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Sonia Gandhi: World's Fourth Richest Politician

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, 13 March 2012, 12:30 Hrs   |    113 Comments
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Bangalore: Sonia Gandhi is the world’s fourth richest politician, said Business Insider, a U.S. based internet news aggregator and publisher. As per the report, the UPA chairperson’s wealth is currently valued at $2-19 billion (Rs 10,000-45,000 crore).

The wide range given, $2-19 billion is a giveaway that these numbers may have been plucked out of a hat.

As per Netapedia, an online encyclopedia about India’s politicians and the political events, Sonia Gandhi has movable assets worth 1, 17, 70,468 and immovable assets worth 20, 24,300. This financial information was as per affidavit filed before the 2009 general elections.

Firstpost’s own estimate, based on income disclosed by Sonia Gandhi during the last general elections and the income-generating assets she owns, suggests that her annual income cannot be more than Rs 50-75 lakh.

Given the wide range within which her assumed wealth is estimated, it is obvious that Business Insider is not sure what the numbers really are. The online publication has sourced the story to a website called ‘World’s Luxury Guide’. Luxury Guide in turn traces its information to five other sources like OpenSecrets.org, Forbes.com, Bloomberg.com, Wikipedia.org, and Guardian.co.uk.

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Reader's comments(113)
1: Now our another action should be immediately demand that if Rahul can bring all our money back to India than he can able to stand for coming election candidate,otherwise he will not able to stand for the same.
Posted by:Tarun Talukdar - 16 Dec, 2013
2: This is our money we want return from foreign bank so that we can use for our countrries development.
Posted by:TarunTalukdar - 04 Dec, 2013
3: Madam -

After 65 years of independence, we now have more poor people than we did in 1947!

The largest number of hungry people in the World... in India!

The largest number of people in the world without toilets in India, after 65 years of independence!

More women die during child birth in India than anywhere else, after 65 years of independence!

More children are malnourished than anywhere else!

The largest number of illiterates in the World!

The largest number of child deaths in the world due to diseases & hunger!

The largest genocide of women before their birth!

The largest quantity of food rotting in the world!

The biggest corruption cases in the world & also the most numerous!

The only democracy in the World where a dynasty runs the country for more than 5 decades!

The largest population in the World without stable power!

The largest population in the world with no access to safe drinking water!

Per capita income less than that of "failed state" Pakistan!

The largest number of people in the World who are "Slaves" or "Bonded labour" is in India!

Most rapes in a democratic country ... India!

This is the progress that Madam & her family (Husband, Mother in Law, Husband's grandpa, son, daughter & also son in law) altogether spelled as Cong. party of India has given us.

If people still believe in this bogey of falsehood, may God help this country.

Look at & compare to countries who either were in worse off state 65 years ago or got independence later and where have they reached since then; then ask where are we ?

Japan (was nuked)
South Korea
Germany (was devastated)
Italy (was devastated)
France (was devastated)
China (surprise)

