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The 14 Ministers You Need To Know Should Be Jailed

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 12:36 Hrs   |    42 Comments
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Bangalore: Hardening its stand again after the Assembly elections, Team Anna moved from setting deadlines for the Lokpal Bill to naming Union ministers with a tainted reputation. They warned of a nationwide ‘jail bharo’ agitation in August if criminal cases were not filed against 14 Union Ministers on charges of corruption and criminal intimidation. The team said that the dates would be announced later.

Team Anna addressed crowds at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi, the venue of a fast to demand protection for whistleblowers campaigning against corruption. Team Anna also demanded investigation of allegations against 1,300 elected representatives (MPs as well as MLAs) across the country against whom criminal charges have been leveled.

Arvind Kejriwal, the core member of Team Anna, named the 14 Union Ministers who, he alleged, were “corrupt.” He himself had no direct evidence of wrongdoing on their party, but there have been allegations in newspapers and on television, and they needed to be investigated.

Indian Express listed out the 14 Union Ministers whom Kejriwal named corrupt and the specific charges against them. (SiliconIndia takes no stand on these allegations, but just lists out the names as given by Kejriwal. As it is in the public domain, it can evoke a public discourse and/or litigation.

1. P Chidambaram:

Chidambaram was one of the 14 ministers on the list, for his alleged controversial role in the 2G scam, and the charge that his wife (a lawyer) defended a Kolkata businessman named Kashinath Tapuria in an income tax claim of 580 crore.

Last year in September, referring to Chidambaram’s involvement in the scam, anti-corruption crusader Anna Hazare said "Had there been a Jan Lokpal now, Chidambaram would have been in jail." Referring to the same, Kejriwal named him on the list.

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Reader's comments(42)
1: ...Neither BJP has Saints ....we cant rely on any polititions...all are corrupt and cruel like Narendra Modi chief accused of 2002 communal riots in Gujarat and ofcouse YEDURAPPA IN kARNATAKA....
Posted by:Remesh - 03 Apr, 2012
2: All these ministers have been voted by people and they won elections.People dont mind corruption or any wrong doing as long as their work is done. It is only when even after paying a bribe, work is not done then they get angry.Most people in india support this chai-pani culture which has now grown into crores of rupees. Corruption is in-built into people's mindset and cannot be defeated by lokpal bill. It can only be rooted out if there is fully cashless economy possible.So every deal would become white as people will have no option but to register with banks. That is the only real solution against fighting corruption
Posted by:Be Practical - 02 Apr, 2012
3: Harish bhai ko dukh huwa!!! harish bhai 14 log chod ke bhi 100 crore may log bachte hay...or usme aap bhi ho.....so just congress ke talve chatne chodo......don't be just a slave..slave rehete rehete sala apni khun may woh bimari aa gai!!!!!!!!!
Posted by:Chayan - 02 Apr, 2012
4: Kalmadi??? Did we miss out on him!!?
Posted by:Sachin - 02 Apr, 2012
5: Next...MS Dhoni should be sent to jail because Indian cricket team is loosing very badly these days and as the captain he is responsible for that...!!!
Posted by:Harish - 02 Apr, 2012
6: Yes..Lets send all of them to jail and appoint Kejrival as PM...!!! Anna as President...Kiran Bedi as home Minister...Prashanth Bhushan as Law minister....Then may be half of India will be in jail...ROFL...
Posted by:Harish - 02 Apr, 2012
Congress is the root of curruption. They beleive curruption is their birth right. Let us finish congress & curruption will finish.
Jitendra Replied to: Harish - 02 Apr, 2012
8: S.C.A.M



