On Holiday this Autumn? Go by Car!

On Holiday this Autumn? Go by Car!

Going on holiday is a little bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For instance, it’s advised not to go to the so-called ‘code red and orange’ countries and some holiday destinations are even completely closed for tourists. Going on holiday somewhere close to home seems to be the only option... Are you travelling to a destination nearby? We advise you to go by car! In this article we tell you why.


Due to the coronavirus, we don’t have much security when it comes to holiday destinations. The situation can change from one day to the next. On Monday there’s no need for concern, and on Tuesday there is a so-called code orange… Therefore, being flexible is the absolute key. Going on holiday by car gives you this flexibility. You can change destinations really quickly! No need for changing flights, you just jump in the car and move on.

No concerns about getting home in time!

Flying these days is somewhat uncertain. Many flights are cancelled due to changing conditions or because flight companies aren’t able to sell enough tickets to be profitable. If the safety conditions change during your trip, you may run the risk of not being able to fly back home. Staying a little longer at your holiday destination can be fun, but the financing costs can be very high.

No worries about a crowded airport or train station

Airports and train stations can be very crowded, especially during the high season. In these areas particularly, you have a higher risk of becoming infected. If you go by car, there’s no need to worry about a crowded airport or train station. The car is your safe haven!


Going by car is often way cheaper than going by plane. Airplane tickets can be very expensive and it only brings you to your destination and back home. But at the destination itselfs, you don’t have any transportation… Going by car is often cheaper and you have transportation at your holiday destination. Handy if you want to see more than only the inside of your hotel. Exploring is fun!

Rent a car

You don’t have a car? No worries! Nowadays there are many rental companies that allow you to rent a car to go on holiday with; from renting a cool convertible to renting a 9 seater bus (Dutch: 9 persoonsbus huren); there are many possibilities for renting a car these days. You can find car rental companies in almost every city, from Amsterdam to Almere (Dutch: auto huren Almere). Where do you like to go by car?