Super-Rich Spiritual Gurus of India

Super-Rich Spiritual Gurus of India

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 27 March 2012, 12:37 Hrs   |    17 Comments
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Bangalore: In today’s profane world the Indian gurus or in other words “miracle workers”  who are often referred as “godmen,” have more of a celebrity image with their savvy, powerful figures who control vast business empires and own enormous wealth they also dabble in politics and manipulate the media.

These modern day Gurus are not only renowned but they also possess a lot of wealth through NGO and private funds. Some prominent ones who have passed away cannot be missed, like Sathya Sai Baba who died recently could count more followers than any other Indian guru, and the financial worth of his spiritual empire is several times bigger. Sai Baba reportedly had wealth of over more than Rs 40,000 crore.

Here are 5 super-rich Indian gurus who own vast business empire.

Baba Ramdev

‘Yoga Guru’ Baba Ramdev gained popularity through ventures in yoga, alternative medicine and agriculture, as well as his advocacy on Indian political issues. His life is no less than a typical bollywood movie. He was born in a poor farmer's family in Haryana and until 15 years back Ramdev was a struggling man who was often seen on the streets of Haridwar, peddling his bicycle as he went to temples and people's homes to teach them yajnas. Later through his knowledge of yoga asanas Baba Ramdev went on to build an enviable Rs 1,100 crore empire.

He was also among the first to raise the issue of black money publicly in 2008 and before the assembly elections of 2009 it was during this time he officially announced his wealth of Rs 1,100 crore but according to t is said he controls over Rs 11,000 crore

Wealthy Assests: Patanjali Yogpeeth and Divya Yogi Mandir trusts and other branches, Patanjali Ayurved College, Patanjali Chikitsalaya, Yog Gram, Goshala, Patanjali Food And Herbal Park, etc.  His empire today consists of over three dozen companies.

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Reader's comments(17)
1: These fake sadhus/saints are not only the problems in India, but throughout the WHOLE world. Churches in Europe & western nations too have false and super-rich preachers, priests, bishops, etc. Most of them are involved in genuine child abuse & sex cases too. This is simply because of the current Kalyug (dark age). So normal. And these are going to end soon too. Wait & watch with patience. Try google-ing with keywords like "coming world messiah", "second coming of Christ", "purpose of Kalki Avatar" etc., and you will come to know a lot interesting (provided you have faith in God and God related concepts).
BTW, Ramdev is not a siddha-guru or a true Sanyashi (like Swami Vivekananda) or not a God-intoxicated person like (Sri Ramakrishna, Shankarayacharya, Shirdi Saibaba, etc). He is just a modern day Yoga-guru (with vast knowledge of Ayurveda). That's it.
Posted by:King - 22 Dec, 2013
2: It is incorrect to say that Sathya Sai Baba has so much wealth. Unlike other gurus, he did not travel around the world and was mostly travelling to his residences around India. The properties belong to the organisation and I would say ultimately the devotees are the "shareholders" of this big organisation.
Posted by:darren - 05 Apr, 2012
are also a share holder
drashokn Replied to: darren - 03 Jun, 2013
are yhou also a share holder
drashokn Replied to: drashokn - 03 Jun, 2013
5: Dear Guruji,

My name is R.Balachander staying in Bangalore working for a construction company as an office assistant. I depend on your kindness and generosity. My mother gave me a chit fund of Rs.395000/- to deposit in the bank for the construction of house. One fine day one of my colleague told me please give this money to our friends who are in trouble. As per his instructions i have given to 5 persons as a friendly.

First, two EMI they paid. After that they vanished away without informing. I am not able to trace them. Please kinldy contribute some little amount of money.

I will ever remain grateful to you for your help and support.




