The Future of Programming

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 17 September 2018, 05:36 Hrs
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The Future of Programming

The world is moving at an extraordinary pace, with technology fuelling invention and innovation. Technology is in our homes, at our work, and in our pockets. Technology has slowly crept into our daily life and the majority of the human population is now dependent on one form of technology or other. As technology continues to grow, the limitations to our capabilities are decreasing.

One aspect of the technology that we so proudly hold in our hands and hope to hold it one day is programming. The programming domain has come a long way, from only a handful of languages and limited scalability to tonnes of programming languages, frameworks and libraries constantly being released and receiving regular updates. Programming has emerged as the basis of the technology we use and as technology grows, programming will grow as well.

So before we discuss the future of programming, let us have a look at what technology has in store for us and whether it will grow at the same pace it is growing today, or we can expect some drastic changes in the future.

Technology is the Future

Cloud: The emergence of cloud computing has been termed as a game changer. Your computer no longer needs to be the sole bearer of all the heavy data, as the cloud has surfaced as the real player. With the growth of cloud, the dependency on the private servers is decreasing day by day. Cloud computing is the future and there will always be a requirement for skilled engineers who can harness the power of the cloud and maintain the cloud operations.

Artificial Intelligence: The term that everyone loves, Artificial Intelligence, has seen exponential growth in the past decade is expected to surpass all growth levels in the next. In recent reports, it is estimated that the AI industry will be of $13 trillion by 2030, helping the global economy boost up. What is more surprising is that even without global acceptance, AI is emerging as one of the top industries in current time. In the near future

Online Security: Large-scale use of technology and internet has led to heaps of data transmission across the net in a matter of milliseconds. This data may be of sensitive nature and even wreak havoc in the wrong hands. Also, cyber attacks are now more common than ever. This marks a need for a strong online security and cybersecurity officials. Info security is expected to shape the future of programming as multiple reports project an enormous rise in cybersecurity jobs in the next few years. The gravity of cybersecurity can be comprehended from the fact that many people are now more concerned about their digital data and cyber attacks over a break-in.

What does this mean for Programming Languages?

As we see, the biggest names in technology are expected to grow in the near future, which directly denote the rise of programming as well. The increase in the number of programmers is also a good sign as it indicates that more and more people wish to join this field. Programming hubs such as GitHub, Codeshare and are also enabling users to be flexible and learn more efficiently. So if you are a new learner, how can you prepare for the future? What programming languages will help you the most and how can you land a good job in this field? We have all the answers for you below.

Languages to learn

While there are hundreds of languages available, one should learn the language which is best for them. There is no definite answer to what is the best language as it depends on the requirement and skill of the programmer, but these are the languages that you can learn and solidify your chances of a good career.


Java is a highly used and highly recommended language all around the world. It runs on an estimated 3 billion devices due to its portability and scalability. The motto behind Java was ‘write once, run anywhere’, which is the reason for its popularity. As myriad companies employ Java, there is ample growth in the field of Java and the language is perfect for you to learn if you wish to invest some time in an easy-to-learn language.


Python is hugely popular among the programming community due to its easy syntax. Python is used to develop highly scalable applications and is employed by giants such as YouTube and Pinterest. The language is used in potentially ground-breaking technologies such as machine learning, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. Python has grown steadily over the past decade and will show huge results in the near future.

C and C++

C is a general-purpose language which has laid down the foundation for many other programming languages. C has been highly used due to its versatility and its ease of application optimization. Though it’s a veteran programming language the adage “old is gold” is very suitable for C programming language. If C interests you, find best C tutorials to learn C programming on

C++, on the other hand, is a hybrid language as it is a combination of both procedural and object-oriented programming. C++ is used extensively for performance-intensive tasks and many domains that C++ is used in are Games, device driver development and telecom among many others. As these sectors are surely going to grow, the need for C++ programmers is going to increase as well.

Many other languages which have a bright future include JavaScript, R, PHP, Swift and Go.


As we have always known, change is imminent. The changes in the field of programming are faster than before and will continue to speed up as we go along. As we have discussed, the field of programming will keep on evolving as we proceed, with the increasing technological advancements and demands. We are heading towards a period of time when coding skills will be vital and programming will emerge as one of the biggest employment generating fields.

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