Physically Strong Women Who Broke All the Stereotypes in Their Field

BENGALURU: Just because men can pick up heavier things and run at shorter distances faster than women, it doesn't imply that they are stronger. It just means men are better at those aspects of physical strength.

Physically, men and women do fall into distinct categories like height and waist-to-hip ratio, but psychologically, not so much. Even decades after, many women do planting, harvesting and cooking or hauling wood and water over long distances. They did all of that whilst in pregnancy, or recovering from childbirth, or shouldering duties as of nursing and caring for children.

Here we have listed some unique accomplishments from women around the world. Check out and think how strong YOU are to the bone:

Woman, who is ‘Manly Muscular’

Serena Williams recently won her 6th Wimbledon Championship title. Even criticized for being too muscular and manly, she reinforces the argument that she is one of the greatest athletes in the world. What she has accomplished on the court is extraordinarily rare and she shows no indications of slowing down as she continues to break tennis records left and right.

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