While planning a trip to any place, the main concern is the best place to stay. Goa offers a lot of options to for accommodation both reasonable and luxury. Goa hotels are notoriously famous for their beauty and luxurious stay. Many of them are situated on beaches and are a splendid place to stay at. Other than hotels, there are a plenty of other accommodation options. For instance, if you are on a budget then you should look for the hostels. These hostels offer bed and breakfast; some of them have restaurants while others are located in such an area that you will find several food joints around. For those who are travelling in a group, it will be super convenient if you rent an apartment in Goa and cut down on the exorbitant spends that come with hotel stays.

Here is a list of places that you must see when you visit Goa. These are not the conventional tourist hotspots but places that are rare and often missed out by the tourists

1.Fort Tiracol

The fort dates back to the 17th century when the Portuguese had just settled down in Goa and is located near the Keri beach overlooking the Indian Ocean. The fort has a very unique architectural plan, that is, the fort has 7 rooms and each room is named after the days of the week. If you visit on Tuesday, the room named Tuesday will have the most stunning view of the scenery. There is also a small, chic restaurant here where you can get some delicious snacks and cocktails.

2.Chorla Ghats

If you thought that Goa was all about beaches, seafood and water sports, you were highly mistaken. On the Karnataka-Maharashtra border, Goa is home to the thick, green Ghats. The Chorla Ghats are just like all other hill stations with beautiful hillocks and valleys. The best time visit this place is during the weekdays, this is the time you will find lesser number of people here.

3.Spice Plantations

For all the seafood lovers, people who appreciate the Goan delicacies, a trip to the spice plantations is a must. The plantations are all organic and this is the place where you can see all the spices in their plant forms. The plantation also has a distillation plant where you can get cashew juice, it is a local favourite. The people in Goa cherish Cashew wine, known as Fenni. Every time that I visit Goa, I make sure I pick up a few bottles from the market near the spice plantation.

4.BhagwanMahavir Wildlife Sanctuary

Apart from the churches and beaches, Goa also has a very well-maintained wildlife sanctuary. This place has Sloth Bears, Gaurs and Leopards in a good number. One downside of this place is that it offers no safaris, so you have to walk a lot. However, the walking around in the wild adds to the adventure.

5.Harvalem falls

If the Dudhsagar falls are too crowded for you, I would suggest you go to the Harvalem Falls for a good picnic. This place is less crowded and very serene. These falls are not very hidden, so they are easily accessible. The waterfall is near the Arvalem caves, which were the residing place for the Pandavas during their exile.

6.Betul Beach

One thing I find really fascinating about the coastal areas are the shorelines and the lighthouses. This beach is about 18kms from Margao and is a typical coatsla village where fishing is the main occupation. When you visit this beach, you feel like it is a scene from the movies – wild, tall grass with a view of the ocean and a red and white lighthouse!

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