Do we need more proof that this lady is actually the Devil speaking!
Posted by:muhammad rasool - 21 Nov, 2013
4: This is INDIA a LARGE-MARKET available to SELL not BHARAT so every thing is possible,Pay KICK-BACK and and take any thing u wont
Posted by:manoharlalsharma - 04 Oct, 2013
5: If it is really true, post this on facebook, twitter and other social media networks so that every one would know about this great Indian plunder
Posted by:varma - 14 Sep, 2013
6: Yes we agree...our badluck...Indians money make her rich illegally ...British ruled before now Italians...
Posted by:Ashok - 09 Aug, 2013
post this on facebook, twitter and other social media networks so that every one would know this great Indian plunder
varma Replied to: Ashok - 14 Sep, 2013
8: these bastards have sucked blood of indians over years there is no limit to their greed gandhi family ,karunanidi,badals in punjab,sharad pawar ,mulayam yadav etc etc all haallve stolen indian wealth of 1lakh crore minimum individually,these have lagislature police and judicary at their help besides private goons and supporters what can a common indian do under such odes recently supeme court has been only ray of hope,it is time for aam
admi to join hands against them only our unity can teach them a lesson
Posted by:jatinder - 01 May, 2013
Post this on facebook, twitter and other social media networks so that every one would know about this great Indian plunder
varma Replied to: jatinder - 14 Sep, 2013
10: Asset Declaration to the Election Commission prior to the 2009 elections may also be construed to be a Dressed Window chiselled out by expert C.A.s. Now,that is 4 years old story.
Posted by:PRADEEP - 23 Apr, 2013
11: Now this B**CH(Waitress) completes 15 years of her respectful post as President of Congress... Does she and the scam-laden congress deserve the respect ??
Posted by:Yang Xu - 14 Mar, 2013
12: Keep at Facebook .....so everybody know about that...
Posted by:Saurabh - 11 Dec, 2012
13: kill all them bastard........sabhi ko bajar me nanga khada karke goli maar dooooo.......salo ko current ke jhatke dooo.........
Posted by:sunil kumar - 16 Nov, 2012
14: looks like this article is added to get more clicks...
Posted by:mmm - 11 Sep, 2012
15: Sadly, we have lost the courage to stand against evil. i accept this............ it;s everybody does........... only to fight it and overcome. May be another few lines to see the bin.......... regards!
Posted by:Dhruv - 22 Jul, 2012
If it is really true post this on facebook, twitter and other social media networks so that every one would know about this great Indian plunder
varma Replied to: Dhruv - 14 Sep, 2013
17: This is the the country where a guy earning least Rs.28/Day is not poor.............very Sad!!!!!!!! Grow uP Indians this is the realty of Congress!!!!
Posted by:Indian - 11 Jul, 2012
18: try to become first ,,you bloody italian bitch..!!!
Posted by:indian - 23 May, 2012
This is the first rajiv gandhi has more than 200000 crore which she operates
Mahendra Replied to: indian - 28 Feb, 2013
Sonia Ji Is World Greatest Leader, She got place in top 5 Politicians in the World.
Hari Yadav Replied to: indian - 04 Jul, 2012
Son of a bitch, we burn our ass whole life to earn our basics and the blood suckers like congress sits on money bed.

Sonia Gandhi a bar dancer a so called slut in Italy ruling India is quiet shamefull.
Anonymous Replied to: Hari Yadav - 13 Aug, 2012
Posted by:avinash - 08 May, 2012
23: God save this Country from this maraudinh woman and her ilk! She has already brought the Country to the brink of disaster from her evil designs.

V.S. Manjunath
Posted by:votepura - 09 Apr, 2012
24: I think Business Insider does not know about our M Karunanithi.. He would be laughing at this news if he happens to read.. Rs.45,000 cr may be the asset of one member of his family...
Posted by:CS Vasan - 28 Mar, 2012
25: most of us are pissed off with the fact that a college drop-out european gal after having married the son of a third world country's premier, has now risen to a position, where, she's able to pick the prime minister, president, parliamentary speakers, vice president, ministers, intelligence chief and other important dignitaries according to hers and only her wishes. she didn't like india to the extent, she did not even become a citizen well after she was exposed. yet, she is so very powerful.

reminds me of the indian history, where, foreign kings, who didn't have any knowledge of india's terrains and topography, were able to loot, kill, rape and ransack rich india...all thanks to indians who guided them the way to the temples, castles, etc.

the unfortunate thing is, we indians have still not changed a bit. we have unashamedly helped this disgusting woman to become wealthy and powerful. there had been hoards of suckers in the country who had wanted to fast to death if she refuses to become the pm of the country. can you just beat that?

recently, she went to usa purportedly for her chemo. its just impossible for a lady of her age to have chemo therapy and return to india as if nothing had happened. probably, she was talking to the big shots in the usa national chamber of commerce about her cut and/or shares in their profits, if they are allowed to enter the indian market. the congress goons had staged big dramas for her early recovery and the naive villagers had also joined them.

let us realise first that we are stupid to have been patient onlookers, while this damn woman, her big-mouth daughter, her pseudo son and now, even her overzealous son-in-law have been bullshitting to us and amassing massive wealth. there are still billions of indians who would die for this conniving woman & her family.

jawaharlal nehru, while being a senile balls carrier to the british, had at the same time, gave up much of his family assets to the government. indira gandhi was truly a megalomaniac, but there's no concrete proof that she had amassed wealth.

