Should Sanjay Dutt Be Pardoned?

Should Sanjay Dutt Be Pardoned?

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, 27 March 2013, 12:46 Hrs   |    27 Comments
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Bangalore: The recent news of Sanjay Dutt being sentenced to five years in prison by the Supreme Court in relation with the 1993 Mumbai blasts has shocked the entire nation. However, Dutt has received support from the entire film industry and some political leaders and political parties.

Expelled Samajwadi Party leader Amar Singh and Lok Sabha MP from Rampur Jaya Prada met Maharashtra governor K Sankaranarayanan, to seek pardon for the actor. Actor-turned-politician, Jaya Prada, had earlier said she was "heart broken" at the news of Sanjay Dutt's jail term pronounced by the Supreme Court and called him an "innocent person", who had been caught wrongly.

"He is an innocent person. It is very unfortunate. Knowingly or unknowingly, it has been written in his fate that he has to struggle like this. Particularly for Sanjay Dutt, if you see the background of his family and all. His father Sunil Dutt served a lot for the country and even in politics he had a very good name. And knowing his nature and character as a great father, and his son, he also...innocently maybe...has done something," Jaya Prada had said.

Dutt, who was convicted under the Arms Act for illegally possessing weapons, had been awarded six years imprisonment by the TADA (Terrorists and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act) court. However, the apex court reduced the sentence from six years to five years and Dutt will have to spend three-and-a-half years in jail.

(With agency inputs)

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Reader's comments(27)
1: Court should have given him even higher punishment. He was aide of the traitors.No question of Pardon & media should stop making him subject of mercy.
Posted by:Anshuman - 02 Apr, 2013
2: There is no question of pardon. Any person of this country can not be greater than nation. All criminals of this country or outsider who are directly or indirectly involved in crime must be punish as per the law. I am also fan of Sanjay Dutt but it doesnt mean he will do whatever he want and will ask for execuse to the country. How people could think like this? The people who are asking Indian government to excuse sanjay dutt punishment They are also liable for punishment because any person of this country could not be great than this nation.
Posted by:Santosh Desai - 01 Apr, 2013
3: There is no question of pardon. That means if celebrity becomes terrorist, they should be set free, but unfame terrorist like kasab should be hanged? No justice same for all. In addition, Sanjay is very close friend of shah rukh khan who regularly visited pakistan. CBI should investigate any links. When India was celebrating 26th January, Shah rukh was in full swing to make his movie famous in pakistan. In mumbai night club brawl, Sanjay Dutt settled things for Shah Rukh khan. There are certainly high chances linkage although it would be immature to make affirmative statement without investigations.

No question of pardon to sanjay, infact this opens up opportunity for extra investigations. Every citizen small or big is equal in court of law. Jai ho!
Posted by:TJ Shaw - 01 Apr, 2013
4: Heart, Mind & Logic, all say - Big No. A person who was in continuous touch with the Main Culprit Daud & His associates even seven years after the blast / after his confessional statement / after his release on Bail (as per Police records) - should be considered any where near 'Being Innocent'.
All those who are seeking his pardon are either his Friends or are trying to seek Cheap Publicity .
Posted by:y pal - 01 Apr, 2013
5: No pardon. He should be treated like other citizen. No Celebrity status interfere in determing the punishment. Hon'ble SC Judge judgement is just and fair. THe others involved in the crime also got the punishment and no one is talking their case for pardoning their crime. Why Sanjay Dutt ???????. Let him undergo punishment as pronounced by the SC.

Posted by:kalnayak - 01 Apr, 2013
6: NO, He should not be pardoned... The decision has set an example where anyone(anyone for that matter... celebrity or a common man) who support terror are given the right treatment ... (listen to the audio conversation released by Mumbai police after the blasts)
Posted by:prads - 31 Mar, 2013
7: Yes,,,,he should be pardoned with one condition...50% of his income for the next 3 years should be donated to schools in villages to educate underprivilaged and poor people.
Posted by:K C Venugopal - 31 Mar, 2013
8: Heart says 'Yes'. He should be pardoned. But Logic and mind say 'No', he must be treated at par with other citizens. Pardoning will be a bad precedent and reinforce the feeling that rich, famous, well connected can easily get away with even murder.
Posted by:Rajesh - 31 Mar, 2013
9: Should Sanjay Dutt be pardoned?

