The Impact of Automation on Commerce Field

The Impact of Automation on Commerce Field


The advancements in machine learning, robotics and the decision making capability of machinery are taking the commerce industry to a whole new level. The automation in industries is taking place at a really fast pace.

Automation is making the use of smart robots and machines to increase efficiency, quality, etc.

Commerce industry is taking advantage of the cheaper software and electronics, which offers them the capabilities to deliver a task more efficiently. Both small and large industries can afford the advanced robotics systems which, when combined with smart artificial intelligence algorithm results in massive production of superior quality products in a very small time with cheaper costs.

Automation taking the jobs away?

People claim that advanced automation and implementing the AI technology in industries are taking the jobs away from labors and workers. It is decreasing the need for the workforce as a lesser number of people are required for industrial work.

But many disagree to this point, they say this is a progression of both work and business in a neutral way. If the number of businesses starts using advanced machinery and robotic systems, this will create a higher demand for such systems. It means someone will have to be manufacturing and maintaining them as well. Thus instead of elimination or taking away jobs, it is actually creating a booming industry.

How Automation impacts the Commerce Profession?

Automation is inevitable. The race to be the best. The race to deliver the best product in the market. Organizations know that they can win only if they increase efficiency, decrease cost, etc. Automation can achieve this as it minimizes the human intervention hence the probability of error.

But all tasks yet cannot be automated. Most of the repetitive work which has an expected outcome can be automated.

Commerce Industry will see automation replacing humans for most of the repetitive tasks or clerical jobs.

For an instance in the field of accounting for tasks such as Data Entry the computer can be much faster and efficient than humans. In coming days account professionals will you use a lot of tools to get their work done.

Similarly, chatbots would be able to answer our doubts and confusions about the tax filing and returns.

An automated process can calculate and generate the pay slips, form-16 for the employees. The process of waiting for approvals will vanish.

Replacing humans completely is not yet possible but yes professionals will start using tools, automated processes, machines to perform a lot of the daily tasks with better efficiency.

Future Ready

The students who wish to pursue an Engineering, CA course, BMS course, MBA or any other professional course must keep themselves aware of the changes happening in the industry. So that you are not surprised when you see a lot of interaction with automated tools when you pass out.

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