The Benefits of Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Your Home

The Benefits of Installing a Heat Recovery Ventilator in Your Home

Heat recovery ventilation systems are a great way of both warming and cooling your home by re-using the heat energy that would typically be lost. Due to the system re-using heat energy, it is better for the environment and can reduce your heating bill cost each quarter. There are several benefits of installing a heat recovery ventilator in your home; here we look at some of the main benefits and look closer at how these systems work.

How Do Heat Recovery Ventilators Work?

A heat recovery system works via a heat recovery ventilator which is attached to piping that flows through the home, into each individual room. The pipes that bring fresh, clean air to each room also flow alongside another pipe, which extracts the stale, old air from each room and out into the atmosphere. As the piping runs beside each other, the warmth from the stale air warms up the fresh, clean air, providing warm air in each room without the need to use as much energy and without mixing the two.


If you are interested in making your household into an eco-friendly place, this is certainly a great start. Compared to other ways of heating your home such as a heating and boiler system, a heat recovery ventilation system will help your home to re-use heat to stay warm, rather than using more energy to create heat. In a world where global warming is on the rise, doing all we can to re-use energy and reduce waste is beneficial for us all.

Saving Money

Another massive benefit of a heat recovery ventilation system is that it can save on heating bills. We all know how heating bills can add up, especially in the UK in the cold winter months, but installing a heat recovery ventilation system could help you to save money for years to come. Of course, there is the starting cost of installing the system in your home but over a few years you could see that money made back and more.

Not only this, it may increase the value of your home if you choose to move in the future. These systems will work best if your home is already properly insulated. New homes take better to heat recovery ventilation systems than older homes, but this does not mean you cannot install one in an older home. You may want to look at insulation techniques if you are considering getting a heat recovery ventilation system installed in an older home.

Rid Your Home of Mould

For some homes, mould can be a big issue and it can worsen respiratory illnesses such as asthma. As fresh air is constantly being circulated around the home, mould is unlikely to build up as dust is never circulating a room for long. Not only this, you are less likely to suffer with toxic home syndrome and you and your family can rest easy knowing youwill always be breathing in fresh air.

Heat recovery ventilators are a great addition to any home looking to become eco-friendly, save on energy bills and rid the home of stale air and mould.