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Should Sachin Retire from ODIs?, Majority say YES

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, 23 February 2012, 10:28 Hrs   |    30 Comments
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Bangalore: Opinions are never right or wrong, never constant and yes, the opinions are changing. “You can't contain Sachin's deeds in a statistical frame. He brings unstinted joy to the art of batting. Statistics will happen because cricket is about runs and wickets. But how can you evaluate Sachin's contributions by just counting the number of runs he has scored. To me, he best symbolizes the heights an individual can rise to dominate a team sport. Words can never capture the beauty of Sachin's cricket,” this is just one of many quotes from the cricketing legend Kapil Dev on Sachin Tendulkar who now feels that it’s time Sachin quit ODIs. "From what we have seen in the last three months, he should have announced his retirement before the World Cup. It's important to know that every cricketer has his time,” Kapil told 'Headlines Today'.

Surprisingly, it’s not just Kapil, but a large number of Indians seem to be of the opinion that the god of cricket should leave one-day cricket and it was quite evident in a Times of India online poll which concluded that 57 percent of respondent feels that Sachin should retire from ODIs. While 41 percent answered ‘No’ to the question 'Should Sachin retire from ODIs?', as many as 57 percent of respondents voted ‘Yes’.

TOI had nearly 47,000 people responding to its poll out of which 19,127 voted 'no' and 26,813 answered in favor of the question and around 817 (2 percent) people were undecided.

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Reader's comments(30)
1: of all the people kapil has the audacity to suggest sachins retirement? he seems to have forgotten his licking the ground to get the final wicket for the world record. players like sachin cum ones in eras. relish his batting while u can. no one can cum even near his batting style and class. he has sum more years in him. carry on sachin. only those who understand cricket really know that form is temporary but class is permanant.
Posted by:brijesh singh - 28 Feb, 2012
2: That Sachin should quit one-day cricket is now a demand in a section of the media.
Former Indian captain Kapil Dev is also of the view.
As a numerologist I am of the opinion that Sachin will restore his vigour when he turns 39 on April 24.
Age 39 is a significant phase in his life.
I have been writing blogs about Dhoni and Sachin since 2007.
It was based on my findings about their influential numbers that I predicted the victory of Indian team in cricket world cup 2011.
The ASIAN TRIBUNE published my prediction on April 1,2011:-"Though Cricket World cup final unpredictable, Dhoni will be the 2nd captain to lift it for India".
WC 2011was Sachin's 6th world cup.
Sachin should not suddenly quit.
The period between April 24,2012 and April 24,2013 is strongly significant for him.
Perhaps he will have taken 102 centuries by that time.
Posted by:MK DAMODARAN - 27 Feb, 2012
3: It is Not only Kapil Dev there is lots of CHOOTIYA person is thinking about sachin's retirement.kapil Dev just keep u r dirty mouth shut, u match fixer .still theres no replacement of SACHIN thats v call him THE GOD OF CRICKET .........
Posted by:ansari - 27 Feb, 2012
4: Just think it other way. Does we have any alternate player who can give chance rather than Sachin Master. I agree that he is draging further with out any result.
Posted by:roja - 26 Feb, 2012
5: point taken..he still likes 2 play cricket, still has passion blabla...but mate, where do u fit in young players...y r v under the impression tat theres no replacement 4 him? atleast v can find some1 who can contribute runs in tis cb series..most cricket fans(although they know nothing about cricket) r so obssessed with individual players tat no matter india loses u have 2 have sachin, sehwag al the time..its all about ur state isnt it? its not about india it seems
Posted by:doffy - 24 Feb, 2012
6: Remember these words...After world cup sachin said...
Batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar made it clear that he has no immediate plans of quitting ODIs, saying he was enjoying the game even more now and still has the "desire and the passion" to play for India.
Tendulkar said that the thought of retirement had not crossed his mind and he would let everybody know when he decides to call it a day.
"I have not thought about all that (retirement). If I have ever think about it, what is there to hide. I will tell you openly that day, whatever I decide to do, now I want to enjoy the game," he said, scotching speculation that the champion batsman may quit the shorter version of the game to prolong his Test career.
"The passion of cricket has not died.
Posted by:SATISH - 24 Feb, 2012
7: Lots people gonna cry on his retirement. and Those who thinks he should retire, just watch him. watch him closely, He is gonna play again and will stroke centuries and will tell you by his bat you were wrong stupids...
Posted by:prasad jachak - 23 Feb, 2012
8: Y people r bothered about him, Few years back d same romours came..d SACHIN should retire..but after that every 1 seen that He has created Milestones. If some 1 is not playing for some time..it doesnt mean there time is over, whether he is SACHIN or DHONI..THEY R EXCELLENT...they will do more better i hope.
Posted by:SATISHCHANDRA - 23 Feb, 2012
9: Sorry Boss He should not retire now because critics is all around him. Let him decide. He knows better than others. He is enjoying his game. have excellent spirit about game. Dhoni on the other end is Political man who spoil everyone around him.
Posted by:sanjeev - 23 Feb, 2012
10: I think Sachin will declare his retirement from ODI as soon as he completes his 100th ton. Media and the indian public should not put him under undue stress. Let him play his natural game till he gets his 100. Critics speak sometimes true. But we should not forget that at times, things do not move the way we want. Special moments wait for special occasions.
Posted by:Maharam Tanwar - 23 Feb, 2012
11: He's waiting for the 100th ton so that he can grab new, juicy endorsements. Everyone knows this but then in this country no one talks about 'holy cows'.
Posted by:gugs - 23 Feb, 2012
Hi I am a south african and I believe that we should not cry sour grapes as Sachin earned his endorsements and the accolades showered on him as he has done the hard work by creating a legacy for himself through his cricketing accomplishments over 2 decades and with a sqeeky clean career at that. So stop faulting the "Little Master" and appreciate the contribution that he had made to not only the cricketing world but to India as a nation. Be proud of the prodigal son.
kugen moonsamy Replied to: gugs - 28 Feb, 2012
13: I think he should complete his century that much respect Indian cricket and fans should owe to him.....
Posted by:deep - 23 Feb, 2012
14: I do agree that its time for Sachin to retire. Its not because, he is performing bad. Please dont forget that he is the leading run scorer for India in 2012 world cup, holds second position in the whole list. Dhoni-Whom every one is praising is no where there in that list. Dont blame sachin for the failure of indian team in australia. If so, why Indian team failed in England? Stop bugging Sachin. Let the god play his natural game. Victory will accompany automatically..
Posted by:Sachin fan - 23 Feb, 2012
cricket is not his own game.govt will spend crore of money for that.people waste their time.If he is not able to play ,he should give his retirement.board of committee should give chance to new players.
suresh Replied to: Sachin fan - 23 Feb, 2012
16: It is Not for the first time Kapil Dev is thinking about sachin's retirement. At that time Sachin made Kapil's mouth shut with his centuries in a row. Every body has right to take decision about their own careers and life and it is not in the hands of Kapil Dev. A batsman will not be in form through out his career. There will be up's and down's. Think about Sourav Ganguly, every body forced him to retire. But now everyone thinks that he is the best Indian Cricket team captain and MS Dhoni is only the captain of the best Indian Cricket Team.
KAPIL DEV speaks like a match fixer. He might have bought money from some others and force the Sachin to retire. Also think what happed to the Indian Cricket team when Kapil Dev was appointed as coach. During Kapil's reign as National Coach, India performed badly in away matches and managed just 3 victories in 15 games (20%) in ODI Tournaments. In Test cricket, India lost its first home series in 13 years and managed just 1 victory in 3 Test series. So Mr. Kapil Dev please make your mouth shut....
Now it is not the time for the Great Indian Cricketer SACHIN TENDULKAR to retire. Yet there are many new records to be created and not broken. As far as cricet is concerned Sachin is the God of Cricket.
Posted by:Anooj S - 23 Feb, 2012
Where is the word GOD is coming from...for playing stupid game hardly 6 countries play in the world and india stands top(not sure) among them. Its funny.....simple if he is performing let him play if not performing ...rest him and give an opputunity to do well in domestic cricket and make a come back to international...no exceptions for individuals...
Swedish Replied to: Anooj S - 23 Feb, 2012
18: pl kick him out .. immediatly...
Posted by:rsr - 23 Feb, 2012
just shut ur mouth u stupid....
surender Replied to: rsr - 01 Mar, 2012
20: Now let us see another survey about "Times of India". Out of whole of India only 47000 responded to the survey whether sachin should retire or not. Now let us take a Hypothetical assumption that all the viewers participated in the poll. Now let us calculate Times of India's Telivision rating point.