the present monetary status of sonia & her her mafia (son, daughter, et al) are due to their conniving strategies and the indian electorate's stupidity. do you think, we can now wake up and shed off our stupidity and become smart for a change?
Posted by:gerry kenny - 20 Mar, 2012
26: As she was a waitress ,how she could able to earn .
Posted by:Kartheeban - 19 Mar, 2012
27: A building mason's daughter earned so much money how??? underworld contacts with political back ground ??? She is the one needs to be sent CBI inquiry first. Highhhhh-Command, where is this high command of congress? the one who sends money to Delhi they are the one who gets tickets.


Sonia Gandhi = Antonia Mino
Rahul Gandhi = Raul Vinci
Priyanka Gandhi = Bianca Vinci

What Right They have to add GANDHI to their Sirnames???

Posted by:Rao - 18 Mar, 2012
may be u r wright sir.
bhaskar reddy Replied to: Rao - 09 Jul, 2012
29: The level of mudslinging is done with what is nothing but blatant lies exposes the desperation of the opposition particularly the BJP and RSS supporters. I do not believe Advaniji would have given an apology to Sonia Gandhi for the report published by his party alleging that he family had money stashed away in Swizz bank. People who put out stories use USA based sources and see no difference between 9 billion and 19 billion. A flowed propaganda for 60 years has got no where, may be useful to Ramdev and Anna teams but people in India know better...Time people focus on real issues.
Posted by:B Pandya - 18 Mar, 2012
30: We all should know who is Soniya ????? see this video
Posted by:Anand - 18 Mar, 2012
31: Perhaps she should be investigated by CBI, on grounds of her assets being so disproportionate with her income.
Posted by:krishna - 17 Mar, 2012
CBI is her property my friend.... they all in a deep shit and they (including we all)kept their mouth shut...
sanjeev giri Replied to: krishna - 12 May, 2012
33: Lots of people writing sonia Gandhi is junk and all that and just imagine this she is ruling how how lame are you. India and Indians are always taken for granted. Even if an African lady from Somalia comes and rules India I won;t be surprised. That is how Indians and India are poolan devi,veerapan, prabhakaran, Dawood and are would also rule India. India is such a grea country it is mandatory to have criminal cases either currently running or in the past for you to be eligible to become a politician. India was previously ruled by British and now by Goondas does not make much differance. British took some and gave some now Goondas take everything and give nothing.
Posted by:Dennis - 17 Mar, 2012
while i agree with you on the point that indians are suckers to foreigners, whatever colour or nationality they are from, i strongly disagree your mention about prabhakaran in your summarised list of brigands. prabhakaran fought against sinhalese tyrants, who raped, robbed and ravaged his fellow tamils. try and read some neutral, well-researched article. if you believe whatever indian media says, then, you're actually believing what their true financial backers want them to say...
gerry kenny Replied to: Dennis - 17 Mar, 2012
35: i think no doubt why she hates Anna Hazare?
Posted by:Rajesh JAIN - 17 Mar, 2012
36: The figures are definitely fudged as her sources of income is well known. She may have multi crore account being the Chair person of INC - the largest political party. The farm house, etc owned by the Gandhis' were in distant places hardly 20 years ago. Development has inched closer to those far away places and obviously, the ever hungry, big time builders would pay any amount now for these farm houses. The cost of land has increased 10-50 times over the last 5 years.
Posted by:JB Padhi - 16 Mar, 2012
37: How much she got from Mr. Raja's Rs 1,76,000 crore. Did Raja will tell during 2G trial ? This is the reason, the congress crushed the Jan Lokpal movement of Mr. Anna and team. It proves very difficult to fight against these corruption kings, unless people unite.
Posted by:Balakrishnan - 16 Mar, 2012
they understand the basic instinct of indian people that these cowards never unite and things move on. some voices like anna team rise here and there and fall over the time and eat dust. never imagine things that happens ever, make money in existing situations and enjoy the life.
ashok Replied to: Balakrishnan - 17 Mar, 2012
39: A foreigner who was a junk in her country hooked a very decent and professional Indian.