No. That is all.

It does not matter a damn what his family has or has not done for the country or that he's "rich and famous". The fact that he *only* got 5 years suggests he's already getting off lightly and shows what a joke the system already is.
Posted by:Masa - 30 Mar, 2013
All i want to say that we should not forget that the whole consignment was offloaded in his premise.
Manishankar Replied to: Masa - 01 Apr, 2013
11: Emotions have no role to play in democracy...
Posted by:Vipin - 29 Mar, 2013
12: in which celebration he got such less time imprisonment ...

think the condition of family who lost their husband,son & brother...
Posted by:raj - 28 Mar, 2013
13: No, Never, ever, if possible, they should revisit the investigation and send him to jail for life if not gallows for what he did.
Posted by:PRASAD SN - 28 Mar, 2013
14: He should not be pardoned. As he has already received a very less sentence compared to him crime which is not in CBI chargesheet.
Posted by:Jayant - 28 Mar, 2013
15: Every criminal has been provided with the liberty to get married and produce children including Daud and his associates whosoever are known to the son of Sunil Datt a nehruvian congi MP.
Our judiciary has granted a lot relief by prolonging this son of nehruvian MP’s case for 20 years.
During this period the aforesaid culprit has fully enjoyed the normal life for more than 18 years, like many others e.g. killers of protected animals in Rajasthan and Kutch viz. Amir and Salman.
Now look. These two so designated celebrities but in reality having a low valued caliber had become so much hungry and were heavily fond of to chew the flesh of a protected animal that they did not care for the law. Now suppose these two lower graded persons are convicted by court of law, would they be entitled for mercy?
Nehruvian congi leaders and Bollywood associates are trying very hard to provide mercy to this MP's son. This progeny had no good reputation in past. He was a vagabond and a “Tapory” in his college life. Besides this, he was drug edict. He has never disclosed the details of illegal suppliers of drugs, nor has he disclosed the details of antisocial elements who were the known suppliers of the weapons before he purchased AK56 or whatsoever.
Now look, the nehruvian party associates are of the culture that they are beyond normal laws. Whenever possible they have tried hard to change them for retaining power. JL Nehru’s daughter and her son are the good examples.
These nehruvian congress associates would also ask for mercy for Amir and Salman, in case they get convicted. Because Daud is not only controlling Bollywood associates but also having joint ventures with associates of nehruvian congi. This cannot be ruled out.
That is why identify the symptom of traitors.
Recall that nehruvian congi associates have soft corner for designated minorities. The J&K government where nehruvian cong is also a party has granted pension and other benefits to the associates of recognized terrorists. These people have never cared for killing of Hindus in Kashmir. They have also not cared for displaced Hindus of J&K for more than two decades. Still the Hindus are living in miserable condition and out of their home.
Sadhvi Pragya is in Jail in miserable conditions since several years without any FIR till this date. If your human heart is burning, forget everything and sack this nehruvian congi and its associates from power to prosecute them and put them behind the bars and thereafter to hang them.
Posted by:shirish - 28 Mar, 2013
16: The court found him a criminal. According to the court, he violated the law. It has some relation to terrorism, a crime
against the nation .
Now the question is whether he should be punished. Is it ideal
for the futrue of the nation and the judiciary to create a precedent of a convicted criminal being pardoned, just because he has some mass support? Have the judges, powers to pardon who has been convicted? Can leaders of the politiczal parties who have mass support, be pardoned after
being convicted of an offenced? Every criminal convicted for an offence has the desire to be pardoned.
Does our legal system allow it> Can we create a dangeroud presedent, because he is an actor?
Posted by:Raghavan Nair - 28 Mar, 2013
