Sarcasm Owners Share The Secret Formula That Led To The Success Of Sarcasm

Sarcasm Owners Share The Secret Formula That Led To The Success Of Sarcasm

“They told me you can be anything you want.
And so I founded Sarcasm. The end.” - Meet Luthra, 2019

Indeed, few accolades can compare with such a convenient job of holding down the fort of a meme page. Make a mockery out of things and earn money: can anything be more fun and simpler than this? Of course, the path to stardom for DigiHood Media’s staple social media portal, Sarcasm, has not been an easy one. The four founders of the page - Gaurav Shukla, Meet Luthra, Rakesh Prasad, and Aditya Saini - recently took to an interview platform and shared the secret ingredient behind their overwhelming success.

When There is a Will, There is a Way

The fact that Sarcasm is a global - not only limited by the borders of India - the phenomenon is surprising when taking into consideration its humble beginnings. Meet Luthra, the originator of the page, recalls, “Before Sarcasm, our other ventures failed to become big even though we had tried a million ways, a million recipes of success.”

These humble words of such a successful man provide a lesson for every struggling entrepreneur. For one to get a taste of success, he must suffer agony first.

“We didn’t give up,” added Rakesh. The fact that our previous endeavours didn’t pan out to be that much successful only put a chip on our shoulders and made us want to prove it to ourselves that we have what it takes to succeed.”

Sticking to the Basics

Gaurav Shukla credited simplicity to be the one factor which turned the wind in their direction: “The one thing that we all agreed to is adherence to the fundamentals. That’s why, and I think it is ironic, that we decided to focus on simply our craft - that of garnering laughs via ridicule and jovial humor. It is ironic because our more refined and intellectual and cunning strategies failed but this simplistic and fundamental one succeeded.”

To say Sarcasm succeeded is the understatement of the year. Boasting over 39 million followers, it ranks at the top of Facebook meme pages in India. With collaborations with other big name brands like McDonald’s, Wildstone and Mi, Sarcasm’s future looks nothing but bright.

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