She is the most corrupt along with her children and Son in law thats why she has ammassed this wealth by cheating Indians - A scrap junk and uneducated female
Posted by:monk - 15 Mar, 2012
If an Indian becomes a PM or president of another country we feel proud...Then why do people like you get frustrated over a foreign national leading a political party in India...And it seems you were her P.A since her childhood 'cause you know so much about her...Mr.X please kee your "Garbage" to yourself and don't spread it around inciting innocent public..
Tiju Replied to: monk - 17 Mar, 2012
41: Its a very bad that only in India, that only the political leaders have huge amount of money or properties, In my opinion, they are only public welfare not property owners.They should not have so much property. But Indian Govt. or system does not allow to check these things , would we able to stop this bad things ?
Posted by:Kali prasad M - 15 Mar, 2012
42: Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi are the main weaknesses of Sonia Gandhi.rahul has got no sense to speak.
Robert Vadra name should be consider in 2G scam. He is very rich politician as everybody knows. Sonia gandhi (Son Mario) who was waitress in UK threatened not to involve of her son-in-law.It's high time that we need to kick Sonia Gandhi to her own place Italy.
Posted by:Churchill Kumar - 15 Mar, 2012
before throwing Italian bitch to Italy, take all the money which she has looted from India
Mahendra Replied to: Churchill Kumar - 28 Feb, 2013
44: Sonia Gandhi comes under the category of Dirty women. Dear INDAIN Friends never ever vote for Congress in future.Shame on Congress regime as poor people doesn't even have food to eat this politicians (Congress)are anxious to fulfil their bank balance. Today I am ashamed to call myself as INDIA. ha
Posted by:Churchill Kumar - 15 Mar, 2012
45: We know the ground reality of whos behind India's current pathetic situation today... The root is the so called Gandhi / Nehru family... How did Nehru first of all became PM of India it was in their blood to cheat and win .. so he did with help of Gandhi Now Nehrus Sapolas are following it.. hmmmmmm by the way where did f***** Gandhi name came in Nehru family ???? big n good question... Please grow up / wake up Indians ...we need some kind of revolution n understand these f***** politicians are the main cause for the difference created between various caste / religion ... lets not fight for the benefit of Gandhi / Nehru / some f**** family ... work for our growth / our countries growth.... Its a shame when comparing with other so called developed counyries.. after so many years of independence.. where r we ... what did congress / bjp / any party do for the wellfare of our country.. dont sell ur votes for few cents at the cost of our nations development...
Posted by:Prashanth - 14 Mar, 2012
46: apni indian public zandu balm hai jo aaise politicians ko vote karti hai.
Posted by:yash - 14 Mar, 2012
47: When an small village lady working as a waitress before marrying Mr.Rajiv Gandhi how can we not accept her to be billioner as most of the money which is in her account is believed to be from Bofors or Indira Gandhi's account. When she is having so many billions why is she cares for up liftment of poor people of our NATION.She and her son may be indirectly helping her relatives in Italy or her son to his girlfriend from overseas.Even her son- in - law whose family had no much money has no become Millioner,if the would have not got married to Priyanka then he would have been on roads. THEY SHOULD BE THROWN OUT OF OUR NATION BY THRASHING ALL WEALTH.
Posted by:mnop - 14 Mar, 2012
48: vadhera has risent from rags to riches in no time , who else could have done that apart from sonia gandhi who is sitting on the hard earned money of indians and sending it to italia ....
Posted by:raj - 14 Mar, 2012
49: The day is not far off whaen these people sell India in hand of foreigners...
Posted by:bunty - 14 Mar, 2012
50: I feel its all in the way we look at such things. Look at the brighter side to feel better.

Just a few facts that we don't realise -

We are one of the biggest economy...dont feel that the figure quoted above is even a fraction of it.

We are aiming at a GDP of around 9-10 in the years to come...currently the average GDP of the world is less than "1" and we are 7-8 times better than the world.

Currently we easily contribute around 15-18% of the worlds population.

The annual budget of Mumbai Municiple Corporation is even bigger that the annual budget of "Bangladesh".

