Professional Apparel Guide Updated For 2019

Professional Apparel Guide Updated For 2019

Professional apparel for men and women have slightly changed with time. Office wear has become more casual than previous periods. Dressing for a corporate situation is an important skill. You need to learn this technique to compete in industry. With the right dress or suit, shoes, accessories, and expression, you have won half battle in face-to-face meetings.Fortunately, you can get trendy professional apparel from online stores. For the best collection of professional shoes, why not browse Alegria Shoe Shop. Here is an update professional apparel guide for 2019.

Professional Business Styling Tips for Men

Before exploring the professional styles, it is essential to understand that you should not wear expensive apparel in the office. See the essential dress codes for males.

You must have at least one suit in your wardrobe. Begin with a dark navy color without any pattern. Navy color is flexible to combine with different ties and shirts. If you can afford them,buy 2 to 3 more outfits for work in different colors. Preferably, choose a black or dark brown next. Either coordinate with many colors for formal occasions, and can be worn at funerals and weddings.

Choose business type shirts, such as collared shirts and buttoned-up shirts. The shirts could have some textures to give a unique touch to your outfit. Moreover, choose ties in different colors to change your entire look. Carefully select your shoes to wear with business attire.Ordinary business shoes are known as Oxfords or Balmoral in the USA. To enhance your look, you will need a handkerchief, a watch, a pair of cufflinks and a leather belt.

Professional Business Styling Tips for WomenFor business events and meetings, women should choose a tailored dress. Try to invest in a few high-quality outfits instead of purchasing lots of poor quality apparel. Pay attention to patterns and colors. Conservative fabrics and colors are a must in business attire. Wear navy or dark gray pants and suits. Women can wear black color for professional events. Cocktail dresses are inappropriate for business meetings. Avoid extreme patterns and colors. Fabrics with loud sheen and wide stripes can be distracting for your business meetings. You are making a business statement instead of touting your personal style. Subtle patterns and plaids look good in professional meetings.


Pants work well, but always choose tailored pants with a crease. Twill, corduroy, and khaki are excellent choices for casual business meetings. Stay away from heavy cotton and denim materials. It is better to avoid synthetic fabrics, such as polyester and rayon blends. These may wrinkle quickly. Always choose pressed, wrinkle-free and clean pants. The hem should not drape to the ground, but only cover your ankle. Stay away from very tight dresses, pants, and skirts.

Undergarments must support your figure instead of peeping through your clothes. It is always fashionable to wear closed-toed pumps of solid colors, that complement your professional outfits. Avoid wearing chunky heels, stilettos, and flat soled-shoes. A medium heel is more appropriate for a business setting.

The right attitude and proper attire is dressing for success.

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