Stop Corruption! Website Helps Citizens Expose Bribe-Takers

Interestingly, the website also lists a ‘rate card’ for bribes for various procedures. The citizens and bribe-givers can compare the amount they had to pay with the market price.

The portal further educates citizens and creates an awareness of the correct way of doing things and opposing demands for bribe. It gives details about common procedures for various tasks including income tax, passport, customs clearance, commercial and sales taxation, education, police, civic services, power supply, immigration and railways, etc. 

The website says "We take individual complaints to relevant authorities provided citizens are willing to disclose their identity. We are careful not to make false allegations. After all, we are not covered by a whistleblowers' policy," as reported by TNN.

It is noted that the website also advices people to report cases where work was done without paying a bribe and instances where bribes were not even asked by officials.

The initiative also has mobile apps to report bribery, where citizens can report the same by sending a text message 'IPAB ' to 56363.

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