Narendra Modi Govt Presents Opportunity to Reset Indo-U.S. Ties: IACC

Narendra Modi Govt Presents Opportunity to Reset Indo-U.S. Ties: IACC

Friday, 30 May 2014, 11:47 Hrs
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NEW DELHI: The new government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi presents an opportunity to reset Indo-U.S. trade relations and work towards finding a solution to the contentious intellectual property rights issue, a top official of Indo-American Chamber of Commerce said.

"U.S. government wants to have excellent relations with India. I expect the trade relationship with India to improve significantly. Unlike his predecessor (Manmohan Singh), Modi is not perceived as a pushover, US government will respect that," IACC executive vice president Asoke K Laha told PTI.

"I believe that pharma lobbies in the U.S. work on self- interest so they are going to put pressure on the American government. However, because Modi government is a very strong government with huge mandate, if the U.S. wants to improve relationship with India, they will push back all the pharma lobbyists," Laha said.

The U.S. earlier kept India out of Priority Foreign Country list, a worst classification, and said it will hold discussions with the new government in New Delhi on enforcement and protection of intellectual property rights.

The U.S. trade lobbies, particularly from the pharma sector, have been pressurising its government to place India under the 'Priority Foreign Country' list for IPR.

Source: PTI
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