The Best Software Products To Help Grow Small Businesses

The Best Software Products To Help Grow Small Businesses

Running a business these days requires you to have certain software products for the purposes of efficiency and profitability. While you can technically run a small business using good old fashion spreadsheets and a good head for calculations, it really isn’t necessary to put yourself through all that trouble. Not when you have access to services that can make your life a lot easier and for a return on investment several times over.

The software products that you can access right now can also do a lot in helping you grow your small business, if you are so inclined. If you require the best website builder software tools, for example, to setup a website for your business, you don’t have to look too hard to actually find those tools. Below are just some of these software products that you might consider getting.


First, let’s start with a classic. QuickBooks in its numerous versions and iterations has been a mainstay in many business, both big and small. A big reason for this is how it makes coming up with reports so easy. If you need to do invoicing, for example, this software product makes it quite intuitive. The same goes for when you need to create an Accounts payable report.

Even if your employees or you yourself aren’t all that well-versed in balancing your books, using this product won’t pose much of a challenge. The relatively shallow learning curve means that you can take full advantage of it in no time.

Microsoft Office

Yet another industry standard, no business should be without a Microsoft Office suite of applications. The newer, the better. Every software it has on offer, from Word to Outlook all hold the potential to make running a small business much easier. Not only can you keep all your records in one place, you can also keep track of your contacts and transactions without putting in too much effort.


Tax returns are among the biggest sources of headaches for small business owners and this is exactly what TurboTax is meant to address. While its functionality is less diverse than QuickBooks, it makes doing your business income tax return a breeze. Well, maybe it won’t be that easy, but at least you won’t go crazy while doing it.

In any case, TurboTax has won numerous awards and accolades for making the lives of numerous business owners and accountants so much easier. What’s more, this tool will actually connect you to a real tax expert if you need some help.


If you’re the type of small business owner who has to travel a lot in order to grow said business, FreshBooks is going to be a hugely beneficial software to look into. It’s basically a software that works via Cloud, where you can keep track of important business transactions and projects. What’s more, it’s compatible with iOS and Android devices, so you can theoretically run your entire business off of your phone.

At the very least, you won’t be left feeling powerless if you are in another country attending some conference and you left your business to people whom you don’t entirely trust to run it that well. Then again, if your business is online and you only need to make sure you keep getting real mobile traffic to make money, the point of this whole section is rather moot.

Wave Accounting

Finally, we have Wave Accounting, which is a cloud-based software tool that helps you with some of your accounting tasks. However, arguably the best part about it is the fact that it’s completely free. Naturally, this means that you’ll be missing out on quite a few features that are available on paid tools. However, this doesn’t mean that this software product won’t be useful anymore.

You have to remember that you don’t really need all of the features that paid software tools have to offer. If the services that Wave Accounting can offer are all you need, why would you want to pay?

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