Outfitting Your Business with the Best Tech

Outfitting Your Business with the Best Tech

It pays to have great technology in the workplace, regardless of what kind of business you run. A good tech arsenal can make your business more productive, more efficient, and more profitable. But there are so many great gadgets and services on the market. How do you know which ones are gimmicks, and which ones are truly a necessity?

Here’s your go-to guide on how to outfit your business with the best tech.


If your business is largely a creative workspace, or if your office makes heavy use of computers, consider providing your employees with dual monitors. A dual-monitor setup is just that: two monitors sharing a computer interface instead of one.

Dual monitors may be a slight investment (after all, you’ll have to pay for an extra monitor for each of your employees) but they can drastically improve the productivity of your staff. When employees have dual monitors, they can spread out their computer interface across both screens so that they won’t be cluttered onto one. It’s helpful when you have to work off of outlines or frequently reference material in other windows.

You don’t have to get expensive monitors (so long as your employees aren’t doing creative work). Any monitor will do, so long as it can plug in to the computers you have at the office.

Stick to Fewer Computer Models

You should try not to buy a huge variety of computers for your business. If possible, stick to one particular brand or series of computer models. Again, this is to improve the productivity of your workplace. Your employees are bound to get used to using one particular kind of computer. If something happens that requires them to use a different computer, they might work more slowly because they’re not used to the new computer’s keyboard or operating system. It’s best to have work computers that are very similar to one another if you’re going to reap the workflow benefits of standardization.

Get a Computer with a Strong Processor

When you’re buying computers for your business, find a computer with the best CPU at the best price. The CPU is the most important computer spec. It’s tasked with running all of your computer programs. If your business needs computers that process large amounts of data (creative applications or applications that run complicated calculations or simulations), you need a computer with a strong CPU. A low-end CPU won’t be able process large data streams very quickly, and your employees will waste time waiting around for the computer to finish processing.

What makes a good processor? The best processors have multiple cores (cores are what process the data, so the more the better) and multiple threads (you want each core to be able to handle two incoming data streams). There are some processors that are capable of speed boosts under certain conditions. Try and find a computer with a processor that has the features.

Digital Workspaces

Nowadays, it seems as if digital workspaces are a must-have for any business. A digital workspace is just an online workspace where your employees can share files via the cloud. Online file sharing makes collaboration easier than ever.

The two most popular digital workspaces are Dropbox and the Google Drive. Google Drive is arguably more versatile because it enables you to share projects done on Google’s office suite, like Slides, Sheets, and Docs. Google Drive is free, although you’ll have to pay to increase your available storage space.

You can also set up online chats, rather than email, to improve communication with your employees.

Standing Desks

Standing desks are becoming popular worldwide. Standing desks can be easily raised so the employee can use it while he or she is standing. Whenever your employees get tired of sitting, they can use a standing desk to continue their work while they’re standing.

Employees who spend most of their day at a desk love being able to stretch their legs after long hours of sitting. These desks will make your employees happier and more productive.

POS Systems

If you run a business that conducts cash and credit card transactions with customers, consider getting your business set up on a point of sale (POS) system. Modern POS systems use equipment like tablets to process payments. These systems are built to make transactions easier, and they automatically keep organized records to assist you in bookkeeping.

Outfitting Your Business with the Best Tech

Remember: when you’re outfitting your business with new technology, stick to equipment that improves your staff productivity and makes customer interactions easier.

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