Should I Keep Dagcoin as a Payment Method for my E-Commerce Business?

Should I Keep Dagcoin as a Payment Method for my E-Commerce Business?

People hardly have time to go to land-based stores for shopping. With a majority of the world’s population going digital, it was time for the shops to go digital as well. Here enter e-commerce or online shopping. People can check the products, along with their reviews, and order them online for a delivery straight on their doorstep. Another area which is registering significant growth is cryptocurrencies or digital currency. Major e-commerce businesses are exhibiting a keen interest in adopting cryptocurrencies as a mode of payment. But, with a plenitude of digital currency around, the selection is pretty tough to make. However, there is a new digital currency in the relative market which has significant potential to turn the tides around for e-commerce businesses. This digital currency goes by the name ‘Dagcoin’ and is already threatening the very existence of traditional blockchain based cryptocurrencies.

Dagcoin, unlike other cryptocurrencies, doesn’t rely on blockchain; instead, Dagchain is what makes Dagcoin works. Dagchain or directed-acyclic-graph-chain has changed the very outlook and perspective of digital currencies. With blockchain and cryptocurrencies, almost, becoming synonymous in conversations, Dagchain comes as a welcome addition to the era of digital currencies. As an answer to the question whether you should keep Dagcoin as a payment method for your e-commerce business, the popular opinion states ‘Yes’ and following are the reasons that completely go with the popular opinion.

With So Many Cryptocurrencies Around, Why I Should Choose Dagcoin for my E-Commerce Business.

Going with bitcoin is totally out of the question as the recent slump in the price of bitcoin clearly indicates its exceedingly high volatility. Coming to Altcoins, the majority of them rely on blockchain for their operations which is already facing a heavy burden of two hard-hitting issues of increasing transaction costs and escalating transaction confirmation times. So, the requirement is to see ahead of blockchain and that is where Dagchain and Dagcoin come into the picture.

1. Dagcoin is high on usability

The development of Dagcoin is done purely to make digital currency usable. As of now, cryptocurrency is simply one of the major investment products. However, Dagcoin has an entire ecosystem around it including DagPay, DagWallet, and Merchant Finder. Moreover, Dagcoin is extremely simple to use and is highly convenient. There are innumerable benefits of introducing Dagcoin in areas where there are no centrally administered banking services. Hence, keeping Dagcoin, as a mode of payment, for your e-commerce business can help you tap on that section of the population who don’t have any online payment method to shop in online stores. This way you can expand the boundaries of your e-commerce business and reap in profits.

2. Dagcoin Transaction Receives Confirmation in Few Minutes

Unlike Bitcoin where people have to wait hours to receive confirmation for their transaction, a Dagcoin transaction receives confirmation within a few minutes. This is because Dagchain doesn’t rely on external miners for transaction confirmation; instead, the confirmation process takes place by referencing earlier transaction. This makes Dagchain pretty fast and it solves the issue of escalating transaction confirmation times being faced by blockchain based digital currencies.

3. Dagcoin Transaction Costs are Lower

A Dagcoin transaction costs a mere 0.0005 USD. Moreover, Dagchain is 100% scalable in nature. The way of working of Dagchain enables it to incorporate an unlimited number of users under its hood without limiting on performance. In fact, with more number of users, the performance of Dagcoin and Dagchain becomes even better. Therefore, there are, absolutely, no chances of Dagcoin transaction costs escalating to a disturbing value.

4. You are the sole owner of your funds

Nowadays, in an attempt to store our funds, we depend on traditional banking institutions. We deposit our funds in the banks and later on can utilize the portal of the banking partner for conducting transactions. However, this makes banks the second owner of our funds. Banks can put charges on our funds even if violate a small term from the long list of terms and conditions and also, have the power to temporarily shut down our bank account. When you face an issue of an account shut down, you require going through several steps and protocols in order to access your very own money. Thus, you can imagine that having more than a single owner for your funds can wreak havoc at times in your financial life.

However, with cryptocurrencies, there are no dual owners. Your money is your own and you are the sole owner of it. Nobody controls your money except yourself. You control your funds as you own the public and private encryptions keys associated with your funds. Thus, you won’t have to face issues which you might happen to face with traditional banking institutions. However, before the inception of Dagcoin and Dagchain, none of the cryptocurrencies was powerful enough to serve as an alternative payment method. Serving as an investment product is the only known use for them. People buy cryptocurrency with the hope of making big profits when they sell the digital coin after their rates increase. But, this is not the case with Dagcoin and Dagchain. As mentioned in the beginning, Dagcoin is pretty high on both usabilities as well as investment factors.

Final Words

All of the above-mentioned points clearly indicate the fact that unless blockchain is able to solve the primary issues of escalating transaction costs and increasing transaction confirmation time, Dagcoin and Dagchain has got the complete potential to render blockchain obsolete. Moreover, the point that Dagcoin is high on usability increases the likelihood of the digital currency being adopted by millions of cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide. Already, major online businesses have registered themselves on the Merchant Finder portal of Dagcoin and many more are in the pipeline. The number of online businesses associated with Dagcoin is increasing each and every day.

So, you can understand now that there are major chances, by accepting payments in Dagcoin; you are able to expand the boundaries of your business and garner new customers under your hood. So, what are you waiting for? Join hands with Dagcoin and the Dagchain and choose the same as one of the payment methods for your e-commerce website. In a short time, you will witness your online business expanding in front of your eyes.

Please note that this post doesn’t serve as an investment adviser. It simply expresses a personal opinion and is meant for educational purposes. You are the owner of your business and you must conduct proper research before taking a decision regarding the financial future of your business.

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