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Most Dangerous Terrorist Groups in the World

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 24 August 2012, 13:15 Hrs   |    16 Comments
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Bangalore: There are various terrorist groups around the world, and they are the cause of fear and threat among the people. Terrorist attacks leave a long lasting psychological impact on people, which is certainly not a pleasant one. Terror attacks like 9/11 will be remembered as a major turning point. The most dangerous terrorist groups as listed by exploredia.com are:


Al-Qaeda is a militant Islamist organization which was founded by Osama bin Laden between August 1988 and late 1989. Its origins have been traced to the Soviet War in Afghanistan. It functions as a network comprising both a multinational, stateless army and a radical Sunni Muslim movement calling for global Jihad and a strict interpretation of sharia law. It has been designated as a terrorist organization by the UN Security Council, NATO, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. They have attacked civilian and military targets in various countries. It carried out the September 11 attacks, 1998 U.S. embassy bombings and the Bali bombings in 2002.

The typical techniques used by Al-Qaeda include suicide attacks and simultaneous bombings of different targets. As Salafist jihadists, they think that the killing of civilians is religiously sanctioned, and they disregard any aspect of religious scripture which might be interpreted as forbidding the murder of civilians.

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Reader's comments(16)
1: What a bull shit where are the south american drug cartels???They are supposed to be heavily funded,armed and have a very long history of terror in various places(including USA)
Posted by:achintya - 28 Oct, 2012
2: The Dangerous Terrorist Group in the World is US and NATO Military and their allies all over the world
Posted by:Anis Ali Mukadam - 11 Sep, 2012
3: MUSLIMS ARE NOT HAPPY They´re not happy in Gaza . They're not happy in Egypt . They're not happy in Libya . They're not happy in Morocco . They're not happy in Iran . They're not happy in Iraq . They're not happy in Yemen . They're not happy in Afghanistan . They're not happy in Bangladesh, They’re not happy in India, They're not happy in Pakistan . They're not happy in Syria . They're not happy in Lebanon . They're not happy in Nigeria. They're not happy in Kenya So, where are they happy? They're happy in Australia . They're happy in England . They're happy in France . They're happy in Italy . They're happy in Germany . They're happy in Sweden . They're happy in the USA . They're happy in Norway . They're happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And whom do they blame? Not Islam... Not their leadership... Not themselves... THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN! And they want to change the countries they're happy in, to be like the countries they came from, where they were unhappy. Try to find logic in that !
If you search in google about Myanmer killings then you can see thousands of pictures depiciting how cruelly the buddhists had been mutliated, tortured and killed by the so called innocent muslim migrants from bangaladesh. Now they ciruclating smses carrying killed muslims. cruel joke. They are the skilled butchers we all know from Mughal times. Please read in wikipedia how sikh gurus and their followers had been tortured, mutilated before killing. Please read today. You will be knowing how cruel these fellows. Now Myanmer shoud circulate the Mumbai riot pictures so that the buddhists will get awakened there. Really I hate violence. But Now i know anytime this violence will come to my house entrance if not a harsh punitive action is taken. We can blame congress only for not announcing India is a Hindu state in 1947. Now you see muslims got 2 separate countires as well as India.

