The 4 best tools that you can use to stay organized at work during the pandemic

The world is struggling, and some say it’s worse than what World War II felt like. A major chunk of our population faces the threat of CoVid-19, and the other half faces the dreadful recession ahead. In order to prevent the spread of the virus, Governments across the globe have put nations in lockdown. With everyone staying home, finance isn’treally having a field day. Due to the lockdown, business operations have shut down, markets are halted, and even our day to day lifestyle has flipped entirely.

Earlier, the International Labour Organization warned that around 25 million jobs could be at risk and it is also predicted that around 200 million people around the globe will be losing their jobs. According to the World Trade Organization, global trade will drop down to somewhere between 13% to 32%of last year. So, if you are one of the lucky few that have been able to keep the option of ‘Work from home’, let’s do it right!

However, things aren’t as easy as we thought they would be! Turns out your home environment is not conducive enough for work. So, if you have been failing to manage deadlines all by yourself, and have rather been unproductive, here are a few tools that would make these testing times a little easier for you:

1. Basecamp

Basecamp software

With your plate full of household responsibilities and office work, it's hard to strike the right balance but this clutter can be managed with Basecamp. If we were to tell you the expertise of this software, it would be its excellent communication channels and powerful management capacity, which facilitates easy remote working.

Basecamp has been successfully running this idea of remote work for the past 20 years. At the moment, over160 companies around the globe use this group-collaboration tool, including renowned organisations like 9gag, and Accenture.

This project management app can be accessed on your laptop or phone. Wherever you are and whatever your pickle is, Basecamp is the jar opener you have been looking for. You can effortlessly track your schedule, deadlines, to-do lists, and make WFH easier.

You can create teams with an option for group chat. Apps like Harvest,, Zulip and others too can be integrated with this software.

In 2020, around 3.3 million accounts signed up with Basecamp, the software back in 2004 had only 45 people signed up with it. The success story of Basecamp is hinting at the tool’s good services.

If you are planning to run your own business on Basecamp, you should be up for $99/month package as it offers 500GB storage, unlimited users, and you get control over what each user can see. Before making the purchase, you can also start with a 30-day free trial.

What makes Basecamp more lucrative right now is that it is absolutely free for teachers and students.

2. HiveDesk


Losing track of time while working from home? This is a common challenge that comes along with the various perks of working at your own leisure. However, this can affect your output. Since, most of us are forced into our homes, everyone is on the same boat. Everyone's sleep cycle and working hours are quite messed up, but to keep up with this situation, we suggest you rely on HiveDesk software.

Suitable for every small and midsize business, HiveDesk is best known for its time tracking feature. Founded in 2011, this remote working software will provide you the right piece of information you need. This info can help team leads manage work from home staff better, with the help of reports such as employee target levels, output, sales, etc.

Want to maintain a record of time and daily productivity? This tool will do it all for you!

Not just this, the software also looks after team management and screenshot storage as well. You can also use this tool to generate online billings and timesheets. HiveDesk allows easy communication and empowers you to to gather thoughts from each side of the virtual table.

Building teams for small scale business is tricky, but HiveDesk makes it easier with its workforce management feature.

Project tracking is another unmissable highlight that offers you to create as many projects as needed. The tool will support you to build strong relations with remote employees and will also help you personally rack where each of your negotiations are.

You can sign up for 14-day free trial to decide if this tool is the match you have been looking for. The basic HiveDesk package offers access to three users and one admin with time tracking, screenshot storage, keyboard and mouse activity, user settings, project and task management at a price of $15.

For larger mid-scale businesses, their package at $250, offering 50 users with one admin and same services, will be perfect.

This user-friendly software is pocket friendly at the same time, as it can be purchased on the basis of per user monthly. HiveDesk has become popular since its customers and users operate in all six continents, almost two million businesses use this app, as per the organization. With so many businesses and remote employees linked with HiveDesk, establishing trust with your clients also becomes quite easy.

3. EngageBay


There are a lot of faces to an organization, a lot of departments! How do you ensure everything runs smoothly from a virtual yet central system?

Looking for a full-package software that helps with marketing, sales, and customer support? EngageBay, the award-winning all-in-one software, is what you need. This software will save your time with its marketing automation and will effortlessly increase efficiency.

If you are wondering that a remote team would not be able to keep up with the needed quality of work, then that's one worry you can easily drop behind and leave for this robust software to handle. From organizing all your email contacts to sales to maintaining a track of the deals, this tool will make work from home easy and interesting at the same time.

What makes this tool all the more note worthy is that it is also a CRM. Customer Relationship Management has been at the core of EngageBay’s machinery. In terms of CRM and sales, EngageBay will help leaders focus more on picking the right type of customers required for the business. Another highlight from this tool is that it offers free access to CRM.

Talking about customer support, it is the perfect platform which will offer you free live chat, ticket management, service automation to ensure you keep your customers happy and satisfied. To cut down on manual work and ensure quality, you can also set up marketing automation through EngageBay.

In this era of modern living, your data is your goldmine, and this tool will store it safely and in one place for easy access. Famous organisations like Huawei, Sony, Atos andTriptease are now using EngageBay because of their quality services. Not restricted to huge players of the market solely, this working tool is trusted by 15000 customers, which include small to midsized companies as well.

Another highlight of this tool is its pricing, the all-in-one package starts at $8.99 USD and for marketing or CRM, the prices are just $7.79 USD. So, in this hour of struggle, this tool will give you the chance to uplift your organisation in every possible way!

4. Slack


Missing out on the important meeting that used to happen in your workplace? Want to join a secure platform that promises privacy to all your important work messages? For that purpose, Slack is going to be your comfort zone during the lockdown!

Slack is one working tool that will break the monotony of your work. This tool covers almost every need of every department, be it human resources, IT department, project management, sales, marketing, and engineering as well.

No matter what the situation is, even during a pandemic, Slack will connect you with your colleagues and make sure that your team is productive in every case. This workflow builder provides services such as Google Drive, Office 365 and many more ways to save, access, share documents. It helps in maintaining different teams while also not getting them mixed.

Slack keeps the history of work chats for weeks and creates a smooth workflow, which can be hard to make during WFH. The basic plan of this tool costs around $6.67/month, which is perfect for small scale businesses and includes up to 15 participants for video or group voice call. When the upgraded plan is required, it will cost around $12.50 a month, but that’s not all, the upgraded plan will also offer24/7 customer support and advanced identity management.

For a large-scale business that involves almost 500,000 colleagues, Enterprise Grid plan is the best option.

Slack ensures your work doesn’t feel monotonous and boring when you don’t get to meet your colleagues. This channel-based workflow will provide you with an option to connect remotely and exchange with your teammatesin a moment’s wait effortlessly.

Even though it seems like remote working or work from home is hard to keep up with, but the effectiveness of these four tools bringseveryone together on the table. The real focus right now should be your productivity, and the work-life balance, if perfected right, can help you strike that. Let us know in the comments section below which one of these tools are you going to install.