The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

The future of surveillance platforms has arrived with Ambicam - Smart Cloud Camera.Change from DVR/NVR to cloud storage.

Ambicam - Smart Cloud Camera ensures better security with advanced features. Equipped with the basic features of wireless & remote monitoring / control abilities, the connected cameras also offer cloud storage options for video recording.

The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

There are some benefits of having Smart Cloud CCTV Camera :
1. Motion detection sensors

Ambicam - Smart Cloud Camera offer inbuilt motion detection sensors to keep a check on any misfortune. Smart Cloud Cameras are having features like Motion alerts, so that you can reach easily where the burglar happens.

The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

2. Protect your business or workplace:

Having Ambicam - Smart Cloud Camera in an industrial environment is also useful because they make it easier to see exactly what occurred when an accident happens. This can protect your business in the event of legal action, and help your safety team correct unsafe activity and deficient processes. Smart cloud cameras were just used to prevent crime at your workplace, but with cameras placed inside your facilities, you can perform workplace safety audits and make your business safer for everyone inside.

The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

Watch Anytime on Cloud :

Choosing to store all the footage on cloud helps you secure all the footage, even if the camera is damaged or stolen. In addition, cloud connectivity allows for a multi-device access to live/recorded videos from anywhere.

The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

Effective tool against crime and violence:

Having smart cloud camera aimed at public spaces like parking lots is such an effective tool against crime. Need a security camera in the right place, with the right field of view, and with the right capabilities to overcome or survive in the environment in which it’s placed.

The Benefit of Having Smart Cloud CCTV Cameras

Why Ambicam ?

Ambicam provides a complete solution with next-generation 4G/LTE enabled, weatherproof camera. It can be installed anywhere.

Key Features,

  • 2G,3G,4G/LTE SIM CARD Support
  • Live Streaming and cloud storage
  • Built-in motion detection, Social sharing
  • Up to 96% lower bandwidth consumption
  • Access your live feed from across the globe via Multiple Computers, Tablets or Smartphones

Therefore, Ambicam - Wireless Smart Cloud Camera is a hassle-free, easy to install & de-install, and lets you setup, expand, and relocate without making an extra effort.

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