NOT Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is a BIG MISTAKE! Here's Why

NOT Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer is a BIG MISTAKE!  Here’s Why

Insurance companies try to settle for as less as they can get away with. It’s their business and they do this every day. You may not get your fair share if you go against them alone. Many have tried but most of them regretted their decision. Here I have shared six reasons why not hiring a personal injury lawyer to represent you is a big mistake.

You May Not Be Rational

If you recently had an accident, do you think you would in the best of your mind to negotiate? One wrong action or word can sabotage your entire case. A lawyer would be objective and make sure you don’t get under any pressure.

Do You Have Enough Time?

It’s not just meeting. You have to collect many documents like medical records and review police. This process has been made as difficult for you as possible so you would just give up. You have to be constantly in contact with the agents of insurance companies. Let a lawyer save you this time and troubles.

There is Nothing to Lose

Some people shy away from attorneys because they are expensive. But that’s not the case with personal injury lawyers. Most personal injury lawyers ask you to pay only if you win the case. You have nothing to lose and you get professional help. You are likely to get more claim with your own lawyer by your side.So basically, you get a lot more than you expect and then pay some of it to your lawyer. It’s a clear win for you.

Professionals Know Better

You may be smart, but you are not a lawyer. They know when your case is strong and how up you can go. They also understand when it’s time to back down. If the issue goes to a trial, your lawyer is all ready for that too, but you are not. A personal injury lawyer can tell when the opposition is trying to trick you that you may not be able to judge.

You Can’t Tackle the an Attorney

Insurance companies have experienced attorneys with them. They fight cases like you on a daily basis. A person with a non-legal background can’t compete against those attorneys in court. Don’t let your arrogance get the best of you. They use different tricks to provoke you into making a mistake. Things will be easier for you if you get a good personal injury lawyer on your side. He will do the talking for you and also stop you when necessary.

Lawyers Get You a Better Settlement

It’s a known fact that people who have a lawyer by their side get more money from insurance companies. The reason is apparent – professionals know their field. They make sure you get at least enough claim that you won’t have a problem paying them. Moreover, they have many links with investigators who will help build your case if there is a question on your liability and assets.

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