Posted by:sundar - 02 Apr, 2012
9: You have selected a 14 member team. Who will be their Captain and Coach? My nomination will be Mr.Manmohan Singh as Captain and MRS. S.Gandhi as Coach. Yes, Rahul can be their Physical trainer.
Posted by:bob nathan - 01 Apr, 2012
10: Unless and otherwise there is change in people representative act like USA(a max of two to three terms be allowed to represent)AND Provision to confiscate the ill got money along with certain riders,our country will remain plundered by these so called BLACK BRITISHERS .......
Posted by:lumesha - 01 Apr, 2012
11: who so ever commented on the point of corruption, they all have fogotten that how corrupts have been elected or nominated at the treasury post.Recall the days when voter cards is being made. In the line, I have seen most of the illeterate person are getting voter card where as the literate voters are subjected to objection on various ground and they are being refused to get VOTER CARD.Lateron - particulary in illeterate state like Jharkhand,M.P.,C.G. - people are getting Voter Card at the cost of Rs.1000/- with the help of Bada Babu,chota babu, peon clerk etc.etc. because the leterate has to migrate from India to elsewhere. Now when Election comes-the uneducated persons are using their right to vote by selling theirs right at the cost of 50/- or 100/-+ perks .Under such circumstance how one can expect a fair person in Agust House.What we have to do is to bring some need basis changes in the Constitution of India. Otherwise the days are not far away when the Union of India will be devided like USSR and corruption will multiply to its largest extent.The present UPA has imposded service tax at its largest. Do you thing the time is coming when a air meter will be installed in House or residential locality , which will measure how much Oxygen has been inhalled and carbon and such other gaseous items have been emitted by you. On this matter- service tax shall be charged. Even if we voted to other national or state party- they will follow the suit.Thus we have to bring the people amongst ourselves and the voting system has to be changed. Other wise discussion on these corrupt leader will not solve the problem of AAM ADMI .
Posted by:anil - 01 Apr, 2012
12: where is ommen chandy,present CM of kerala,for his alleged role palomolein,travancore titanium
Posted by:tootu - 01 Apr, 2012
13: The 14 ministers named by Anna Hazare Team is only the beginning, we can add another 14 or more ministers to this list.

The list will go on increasing, since we have a lot of black sheep.

For example, Mr. Subbramani Reddy from Hyderabad has built number of commercial (named (TSR) in Hyderabad.

When he was chairman of TTD he did not want to quit but complete his full term (to make money).

His name should also be listed.

