Tips for Turning a House into a Home

A house is a building of bricks and mortar - an empty shell waiting to be lived in. It does not become a home until you have moved in and put your personality into it. The problem is that when it is a property that someone else has already resided in, it has their mark stamped on it. If it is a new build, the only person you will be reminded of is the builder. You need to turn a house into your home and here are a few tips to help you achieve that.

Tips for Turning a House into a Home

Make a List

Start off by examining every room in the house and deciding what you want to change. Some of the things will be minor, such as changing the colour of a bedroom perhaps. Then you might need to give the walls a coat of paint, put up new drapes and carpet, and that will be the job done. Then there will be more major items. You may want to change single glazed windows for double glazing, have a new bathroom, or maybe the roof needs replacing or repairing.

Put everything on your list and each job you complete will make the property feel more like your own.

Get Help

Not everyone is creative and can come up with ideas. It is not unusual for people to need help with home design, and it is better to seek assistance rather than waste money. For instance, a good home design company can help you decide what type of windows would suit your home, whether the roof can be made to look more attractive, and what choices are available for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Talk to the professionals in the home design industry and get all the help you need.


Decide which of your changes is the most important, and which ones are likely to cause the most disruption. Some jobs could affect the décor in rooms, and it is wise to get those done first before you get your paint brushes out.

Put Your Stamp on It

This is going to be your home and it should be the way you want it. Do not do things the way other people want just because you do not want to upset them. It is you and your family that are going to live in it, not them.


The last stage of turning your house into a home is personalising it. This can be done in many different ways. It could be pieces of art you like, ornaments from various holidays you have had, or maybe lots of family photographs. It may be that you want none of these things because you see them as dust collectors perhaps. That is fine too - it is your home and your choice.

Turning a house into a home is not always simple, but it should be a haven that you look forward to returning to after a hard day’s work or just a trip to the shops. It will be worth the effort to turn your house into a home and to make it a place you are proud of.