There are better things to think about!!!
Posted by:Mahesh - 14 Mar, 2012
doesn't mean that we should not care.
cynthiua Replied to: Mahesh - 14 Mar, 2012
52: Adulterated information.
Posted by:pradeep engineer - 14 Mar, 2012
53: All the Kings and Queens (Rulers) of India were very RICH!!
In democracy too Rulers are RICH !!!
For the people and by the people !!!!
Posted by:Ravi - 14 Mar, 2012
54: http://www.sanghparivar.org/blog/proclivity-anubhav/real-story-of-sonia-gandhi-by-s-swamy
Posted by:abhishek - 14 Mar, 2012
55: just read if u have time - http://nehru-gandhi.blogspot.in/
Posted by:abhishek - 14 Mar, 2012
56: Yaa what is so great in that, She should be thankful to We Foolish Indians. hundreds of years British looted India, And Now these .....
Posted by:shyamsingh - 14 Mar, 2012
A Jerk will always b a Jerk.....!!!!!!!!!
HuH Replied to: shyamsingh - 14 Mar, 2012
58: Guys i just wanna ask one question to all of u........the property which which was bought for Rs 25,000 60 years ago in Mumbai has reached more than 5 crores today agree? so we all know that Nehru family was very rich even before 60 years....so what's the big deal if they have property of even more than $19 billion?.....and dont forget .....today u r posting ur comments here on this blog through a computer.....who introduced theses computers to all of us fellow indians? It was Rajiv Gandhi who brought it to us......We shud be thankful to this family.....for making us aware of the technology....that indians today are the best in it.....and it has contributed in increasing our GDP dramatically......so are so many families in india whos life is completely dependent on it for food n shelter.......Why do we forget all this contribution.....it's very easy to accuse someone.....but difficult to accept the facts..............But i do agree that most of our politicians are corrupt.........I also wanna make one this very clear that i dont belong to any pary as i have never voted for anyone in my life n will never do either........
Posted by:Namit - 14 Mar, 2012
You are really an idiot....
PK Nair Replied to: Namit - 19 Nov, 2013
Seems you are one of those who run after candies granted even after getting kicked thousand times!!!
bunty Replied to: Namit - 15 Mar, 2012
How Much Did Congress pay You ??
Caldwell Replied to: Namit - 14 Mar, 2012
F*** Congress and all the other parties on India..........i wrote for the sake of humanity n what i feel is true.....i aint takin no favor of anyone but expressin the reality.....!!!!!!!! keep that in ur Dumb Head...
Namit Replied to: Caldwell - 15 Mar, 2012
You are just talking like a fool. I dont think you know the current situation of India.

What do you think, Rajiv Gandhi is giving food to all the computer Engineers in India. How can you say that he bought the computer to India? and How can you guarantee that if he did not bring it then no one else would have bought it.

The whole family is the biggest cheater in India . Everyone knows that. You did not voted till now , so you are irresponsible Indian. You do not even use your Right to Vote.

Please do some research ... In 1984 Rajiv Ghandi was having the maximum black money in swiz banks arount 50 million dollars. India press raise the issue but everything was suppressed. They are the biggest cheater ... NO DOUBT IN THAT ...
Anuj Replied to: Namit - 14 Mar, 2012
64: During congress regime all the big scams happened and it was done by their so call top leaders. The share of those corruption went to whose pocket every public knows.

So it is not surprising for me about sonia gandhi's wealth...!

All fool public, now keep on voting congress and be ready for upcoming congress led scams and let sonia gandhi rise to TOP 1 richest politician. After all its all competition..shameee on indians..
Posted by:shipraUSA - 14 Mar, 2012
65: IS THIS PROPORTIONATE TO KNOWN ASSETS? .. Does this provides reasoning out why Strong Jan-Lok-Pal is avoided ?
Posted by:Mahe - 14 Mar, 2012
66: The assets of Mrs Sonia Gandhi may be the inherited ones starting from the days of Motilal Nehru. It is unfortunate that a family which dedicated itself to the service of the nation are being maligned by a group of people who have NO contribution to the nation. If Baba Ramdev can accumulate crores by selling Yoga, what is wrong if it is done by a politiciaan ? I am not a Congress supporter( I have always opposed that party(party in power during my college days in 70s)nor have beeen bribed by Congress to say so nor I support corruption. If an Indian (be it Kejriwal even) feels that he has never done any corruption in his life, please come forward and post your name
Posted by:SIBABRATA - 14 Mar, 2012
What do you mean? Not done corruption.