The public should give full support to Anna Hazare team and send signed petitions to the President to take action against these ministers. Further, the public should appeal to the Supreme Court to investigate, since the President is only a dummy.
Unless support is given to Anna Hazare team UPA government will try all means to suppress these allegations and let the ministers go scotch-free.
A. S. Bhasker Raj
Posted by:Bhasker Raj - 31 Mar, 2012
14: What about Sonia & Raul Vincy????
Posted by:Indian - 31 Mar, 2012
I am fully agree with you. These names are only of Thieves. The leader's names are nowhere mentioned. They are the final beneficiary in all the scams.
Sonu Singh Replied to: Indian - 01 Apr, 2012
16: Hahaha, make this this somewhat logical. Why not Yedurappa and other politicians from BJP Govt.
Posted by:Anonymous - 31 Mar, 2012
17: Too long in offices .....and too MANY......Scams.....Sitting in the chairs spontaneously makes the brains DEVIL'S WORK SHOPS....and they become DARE-DEVILS......swallowing even the total land they rule.
Posted by:Ratna Jayant G - 30 Mar, 2012
18: Soon, the trend will be that those who point out these shameful scams will be held guilty and not the perpetrators !
Posted by:Ratna jayant g - 30 Mar, 2012
19: I believe our ruling/elitist class has developed immunity against obloquy. We can only view stories of corruption in the media and media attracting more TRP. What the common man is supposed to do,i s the big question.
Posted by:Piyush - 28 Mar, 2012
20: It is not surprising looking to the earlier media reports.
Posted by:Piyush - 28 Mar, 2012
21: How can u guys miss the chief ministers of Haryana(CHAUTALA, HOODA...) UP (MAYAWATI, YADAV), PUNJAB, BIHAR, KERALA, AP, List cannot be completed, But it will be an easy task for u guys to prepare a list of good politicians
Posted by:Sibi John - 28 Mar, 2012
22: Misusing Lokpal for personal revenge will be the order of the day when the Lokpal bill is passed. There are privileged position in the Govt against whom Lokpal cannot do anything. Example, murder case pending on President who is now guaranteed immunity from any kind of prosecution. Many amendments are required which will take a long time going by the way the Parliament is functioning with no political party having a majority to pass the bill single handed. Since Independence there are numerous examples of personal vendetta while the crooks have always got away. Lokpal will go the same way - those very people pushing for it will fight like cat and dog to get their person appointed as a Lokpal. Do people know the negative side of those people who are currently posing as agents against corruption?
Posted by:JBP - 28 Mar, 2012
23: You can never jail any Union Minster like Chidambaram,or Sonia , reason being we need a Leader like JP to lead a Movement at present to dethrone this UPA Govt. which is most Corrupt Govt. in the world. or other wise we need a Dictator like man to jail all the Corrupt politicians in India. Will this ever happen?. God only Knows.
Posted by:jayasankar - 28 Mar, 2012
Only Hitler could be the answer to these Scam ridden Politicians and PUBLIC
rjgudavalli Replied to: jayasankar - 05 Apr, 2012
25: I request Anna & his party to contest for the next MP elections and become the Law Makers and pass the lok pal bill in whatever manner,content and format he likes to have. Please requesst him to win the elctios such that his party has two third majority in the HOUSE to pass all the bills against coruption. If he has any hidden agenda to bring any one political party to power then GOD will punish him.
Posted by:Aswath - 28 Mar, 2012
26: I wonder why D(o)gVijay Singh is not included in this list? He is also one of the most corrupt person..... The Chief Italian Ass Licker....
Posted by:Indian - 28 Mar, 2012
Cheap and mean minded people like you will make Lokpal ineffective.
JBP Replied to: Indian - 28 Mar, 2012
28: Why is Indian Govt asking for taxes. Is it for the ministers to loot for each scam Indian govt owes its citizens 10 times the amount because they put up with such massive blunder shame on them they are still ministers infact rather call them looters of nation it would be more approriate.
Posted by:Dennis - 28 Mar, 2012
29: I support Anna Hazzare movement if he is able to jail these ministers
Posted by:Joe - 28 Mar, 2012
30: Let us go and do it
Posted by:lookout - 28 Mar, 2012
31: Do you people think all the corruption will come to an end if the Lokpal bill is in force. I don't think so. I am sure that the people who have control on the Lokpal will be in the top list of corrupted people when it is in force. The corporate's needs to bribe one more person to get the things done on their behalf if the Lokpal comes to effect. That's the only change I can see.
Posted by:Afzal - 28 Mar, 2012
32: Of course, It is absolutely right. Politician have no right to eat public money. All corrupted people should be publicly hanged until death.So, that there would be a great lesson for all.
Posted by:Rajkumar Tanwar - 27 Mar, 2012
33: Team Anna is also corrupt organisation. They used corruption against minister most of them are congress.They never talk about corruption in other party, Corruption in NGO.
Posted by:Nabit - 27 Mar, 2012
Chutiye sale tumhari jese kuchh logo ke chaltai yo hamare paise lootrahe hai sale,Jaa madam ki G*** chat sale.
alok Replied to: Nabit - 28 Mar, 2012
U r right, who is the stupid to say that Anna team is corrupt.
I think now we Anna shoud com to direct politics and abolish this idiots UPA Govt fully from india then only can india shine.
Anna Replied to: alok - 01 Apr, 2012
So team congress (corrupt) is also here :) ... lage raho...CHOR
Indian Replied to: Nabit - 28 Mar, 2012
37: The government is afraid of exposing the corrupt ministers since they fully support the UPA government.
Accusing Anna Hazare team of exposing these corrupt ministers is not justified, since the Anna Team has the courage to do so.
The UPA government should introduce the strong Lokpal bill in the parliament.

The people will not elect such corrupt ministers in future.

A. S. Bhasker Raj
Posted by:Bhasker - 27 Mar, 2012
38: They are powered and elected parliMENTarians, beyond to be blamed or accused. They have their rights.
Posted by:David Mathi Raj - 27 Mar, 2012
39: This politicians knows how to end up this kinds of movement...soon they will do.
Posted by:deepak - 27 Mar, 2012
Every ministers directly or indirectly earning money and so i called them CHOR (THIEF), they are not interested in any development but how they are benefited, is the only motto.
In one year their property rise to 100 fold (Which business, makes them so rich in one year)
anil Replied to: deepak - 27 Mar, 2012
41: You guys have missed few guys from AP like late YS Raja Sekar Readdy and his son YS Jagan Mohan Reddy most controversial scams ever heard in India.
Jaya Laitha from TN, Yedurappa ex-Chief minister of Karnataka...
Posted by:sarath - 27 Mar, 2012
42: if lokpal comes to effect a lot of ministers will end up behind bars!
Posted by:ram - 27 Mar, 2012