost choice of almost every house maker in India. Sanitizing both your kitchen and utensils it is beneficial to maintain full kitchen hygiene.

With high recommendations of the product from Indian Medical Association as well it is a tough competitor in the market and is available in two fragrances- Lemon Fresh and Lime Splash to freshen your utensils and kitchen. As it is dermatologically tested so it is trusted to be safe and gentle on hands.

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