Smartphone guide: 7 Smartphone Features to Know About

Smartphone guide: 7 Smartphone Features to Know About

Mobile phones are no longer devices meant solely for communication. The options available in the market today facilitate business operations, capture stunning photographs, and serve as navigation tools as well.

All of this is made possible thanks to the state-of-the-art specifications and advanced software packed into modern-day phones. Vivo and Oppo phones serve as a prime example of advanced mobile technology as this house multiple, high-definition cameras ably aided by AI technology.

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However, before you proceed to buy the top smartphone on EMIs, here are some of the latest features you should look out for.

Triple and quad rear cameras

Today, almost every smartphone offers advanced camera technology and it isn’t surprising to find triple and quad camera configurations on flagship variants. These sensors aid long-distance, wide-lens, low-light shots and allow you to capture images with stunning detail.

They also facilitate different perspectives, support enhanced zoom and special effects too. So, if you are a photo enthusiast, make sure that you don’t miss out on advanced camera technology when you next upgrade your smartphone.

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro, One Plus 7 Pro, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ are some examples of phones equipped with triple or quad-camera setups.

5G-enabled devices

Available with just a handful of devices, 5G compatibility facilitates faster internet speeds that in turn, allowing for the transfer of vast volumes of data in a matter of seconds.

Getting a 5G-enabled smartphone would put you a step ahead of most consumers, as India is still working on making 5G services a widespread reality.

That said, there is no harm in having advanced technology at your fingertips and should you be an ardent traveller, you’ll find plenty of places where you can surf the web at breath-taking speeds.

Fully waterproof phones

Fully waterproof smartphones remain undamaged in water up to a particular time and generally, up to a particular depth as well. These advanced phones are pricey as they demand meticulous engineering of ports and slots.

Nevertheless, these phones are ideal for those who indulge in the adventure as occasional contact with water won’t wear them down one bit. Further, this feature also allows you to capture some outlandish pictures, underwater or in the rain!

Augmented reality

Augmented reality merges real-world images and data with computer-generated images to produce a composite whole. Since modern smartphones come with high-resolution cameras, fast processors, motion tracking, excellent graphics chips, 3D depth-projection and scanning systems, accessing AR via the latest phones isn’t impossible.

One example is Apple’s animated emojis, known as animojis, that use a 3D scanner and front camera to copy your facial expressions and voice to project onscreen, animated characters. There is immense scope for AR, especially in the digital gaming space, so keep your eyes trained for this feature.

On-screen sensors

In-display fingerprint sensors reduce bezel-size requirements without compromising on the biometric identification features. This breakthrough in smartphone technology allows you to enjoy a larger screen and gives you a visually sleek display too. So, if you favour amazing aesthetics, in-display sensors are the way to go.

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