17: Hez done a crime, he should undergo the punishment and like wise Pradhay Ssghvi, Advani and others who have committed crimes should also be punished, so that law is same for everyone and not just target it one community....
Posted by:Indian - 28 Mar, 2013
18: What were the Shiv Sena and Bhajrang Dal fighting against that what was in the MUSLIM mind set, said or silent? "The ANTI Bharat Feelings and PRO Terrorist feelings" in the MUSLIMS.(no RAM (moolmantra of man) temple in Ayodhya, no vande matram, and the duo of Sunil and Sanjay Dutts were siding such muslims instead of trying to Integrate them in to the BHARATIYA mainstream as ALL as HINDUS as Citizens of Hindustan/Bharat a CULTURAL entity. Hinduism as SCIENCE of what this world IS as per our scientists called the RISHIS Ishavasyam Idam Sarvam and "Aham Bhramasmi", NO body is a monority every one a hindu citizen, reservation only for the physically challenged. Sanjay should Meditate for the about five years he spends in JAIL BUT not bring up any foolish BOOK like Jawaharlal on some stupid discovery of INDIA from a JAIL. pramodkaimalatgmail
Posted by:pramodkaimalgmai - 28 Mar, 2013
19: No matter who the SHIT is he...... he is a bloody criminal ..... his crime is against our country..... he should be tried for that - crime against country......... and given death........ Well coming to JAYAPRADHA & one use less son of a bith Mr. Amar singh........ IF ANY OF THE JAYAPRADHA OR AMARSINGHS FAMILY MEMBERS HAD LOST LIFE OR BECOME VICTIM OR SUFFERED BY LOSING LIMBS ..THEN would these insane people go on asking for pardon........ I wish to check if some one rapes jayapradha and cuts her legs will she still ask the authorities to pardon her assaulter.......... WHEN U MAKE STATEMENT saying......HEART BROKEN........ bloody hell go to the victims family who have lost their loved ones..... of even now sufferring due to their family head being killed in these blasts..... u will know the pain.......of it........
Posted by:Mahadeva Rao G - 27 Mar, 2013
20: the guy who've destroyed the AK57 as per his telephone has been jailed, but this guy who's ordered and spoken to dawood's brother who's in dubai by the time about 7 times is set to free quit a long time. But now those cinama guys are acting without hearing any "Start Camera, action" and the news is published as a shock to the nation, who's nation only the cinema stars or the commoner?
Posted by:suriya kumar p - 27 Mar, 2013
well said...... these insane guys thinks that they can take innocent citizens for a ride....... If not for agencies llke SUPREME COURT... they guys would have become hitlers, saddam hussain.... osamabin ladens........ THis sanjay dutt should be first stoned till he bleeds out all his blood and hanged till death.......
Mahadeva Replied to: suriya kumar p - 28 Mar, 2013
22: Pardon only becoz he is a star? What about the people who is suffering long term in jails with good conduct and behaviour and wiating years to get a good name to release under president quota on 15th August and 26th january.
Afterall Mr.Dutt has not done any thing to the society or to a citizens of near by his local area to recognise him.Instead of that Indian citizens gave him by creating him a bollywood star and generating revenue by watching his films.He is not a small boy to keep weapons in his house,and can he take the pain of mumbai blasted deaths family ? Or has he given any remunirisation to the victims of mumbai blast? other peoples who are in jail for simple thefts an saying like they have also done unknowingly.
Posted by:jagadish - 27 Mar, 2013
23: Why should he be pardoned because he is famous and rich? What about those who are languishing in jails for years awaiting trials?
Posted by:J Saldanha - 27 Mar, 2013
24: Why should he be pardoned because he is famous and rich? What about all those languishing in jails everywhere awaiting trials for years?
Posted by:J Saldana - 27 Mar, 2013
25: why should be Pardoned? ask the same question to the family who has lost their loved ones in the blast.
Posted by:Geetha Shetty - 27 Mar, 2013
26: no not at all
Posted by:Ace - 27 Mar, 2013
Rule for every one not for the poor people.If pardoned to sanjay..then tomorrow other powerful / Rich person will do te same crime.Think who are lost their Beloves.... So no excuse..send back to jail..
Niranjan Replied to: Ace - 29 Mar, 2013