Thanks & regards
Posted by:Balachander - 02 Apr, 2012
6: The declared assets by the so called saints are just a tip of the iceberg. The fees and capitation fees they charge are exorbitant.
God save us.
Posted by:vinod - 01 Apr, 2012
7: Yog teaches you to live a simple life and not lavishly as this gentleman who wants to enter in all spheres of life.
Posted by:Sandeep Kandhari - 01 Apr, 2012
wrong!Do you know Yoga?A lavishly living person may also practise Yoga.Baba Ramdev has the courage to take on the corrupt of this country.We have found a voice...Nothing wrong if his talents and management skills brought him money!
Amk Replied to: Sandeep Kandhari - 02 Apr, 2012
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Posted by:chilaiwodeua - 28 Mar, 2012
10: Sir request you to show if they enjoyed with wealth and misused it did they spoil the lives of any people or did they preach and teach good and led very simple public all the time in front of public. The politicians are supposed to look after constituency this concept is almost forgotten today. They are like badicoots in my backyard come with 5 year plan to loot country why should we pay tax our colony is BDA approved Govt joined hands with goondas and gave approval we believed Govt and took a site now there is not water no electricity no sewerage etc govt gave them BDA stamp to fool people our life since we beleived Govt are pathetic and the life of developer is great he goes on international trips and uses only imported cars and govt servants who helped in get BDA approval are also enjoying in nice cars and bungalows. they have given him more approvals and he is a sesoned looter beware of these crooks.
Posted by:Dennis - 28 Mar, 2012
11: With all the generous donations they are seeded with, these Gurus for sure turn out to be millionaires beyond any shadows of doubts.
Posted by:Niha Mallik - 27 Mar, 2012
hmm ..all muslim community will be happy now wonder
naks Replied to: Niha Mallik - 28 Mar, 2012
All the money is not from donation. The BJP is the most corrupt party and they have kept all the money with the trust being run by these Babas, Gurus and Maths.
kulwant Replied to: naks - 03 Apr, 2012
Why there is no name of any Christian, Muslim, Jew, Parsi religious leader? This list can go upto 10 and some of the said religious leaders might come. Or do they have their assets hidden unlike Hindu Gurus. Where all the money goes coming from Middle East to Mosques and Islamic institutions? Where all money goes coming from Vetican to Churches and Christian organizations? Is it a West sponsored article to defame Hindu Gurus?
Rakesh Replied to: naks - 01 Apr, 2012
Yes, there are MANY false CHRISTS! Search it wiki and that list is vastly incomplete. JESUS Himself said "MANY" will come in my NAME (as in portraying to be of his nature) and say things like he was an ascended master. Understand, The Light of Man, the Christ of GOD has existed and was crucified for the world before it ever existed (In Eternity)...he had no money, no one Taught him, and he was prophesied to COME into this world over 1000 years before he did. There is no one under any other Name under heaven that can come close to it. Forget the rest and go with the BEST. Jesus never went to India as some teach..and does nto require you to be some great ascended master...He became to us today a "Life Giving Spirit" one can come to The Son unless The Father enables Them...and no one can come to the Father but through The SON..they are both SPIRIT and Understanding comes through The Holy Spirit of God to come to His Knowledge and Wisdom. Jesus Himself said: "I AM The RESURRECTION" " I AM THE TRUTH" if someone speaks of The is THE CHRIST of GOD, the LIFE guru can give anyone Eternal Life, but He was from Eternity. Jesus said, " No one ascends to heaven but he how descended from heaven. The Son of Man Who is in Heaven". There are MANY 'campy' Christians teachers in the U.S. and around the world and in all religions that are 'man-made' counterfeits.
Stephen Replied to: Rakesh - 16 Feb, 2015
Bravo!!! let them loot your house also! pakhand everywhere! so called babas also in other sects also! shia sect dawoodi bohra's leader is also millionaire & open looter too! when we teaches our children that miracles happens instead of human efforts & their collective will means miraculous results, this society will continue to be robbed! May our creator save our blind peoples!
lapaaz Replied to: Rakesh - 18 Apr, 2012
my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge...Hosea4 :6
(John 8:12) When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life."
(John 14:6)Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me...
The Gospel of John is one of the most significant biblical facts which everyone should read carefully and understand the in-depth meaning of it by the grace of the Holy Spirit.
AR Suresh Babu Replied to: lapaaz - 12 Jan, 2016