These politicians have created that enviroment. Even if you need a DL you need to pay bribe.

But that does not mean that we should not fight against corruption. At least there are some people in country who are leading this noble cause. And there are some fools too like you, who still do not understand.
Anuj Replied to: SIBABRATA - 14 Mar, 2012
Baba Ramdev had at least something in possession to be sold!!!
Ravi Replied to: SIBABRATA - 14 Mar, 2012
Ramdev has accumulated wealth by fooling people,who is willing to get fooled.
guhasr Replied to: Ravi - 14 Mar, 2012
Fools are everywhere who cannot be fooled further!!!
Ravi Replied to: guhasr - 15 Mar, 2012
just read if u have time - http://nehru-gandhi.blogspot.in/
abhishek Replied to: SIBABRATA - 14 Mar, 2012
If only those person who are entirely clean has onus to clean the system than this society will always remain in mess. Just because someone has done wrong by accepting bribe once doesn't mean that he should turn blind eye when a rapist rape somebody. The society has become corrupt because of systematic nurturing and protecting of corrupt. If sonia gandhi has inherited it from nehru's family than why the hell she doesn't declare her asset and shut the mouth once and for all. As far as ramdev is concerned we do know exactly where his money come from but we don't have any clue of her ever increasing assets which has surpassed even politicians of Arabs and those who have bussiness background. These facts are too startling to ignore.
Alok Replied to: SIBABRATA - 14 Mar, 2012
73: indiA a rich country is thus, this much Poorer for allowing such Antonia Maino Khans to Continue to LOOT mother indiA.
Posted by:pramodkaimalgml - 14 Mar, 2012
for reader, Sonia Gandhi’s name was Antonia Maino
abhishek Replied to: pramodkaimalgml - 14 Mar, 2012
75: Chase her out of India, bloody Italian telling us how to run our country. So what if she maried and Indian. That doesnt make her and indian.
Posted by:Shareen - 13 Mar, 2012
Posted by:umesh - 13 Mar, 2012
77: I don't understand what purpose posting such slanderous statements serves. Either the reporter should come forward with proof or just shut up.
Posted by:Archie DSouza - 13 Mar, 2012
78: Is it this much??? Pl re-look once again. Recently Italy's Govt. is toppled.
Posted by:sridhar - 13 Mar, 2012
79: Looks like flimsy basis for the report and absolutely wrong timing. You guys are in for some trouble, the legal way.
Posted by:Kambhampati - 13 Mar, 2012
80: no doubt why she hates Anna Hazare
Posted by:Siva - 13 Mar, 2012
U r rite
naresh Replied to: Siva - 14 Mar, 2012
82: These 'official' figures are just 'tip of the iceberg' compared to hidden properties.
Posted by:vikonet - 13 Mar, 2012
83: I hate these corrupt Gandhi's
Posted by:Indian - 13 Mar, 2012
84: It is surprising to know that Sonia had amassed wealth like this.What was her asset when she married Raviv Gandhi.This is too much of a politician. where she had invested this huge amount.According to me she should use this money for the poor and down trodden of our country.
Posted by:K C FRANCIS - 13 Mar, 2012
It is very surprising to see people's comment about he Ghandhi's. I would say it is just their ignorance and narrow mindness to make such derrogatory remarks. How can people ignore that they have been in a way ruler of democratic free India for the last 6 decades. Given sacrifice of two prime ministers for the cause of the nation.. and many more. who else deserves to be the richest politician...mayawati ji.., laloo ji..This is just a jeolous feeling and ignore of people. I would request to be little responsible while using a public platform of free but responsible expressin. JAI HIND
Rakesh Lalla Replied to: K C FRANCIS - 13 Mar, 2012
Do u have any idea how much they have looted and bye the way both of them died because of their cuelty towards the indian people like LTTE's who were not allowed to stay in india as well as in srilanka and due sikhs riots because of which indira gandhi died i believe u dont know the history thats u call that as sacrifice
shrikanth Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 18 Mar, 2012
what sacrifice Brother Francis; we allowed them to LOOT till they got what they deserved from them whom they troubled a lot more than meek others
pramodkaimalgm Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 14 Mar, 2012
Oh, sorry to say but I am feeling very bad to see your sympathy regarding Ghandhi/Nehru family. As everyone know in our country that most of the corruption came in the Congress/Ghandhi Raj. And for the freedom of my country, Nehru family was just part of that not fully responsible. After freedom they got the opportunity to rule India without any feeling of the value of freedom.
