Online identity protection in 2019

Online identity protection in 2019

It is evident that in the past years we have greatly relied on online services in almost all aspects of our lives. From basic communication, ordering food, filing taxes, shopping to even making all our payments. Since we are constantly giving out information on these platforms, it means that we are also leaving behind a trail of it that could be easily exposed to cybercriminals.

As such, identity theft has equally been on the rise over the years affecting so many Americans and everyone across the world. Identity crime is a term used to basically refer to the act of obtaining people’s personal information to impersonate them in order to make transactions or purchases.

Main online threats nowadays

A while back most thieves would use simple techniques like stealing wallets. However, now they have advanced and are using Online ID theft by placing malicious software on your device.

These thieves have become creative that some even go through bins to check for bank and credit card statements.

Other threats that have come up include:

  • LIFX mini smart bulbs are sometimes could give your home Wi-Fi Password to third parties. It is therefore prudent to always update your LIFX mini bulbs firmware.
  • There is a new ransomware campaign that basically uses embedded macros in your emailed word documents. This ultimately infects your windows computer. If you want to prevent this from happening always make sure that macros in your word version are disabled and also use great antivirus software.

How to protect our online identity

Personal information can be compromised at any time due to a data breach or any vulnerability in the system or the device you are using. It is therefore advised that you invest in good identity protection services.

For starters, there are some simple protection habits you can develop like:

  • Occasionally checking both your credit card and bank statements.
  • Do not click on any links that take you to some random unknown websites.
  • Requesting credit agencies to indicate a fraud alert on your records.
  • Freeze your credit accounts if you feel compromised.
  • Ensuring you get credit reports from credit reporting agencies.
  • You can use a VPN that will encrypt your data and prevent third parties from accessing it. AirVPN is a great and affordable VPN, you can find more details on this AirVPN review

Although these habits can help you a great deal, it is obvious that they can be both time-consuming and also not very reliable. Getting identity protection services that you pay for is the most ideal and effective way of protecting yourself.

The best identity theft protection services

Since ID protection is a top priority, it is important that you take your time before choosing an identity the theft protection services you will use. You must keenly look at the features they offer and even the prices. Some of the essential features that the service must have included;

1. Financial monitoring

When it comes to identity theft, finance is where most of the cybercriminals target hence you must be very cautious. You want to get a service that will monitor all your bank accounts and alert you in case there is any suspicious activity going on.

2. Real-time fraud monitoring

You want a service that will update you the moment any of your information is used from an unusual location or from a new device.

3. ID theft rehabilitation

Although most companies will proactively help you prevent future occurrences of this type of theft, a comprehensive one will help you and provide solutions for your previous cases.

4. ID Theft insurance

Since identity theft can happen to you and you may end up losing so many important things, it is good to go with a protection service that offers you insurance in case of any identity theft.Some of the best identity theft protection services are;

  • LifeLock: This is an incredible service that gives the users in-depth monitoring of loans and credit application, change of address and basically any data that is exposed to over 10,000 websites to check for any signs of other users using your details. It also updates you immediately in the event that a potential issue has come up by giving you real-time alerts. If there is any application made, the app notifies you to ask whether you are the one who has made the application and if you are not they immediately start to investigate.
  • Identity Force: If you are looking for a great service that will also give you value for your money then identity force is a very ideal choice. It is great like LifeLock but is more affordable. Identity Force offers credit monitoring and also personal information monitoring with both mobile and email alerts if there are any suspicious activities.

It also offers services like;

  • Identity theft insurance
  • Bank and credit card activity alerts
  • Medical ID fraud protection
  • Court recording monitoring
  • Social security tracker
  • PC protection
  • Sex offender monitoring

Not only is this plan very cost effective, but it is also a great one if you are looking to prevent identity theft

ID Watchdog

This is a very authentic company that helps the users to recover from online theft that has already occurred. It does this even if you were not a member when the theft occurs. Just like the other providers, it also offers notifications and alerts and monitors important information like credit score and bank account activities.

Although it is very pricey compared to other service providers, the membership starts at $20 per month.


Hackers are very vigilant when it comes to looking for data online. It explains why there have been many cases of online identity theft. This can cost you a dime if you do not take preventive measures. Doing simple things like not sharing your details to getting a great identity theft protection service will go a long way in helping you achieve that.

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