Top 5 Things to do in Muscat

Muscat is a capital city which ranks as the most stunning location in the country of Oman. When visiting Muscat, you get to interact with friendliest people that know how to entertain and welcome their guests. The tall mountains with contrast to the white and cream buildings in the city make up for a perfect sight for the eyes. The city is in a perfect location to explore the nearby deserts as well as the forts that surround the city.

When in Muscat, there are certain things that you must do before you bid adieu.

1-Explore Old Muscat:

When you compare Old Muscat with the rest city, you can find that it is quite different in its styling, approach and everything. Old Muscat is a completely different experience in itself with dusty mountain and water surrounding it. It also houses some major tourist attractions of the city. This section of Muscat is surely worth a long walk as you visit National Museum to explore the history of Oman. You can also book some 5 star hotels in Muscat to take rest before you start exploring the local attractions.

2-Visit the Sultan's Palace or Al Alam:

If you have been searching for a sneak peek of Middle Eastern elegance and royalty, a visit to the Al Alam should be at the top of your list. Starting with a beautifully constructed wide avenue that is lined with the palm trees, this palace is the perfect example of careful designing with the help of skilled hands. However, you can only look at the palace from the outside, as it isn't available for public visit.

3-Pass through the Muscat Gate Museum:

When you follow the pathway leading to Old Muscat, you will come across the Muscat Gate which is a beautifully constructed pathway connecting the two variations of Muscat. Located above this gate is the Muscat Gate Museum which is a great place to know more about Oman's vivid history while taking a look at the different stages of structural development in the city. It was used as a barrier to stop the perpetrators until the 1970s.

4-Invest some peaceful time at the Grand Mosque:

This massive dome, which was completed in the year 2002, is among the most visited destinations in the city. It is located in the outer periphery of the city away from the noisy streets to give you access to some moments of peace. You can easily reach this place by opting for a taxi ride. However, you need to wake up early to visit this place as tourists are allowed access inside only for two hours between 9am to 11am.

5-Feel like a VIP at Al Bustan Palace Hotel:

This picturesque property holds the tag of hosting some popular names such as Bill Clinton and Michael Jackson among many others who have visited Muscat. It is owned by the Ritz-Carlton with a 6 star tag that comes along with the feeling of being inside a royal palace.

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