For the death of the two person of this Gandhi family, they were only responsible for their death not the country person. So why we (common people) suffer always.
nisha Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 13 Mar, 2012
It seems you are a blind fan of Gandhi Pariwar(family).i would like to draw your kind attention on so called sacrifice given by this so called royal family.If sacrifice does matter in our country culture then Netaji's family,Bhagat sing's family deserve more than this so called honest gandhis. From "the last english man of India" Mr.Neheru to today's Sonia ji they have a hidden character of ruling our nation with their view and they think this country is their zamindari.Time has changed my dear friend you can not make us fool with such faltu sentiments.They are corrupted and they are behind end numbers of scams.It is now real JAI HIND.
DEV CHAKRABORTY Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 13 Mar, 2012
no one sacrifice to nation from gandhi's family, they died because of their faith, because of what they did to people's who suffer a lot from their decision. so they got it. do you know what the meaning of jai hind i think you not. more than gandhis family lost 2, i always salute the soilder's family who lost their bravehearted son/daughter's. so need to tell them use that money(our money) to remove poor poverty from india.
puneeth Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 13 Mar, 2012
What about the INDIAN citizens died for the country? In War, In Protecting the Netas, In Duties. What have they earned Pension?
David Mathi Raj Replied to: Rakesh Lalla - 13 Mar, 2012
92: sonia is the 1st worst politician.who planed ysr getofff
Posted by:ravitheja - 13 Mar, 2012
93: Irrespective of the numbers variation size and blah..we all know that politicians are simply getting rich by the hour,minute, second. There is no second guessing about the fact that sonia has made a lot of money like the rest of the politicians. So what can we do about this. Nothing, Nada zilch. simple as that. Vote for someone else. They'll get rich. it's either sonia or baburao shinde. does not matter.
Posted by:Resham - 13 Mar, 2012
I fully agree with your statement that all the politicians getting richer every second of the moment they are in power so nothing unusual.
sk das Replied to: Resham - 13 Mar, 2012
95: It is a lunatic thought to say that the politicians have increased the gap between hindus & muslims. More of our corrupt religious gurus responsible for it. So now we have a new law that politicians should be hanged untill death & all their personal properties should be declared as national income. Well, who would be left in the country? And why only seize Sonia Nehru's property alone. Nehru came from very wealthy family and had he would be earning far more not bey becoming a mp. By steeling peoples money a nation cannot reduce its debt by 10 %. Wrong, she is a party leader like Advaniji and others and has the right to travels in Air Force Helicopters.
Posted by:B pandya - 13 Mar, 2012
96: It is very easy to throw wild figures. Is it 9 billion or is it 19 billion dollars. Cheap publicity stunts.
Posted by:Buddhdev Pandya - 13 Mar, 2012
97: This are the real terrorist of our country. They have increased the gap between hindus & muslims which are now unrepairable. These politicians should be hanged untill death & all their personal properties should be declared as national income. If the government seizes Sonia Nehru's[calling her gandhi would be shame] property alone then India will be able to reduce its debt by 10 %. No one even dares to touch them & she without any position travels in Air Force Helicopters. Shame to the politicians of India.
Posted by:Vandan - 13 Mar, 2012
What about religious Guru's, Baba's Sai' Yoga Gurus, Ashram, maths and shrines?
kulwant Replied to: Vandan - 13 Mar, 2012
99: they r not a gandhi family.they nehru was made them any mistake they did they can escape.because the gandhi name people listen people will not get angry the word inside some respect is that thats why they r using the name.gandhi is a good man.what is the different between them gandhi is give his life for all indian wealth.but this nehru family take all indian wealth for theirlife.i never say gandhi family . say nehru family.automatically u will understood what they did for india.