watta funny illitrate evil cult is dis islam! tats y everywhere this islam is being SLAMMED by all!!
Unwanted foolish debate.Making a mountain out of a mole hill. Is it going to solve any of our daily problems. if we side any one ?There are differences in all religions In Christians (Catholics & protestants) Hindu(Brahmins and dalits) Muslims (Shias & Sunnis) Sikhs(Akalis & Dera sacha group) Does times group doesn't have any other better news to publish ?
check out inthenameofallah "dot" org
Wait for another 50 years. Dependence on petroleum for energy will not be required ,due to technological enhancement and other means of resources. These Arabies will became once again beggar, looters,rapers of their own cult etc, as they were earlier in 18th-19th century.
How many people do you think have died in Afghanistan because of Pakistan's interference (playing taliban)? More then 1/3rd of Afghanis have died. To stop Pakistan's interference Russians intervened. People are dying every day. A suicide bomber killed 38 Muslims on EID in Afghanistan, while Pakistani Sunnis killed 26 Shias. I said "when Muslims were in power". Go study history how countries like Iran, Egypt converted to Islam.
Posted by:Sharon Gandhi - 28 Aug, 2012
4: Its a fact , most of the unrest can be traced to the Muslim World only. Its because of Intolerance & in-Sensibility. given the magnitude of Terrorism which is funded only by sentiments & not Ideology. Hence no one supports this islamic cause - which is un meaningful revenge & Blood shed only.
India being a soft state who preaches Non violence right from the Raja maharajas era have been a great example to the world for TOLERANCE & MATURITY. Recently, The Naxals,SIMI,IM,BODO,KUKi, NAGA etc are few anti social who have surfaced after being funded by the ISI of pakistan, (A country run 'for' the terrorists, 'by' the terrorists & 'of' the terrorists, & strongly funded by rich Arab Sheikhs who are unaware of INDIAs ground realitys . The Pakis have used Petro Dollars of these gulf nations & have funded all antisocial groups across the world - for them all non muslim states are Khafirs , only allah is great - (allah is always great if you follow religion thru non violence) This un recognisable attitude has made pakistan fight for its own existance, there by leading to all proliferations. One wonders which group would get hold of the NUKES & fire at ISREAL first.. These guys (in the Army can) they have been digging trenches all across india, & we must watch out for such Rogue eliments who get inspired by out SHIT Bollywood movies only....
Posted by:Nair - 26 Aug, 2012
5: If HAMAZ and Hizbullah are terrorist groups..Then What about GANDHI and netaji's INA?
Posted by:NOUFAL - 25 Aug, 2012
now u also dnt write anything..FYI you are comparing apple with oranges now. wrong comparison dude:)BTW why are you supporting them what s nobel cause ?
zenJack Replied to: NOUFAL - 26 Aug, 2012
7: Al Queada was established by CIA to throw out russians from Afghanistan.Supported by CIA till Russians were evicted.Taliban was also supported by CIA and also Pakistan Army and they ruled Afghanistan with help from Saudi arabia and UAE.The most dangerous terrorist organisation as far as India is concerned is Lashkar E toiba(LET)which is not mentioned here. the Naxalites have killed more Policemen and civilians in Independent India than any other organisation in India .Hezbollah and Hamas are ruling Lebanon and Gaza as also the Muslim brotherhood which is ruling Egypt.They are against only one country which is Israel.
Posted by:captainjohann - 25 Aug, 2012
8: RSS the biggest Terrorists... bigger than Al qaida
Posted by:Simpson - 25 Aug, 2012
I am totally agree with you
RSS is the biggest terrorists
Arun Replied to: Simpson - 26 Jan, 2014
now u dnt write anything..FYI you are comparing apple with oranges now. wrong comparison dude:)
zenJack Replied to: Simpson - 26 Aug, 2012
11: They missed out USA and Israel!

Just a few logical questions:

1. Only Muslims are terrorists? If yes, then why?
2. Who has killed more innocent people (being of a lower life form than those doing the killing and decimating the countries?
3. Who has usurped peoples homes, driven out men, women and children from their homes based on some some imaginary scripture of being the chosen ones.
4. Who has systematically destroyed countries, civilizations, which are centuries old, undermined democracies, live in the centuries old notions of 'crusades', kill with impunity, are above all human and international laws which are there to foster human rights and dignity?

Oh, how the champions of all that is good and pious, would turn in and introspect and see that they themselves have sown the seeds of the evil that now haunts them and all innocent people including Muslims, Christians, Hindus...

How sad.
Posted by:salman - 25 Aug, 2012
Sorry but who said Muslims are terrorists?? Unfortunately terrorists are from Muslims religion and modifying holy Quran according to their mindset.
No where its written to do so much violence.
And cause of these said org. are not good.
zenJack Replied to: salman - 26 Aug, 2012
Writer of this article may a jews or jews supporter, because that article is based on biase and he is trying to blame the freedom fighter so that he can justify the jews pogrom of Muslim, cristian regim attack on Muslim like America, french, Israel and every were In present time Mianmar, Asam, Gujrat,is also an example.If Hamas is terrorist then why Nuxal of India and Nepal are not terrorist, the Indian freedom fighters not terrorist.
If a man can is unbiased he can see the fact. Why America is not terrorist who bombard the heroshima and Nagasaki without any reason. Why is not a terrorist Who Killed the Millions of palestinians, why Jermany is not terrorist who killed the Jews according to Kews fack story.
Please dont be Partial, think and Judge every thing unbiasly.
Sadique Akhtar Replied to: zenJack - 27 Aug, 2012
Very true and well said
werisehigh Replied to: salman - 25 Aug, 2012
Very well said.
Rehan Replied to: salman - 25 Aug, 2012
16: Really very informative..
Posted by:Vinod - 24 Aug, 2012