Sadcasm Aiming To Reach 25M By 2020: The Fastest Growing Facebook Page

Sadcasm Aiming To Reach 25M By 2020: The Fastest Growing Facebook Page

Based on market research it has been found that the internet is used by around 4.021 billion people worldwide out of which 3.196 billion are social media users. Well, that pretty much gives away the popularity of social media in today’s times.

Meet Luthra( Founder)

Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad believed in trying out something new with social media when they came up with the brilliant idea of opening their social media platform, Sadcasm.

It was not even 6 months that the page received immense popularity from the audience. Sadcasm is a Facebook page with over 15 million followers is not a joke. The rising popularity of the page caught the attention of many marketing and promotion firms.

Sadcasm has its own editorial team who creates interesting posts that are posted on the page. Sadcasm focuses on the latest trends on the internet. As stated by Meet Luthra, they want to reach as many people as they can and earn around 25M followers by the year 2020. The page already has followers from 40 different countries.

About Sadcasm

Sadcasm is the result of the joint effort put in by Meet Luthra and Rakesh Prasad. The duo always wanted to experiment and do something new on social media when they came up with Sadcasm. Today, the page has turned out to be the most popular and fast expanding Facebook page. The owners of the page wished to hit the 25M billion mark by 2020.

The huge fan following of the page clearly shows the success of the page and the effort put in by the two lads. The page has got interesting posts updated every day. The posts are mostly related to the latest trends on the internet. If you are looking or laughter, sarcasm and happiness, Sadcasm is the page that you need to follow. The page also has a motto that says, ‘sad but sarcastic’ puts a smile across the audiences face.

Sadcasm Aiming To Reach 25M By 2020: The Fastest Growing Facebook Page

It’s All About Sarcasm

The page is all about Sarcasm. Almost all the posts on the page are related to sarcasm. However, they also cover the latest trends that are going viral on the net. Every time you come across a post posted by Sadcasm, it is sure to put a smile across your face.

Rakesh Prasad ( Founder)

Most of the followers of the page are young groups of people who fall in the bracket of 18 to 25 years of age. The main selling point of the page is the fact that they post something that no other page does. The page is a unique one and hence, they have owned the hearts of millions of people across 40 countries in the world.

One good thing about the page is that they don’t post anything controversial. The posts are solely meant for fun and not for hurting anybody’s sentiments.

If you aren’t following Sadcasm yet, you should definitely hit the like button and join the giggle while reading their posts.

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