Top 10 Cities with Highest Working Hours


Manila the capital of Philippines also called the Pearl of the Orient. It has a population of 1,652,171approximatlety. It’s a hub for political, economic, social, cultural, and educational center of the Philippines. Its economy is assorted and versatile. The average working hour per year in Manila is 2,246 hours with paid vacation of 11days making it forth on the list of cities with longest working hours.


Nairobi capital of Kenya has an estimated population of about 3 million at present, making it the most populous city in East Africa. It’s a city with a lot of contrast. It has the blend of old and modern in a certain balance. There are all cultures of people. The city has many skyscrapers, well equipped hospitals, schools and colleges. It also incorporates many local and international business and organizations. Nairobi is a city with active rustle bustle. Its rhythm is fast during day or night. The working hours are estimated to be 2,197 per year with 22 days paid vacation.