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Should Child Labour Be Banned Up to 18 Years?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 28 May 2012, 10:56 Hrs   |    11 Comments
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Bangalore: Child labour is an age old issue in our country. While most children have a gala time playing with their friends and studying, there are others who work for their daily meal. They wash cars, sell flowers on the streets, and even clean tables at restaurants. Eventually their childhood dreams fade into the painstaking dullness of poverty and their aim becomes to simply stay alive. Yet, they have a hope in their eyes.

The Union government has planned to introduce a clause to the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986 to ban employment of children below the age of 18 years in hazardous factories and industries, declared Union Minister for Labour and Employment Mallikarjun Kharge, at the National Children Yatra on Climate Change, in Chennai on Sunday.

However, as per the Act the age limit of a child will continue to remain at 14, said the Minister.

On the query - if the age limit of a child would be increased to 18 from the present 14 in defining a child, the minister said “There won’t be any such increase in the age. As per the Act, only till the age of 14, they will be defined as a child. But we are working to introduce the clause in the Act to protect children up to the age of 18 from being employed in the hazardous factories and industries,” as reported by IBN Live.

He said “We are in the process of bringing out amendments in the Act to prohibit and ban completely employment of children below the age of 14 years.”

The Minister touched upon the issue of child labour, addressing over 500 children from various parts of India at the Yatra. He said, “A child’s natural place is at school and in the playground. But there are a few unfortunate ones who are out of school and employed as labour.”

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Reader's comments(11)
1: yes it is must. before this Our BPL limit is just 32 inr is it enough to maintain the average family. foolish congress government fix the norms like stupid manner. Today petrol is 72 inr and the low quality rice is 28 inr. more over the no secured income to most of family. for this if we eradicate this we should kill most of dishonored politicians. After this think the banning of child labour
Posted by:Dulasi - 29 May, 2012
2: Yes....it should..but...!
If we can provide them lodge and food, quality education , monthly stipend so that they can help their poor family and their family can fight with the adversity.
Posted by:Maksud - 29 May, 2012
3: Children have the right to work and to do business. However, what has to be banned is the despoiling words and usages that are generally used to workers and subordinates here. Children are made to work dirty work, so also are mature people also made to do. However, children also do good and non-dirty work. Banning the right to work is banning that also. It is an idiotic law made by equally idiotic people.
Posted by:Ved fromVictoria - 28 May, 2012
4: why we need education in a corrupt social/political climate
An intelligent business/teacher ot other person does not become crorepati by serving honestlu whole life while other political leaders earn huge money in few yrs
how they do it
Posted by:chandrakant - 28 May, 2012
5: Well,child labour is bad,but dieing of hunger is curse.Indian behave hipps ,not helping the cause.Children should be protected first,but is govt capable of doing it ?Let them work for honour and earn for future;but govt should arrange for there education in nights and sheter free of cost.Be realistic,rather rustic.
Posted by:drsyals - 28 May, 2012
The children, who are working belong to such group, who cannot afford education and even their basic needs are not met. While the govt's concern is appreciated, it should ensure providing for education and basic needs for each child in the country, then only they should ban child labour. We know of organisations, who in the name of banning child labour, earn money from people who have employed a child as domestic help, but do nothing to improve their circumstances. such organisation do not care for child beggers, they find means to make money. if the govt. sincerely wants to help children of this country, they should plan thoroughly to implement this, or else there will be people to make money out of it also.
Laxmi Replied to: drsyals - 28 May, 2012
7: Root cause analysis...Root cause analysis..Root cause analysis. Tackle the basic cause.. Tackle the basic cause.. Tackle the basic cause...
Posted by:Mohandas Warrier - 28 May, 2012
Basic error? Feudal and despoiling Indian Feudal languages
Ved fromVictoria Replied to: Mohandas Warrier - 28 May, 2012
9: If a child is working, he is working for his life..My people...I really pity..our own shortsightedness and lack of empathy..We can never, it seems, get it right..because..we really do not care and just wish to shed crocodile tears..
Posted by:Mohandas - 28 May, 2012
10: it should be banned!
Posted by:ram - 28 May, 2012
Banned? Trying banning your own right to work!
Ved fromVictoria Replied to: ram - 28 May, 2012