Private sector advertising - newer look

advertisingAdvertising has been a constant force in economy although a Health Secretary of Government of India health ministry once said we should not advertise.  It is 60000 crore industry reveal the success of education as we have good quality products in markets more supermarkets as young ones buy good chocolate ice creams as if these were made in America.  Consumer revolution has been a success has brought many goods as education has advanced young ones who scored high marks take big jobs and settle well.  Internet advertising is a big business as new concepts as visual merchandising has come about and advertising is highly productive and dynamic.  Today we have many countries switching to the democratic model is because of the attraction of American or American like consumer products and personal enjoyment.  Mere talk of anything is easier but personal satisfaction of goods and services are more in need today in a world fought on ideologies people and the like.  Consumer good satisfaction is what god or swami or others have given to man and it is a sure thing to enjoy for everyone.  Advertising is a force to reckon with, a liberating force of today's modern rigor of family monotony as it promises there is something like a good or product one is to go with at the end of hard days labor.  PM Modi is right In empowering women, consumers, digitization and in the diversification of public or private systems of common services to people.  Today is a day of consumerism rights and responsibilities as one is to pay for and get enjoy it in his lifetime.  Advertising ideology s more relevant in modern day combining education religion product satisfaction and lifestyle.  Ponds India chairman once complained that tax is imposed on advertising as its company in the USA has advertising turnover that of entire India.  Advertising promises to revolutionize our thinking as it makes palpable of our desires in enjoying a good meal or food.  Today private as well as government companies cannot do without advertising as it is a sure way to tell in terms relevant to all.  Modern day has many hassles but advertising is proud to have people like Sam Balsara and Piyush Pandey and many others in making advertising relevant to families children and adults

The private sector has been doing good service providing good products and jobs and advertising needs to highlight this.  The advertising media in India is huge as there are 80,000 publications 200 stations of AIR and about 100 Doordarshan stations 150 private FMs 500 TV channels cable and no cable exist and all carry advertising.

Advertising is a need today and private channels carry more advertising and private contribution to society need to be encouraged.  Private advertising is attractive and offers many customer benefits to people and it involves informing enjoyment of goods and services effectively.  Advertising informs customers of the availability of goods and services and new uses of products and services are also told to people effectively

In an age of cashless economy, many people can buy products using a credit card or discount cards and advertising makes this possible.  Advertising is a force to reckon with in society as society needs advertising, advertising also needs society as both way interaction is possible.

Advertising helps marketing efforts and it is a part of the total promotional effort as in the US or other countries advertising is a force to reckon with and is like public relations except in Britain advertising is different from public relations.  In a competitive market economy as even countries as Russia embrace market economy model, advertising is very essential as a Bank of India advertisement or commercial takes a small boy on long journey in a boat to its bank as he deposits money in a hundi shows that no one to be trusted when it comes to money except self as in democracies and advertisement is a force to work with to communicate difficult or different concepts.  The government led by PM Modi may be using advertising to take its policies or plans as Congress used advertisements to tell what it did to poor or downtrodden during elections.   Private sector advertising also provide employment opportunities to people in many thousands and people go satisfied at the end

Advertising is important and it is a force in modern society and private sector advertising is even more relevant as governments also advertise heavily now a days.  PM Modi’s Swach Bharat has spent money heavily using actor Vidya Balan and others as advertising is a force to reckon with in economies of all kind.  Communication is advanced in today’s society as in the US as also communication techniques as advertising is an important ingredient in today’s market economy.  Nobody can enjoy 100% happiness as countries or nations as India or USA is operating under this principle.  Private sector advertising will be a powerful force in today’s market economy or society.

The private sector is attractive in the sense that it gives better quality products private buildings cars are more attractive look it as this trend is continuing and compared to eastern bloc nations western bloc look more attractive and in this context, private sector advertising is to continue.  These advertisements tell good quality of products and services to promote them to make a profit in the long run. 

Private sector advertising is targeted against private product manufacturers although employment guarantee is not there for employees of private companies working conditions are not good and the like when compared to public or government sector.  This situation is also prevailing in government sector where people are not educated as they get poor pay and need to work very hard


Consumerism has grown because of private sector and women empowerment is also there in some private sector as well.  Consumerism means availability of consumer products  in large quantities and these products satisfy people to great measure as people consume them in  a better way.  There is a consumer revolution has come about as many super markets have come about providing room to store and sell many consumer products as ice creams colas biscuits cakes etc.  All these make private sector more attractive to people private advertisements in newspapers and magazines specify consumer products and services so that people can buy these

Consumer Behavior

We would have to know how consumers behave effectively and we have to know the psychology of consumers to gauge their preferences.  In a competitive economy or society, we have consumers need to behave effectively and we have to know consumer preferences likes dislikes etc and private sector advertising is oriented toward this end effectively.  We have to know consumers culture, subculture and other things so that we can target advertising effectively aimed at them.

Advertising in electronic media

Advertising has gone into electronic media as we spend 60000 crores on general advertising and electronic media advertising is one of the largest forms of advertising in the country.  Advertising on TV has become a major form of advertising as colas, jewelry cosmetics, milk food drinks consumer durables and others get advertised frequently on TV and we can see a large amount of cars also get advertised.  In this context there are more than 500 TV channels in the country, 150 FM stations and Doordarshan has more than 200 stations or transmitters and the like.  All India Radio is also a big network and has FM services also as well as TV and Radio have become very advanced in the country since independence. Advertising in electronic media continues to dominate people and organizations effectively as electronic media are largest in India as well as in other countries also.

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