Total number of population : 1.2 billion
Times of India viewers : 47000
Therefore 1.2 billion mutiplied by X (percentage), divided by 100 = 47000.
1,20,00000x = 47000
Therefore x = 47000/1,20,00000
x = 0.039 percent

The survey shows that Times of India has Poor TRP. Can we take this calculation right ?

I only took 31 marks out of 100 in my 10th maths exam. But i hope my calculation is correct.
Posted by:lokeshwaran - 23 Feb, 2012
21: What do they mean by " Majority say yes"......let them take the survey on 1.2 billion people and then publish the result. Sachin is God.
Posted by:lokeshwaran - 23 Feb, 2012
Wake up there is no God.
Retire or not it is for Sachin to decide but if sachin does not perform then rest him..thats it.
Grow up there is no one god as such ...that too in a game hardly 10 countries play and india stand at about middle even after 1.2 billian population.
Indian Replied to: lokeshwaran - 23 Feb, 2012
23: The Ex Cricket Captain of India great Vijay Merchant when asked about his decision to retire quipped, A CRICKET CAPTAIN SHOULD RETIRE WHEN PEOPLE BEGIN TO ASK WHY RATHER THAN WHY NOT!
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore (AP), India
Posted by:Anumakonda - 23 Feb, 2012
Retirement should not be based on judgement of people. ITs should be based on performance and character. Its not politics that people vote or not vote to he should retire..
prasad jachak Replied to: Anumakonda - 23 Feb, 2012
Em philosophy ra babu...nevvu grttttt
kaka Replied to: Anumakonda - 23 Feb, 2012
Oray noru musuko. Go to school to understand what has been commented.
Anumakonda Replied to: kaka - 23 Feb, 2012
27: why dont we leave it to him
this genius knows whats best
for him !!

if he does not decide our retirement
why are we so judge mental and decide
his future
Posted by:andee - 23 Feb, 2012
Haha well said...he knows whats best for him ...we want what is best for India not him
UKIndian Replied to: andee - 23 Feb, 2012
29: He has to decide this now.
Posted by:H Roy - 23 Feb, 2012
30: I Gus its time for sachin, long enough, done a great job, now its time
Posted by:joby - 23 Feb, 2012