jai hind
Posted by:bala - 13 Mar, 2012
I agree..
geeta Replied to: bala - 13 Mar, 2012
101: The website has for sure got it wrong. It cannot be so low.... Gandhi family have looted India for 60 years - they should have made much more.....even if assuming 1 - 2 billion per year they would surpass all other possible politicians. The website should be sued for showing our great Gandi family in 'poor' light - they are much more rich than this.....Gandi's no worries - keep looting us.......
Posted by:vish - 13 Mar, 2012
Very very well said Sir.
RCH Replied to: vish - 13 Mar, 2012
Best statement in the whole blog.. Appreciate such views..INDIA PLEASE WAKE UP.
Sharad Pawar Replied to: RCH - 14 Mar, 2012
We should take the initiative to stop the corruption, because in this government all are corrupt from top to down.In today's news 200 million peoples do not have basic assets T.V or Transistor but our politicians have more than 200 millions in bank...bullshit Gandhi Family..they are not caring about country only filling own pockets from ransom amount of money.
Shailendra Replied to: RCH - 13 Mar, 2012
This whole blog as well as comments show this website is hijacked by sangh parivar and all the so called commenters are from parivar. Pls stop boasting, 'independant technology blog ' after posting all these crap. We know that all of u in cluding us would be living like middle age sadhus if Nehru hadnt redrawn india using socialist ideas. Otherwise, sangh parivar cud have taken us to primitive ages !!!
Ajith Replied to: Shailendra - 13 Mar, 2012
They have disgraced the GANDHI name, disgraced the father of nation.They should have not used such a name. they should have use their own name 'Gandhy'(Parsi name)and Madam should have used her's, whatever it is..
Sharad Replied to: Ajith - 14 Mar, 2012
This comment clearly shows how the system works. You don't have any reasonable explanation for anything to the subject, like how Sonia Gandhi has over billions of wealth but all you have to say is that people from another caste/religion/sector/political party are accusing her. And the argument goes round and round. You leech of society deserve to be whipped.

India must do all it can to remove this illiterate rulers in the next elections.
Mohit Replied to: Ajith - 14 Mar, 2012
don't misguide its time to change its our country remember only educated people can make a change join hands and uproot this corruption stop living in carpet world
sen Replied to: Ajith - 13 Mar, 2012
i think you belong to congress thats y you are speaking like a congress spoke person, here is no one belongs any sanga parivar, we are indians we r thinking about future india not the nehru parivar or congress parivar
puneeth Replied to: Ajith - 13 Mar, 2012
This are the real terrorist of our country. Shame to the politicians of India.
They are corrupted and they are behind end numbers of scams. It is now real true.
More of our corrupt politician gurus responsible for it. So now we have a new law that politicians should be hanged untill death & all their personal properties should be declared as national income. We should take the initiative to stop the corruption, because in this government all are corrupt from top to down. In today's news 200 million peoples do not have basic assets T.V or Transistor but our politicians have more than 200 millions in bank...bullshit Gandhi Family..they are not caring about country only filling own pockets from ransom amount of money.
Raghubir Singh Replied to: puneeth - 13 Mar, 2012
Don,t say any thing abt Gandhi's family. Now real Gandhi's family is living as a normal human beings. But Nehru's family is looting us for the past 60 years. Do u agree congress is ruling the India nearly 50 years. With out knowing these fellows Is it possible to transfer the billions of rupees in Swiss banks.

Down Down Nehru--Indira--Rajiv--Sonia--Rahul
Srinivas Replied to: puneeth - 13 Mar, 2012
What... politicians are behind only a number of scams.... that sentence needs correction. Politicians are behind almost every contract, every transaction made from Govt. of India, squeezing as much as possible. Shame on our Indian Polity. Shame on our Indian people who are still blind and going on voting for wrong candidates
Vimal Replied to: Srinivas - 15 Mar, 2012
guys by commenting here we cannot do anything lets do something.......its time to take action
mahi shegal Replied to: Vimal - 02 Dec, 2012