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Modi Means Business: Time Magazine

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, 19 March 2012, 12:26 Hrs   |    27 Comments
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Bangalore: Time Magazine, in its latest edition puts Modi in the erstwhile company of past Indian greats like Mahatma Gandhi, Vallabhbhai Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi – who also adorned its cover. ‘Modi Means Business: But Can He Lead India' says the cover of TIME Magazine's Asian edition.

TIME endorses this 10-year-long journey of progress - of the state becoming "India's most industrialized and business-friendly territory". It further identifies the drivers of this success as "good planning – exactly what so much of India lacks", and a leader with the "ability to get things done." 

Appreciating how Gujarat has "largely escaped the land conflicts and petty corruption that often paralyze growth elsewhere in the nation", the article talks of how "Modi has set about revamping the State's economy" leveraging on Gujarat's natural advantages. Amongst the State's many strengths that the article mentions, is Gujarat's being the only state in India where both big businesses and small farmers can expect 24 hours uninterrupted power supply - with "the premium rates paid by big business used to subsidize rural electrification." Further examples include the establishment of a "streamlined bureaucracy", as well as the State's emergence as an Auto-hub over the last 10 years – with Gujarat's auto industry growing "from one modest plant to an expected capacity of 700,000 cars in 2014".

An American weekly news magazine published since 1923, TIME is the world's largest circulation news weekly with a readership of 25 million, of which 20 million are in the U.S.

Praising Narendra Modi the person as well, TIME highlights how unlike many other politicians, "Modi doesn't put his faith on display", having no religious icons in his office – which instead has only statues of his hero, Swami Vivekananda. It further points out how "in a country where nepotism and dynastic politics are the norm, Modi's family is invisible." 

TIME acknowledges the public perception of Modi being seen as a "firm, no-nonsense leader who will set the nation on a course of development that might finally put it on par with China".

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Reader's comments(27)
1: he deserves to pm of this great india
Posted by:tyagi ji - 17 May, 2012
2: if all Indian politicians could copy and paste, India would be a better country
Posted by:jai - 07 May, 2012
3: Nice honest leader.has taken his state forward. Let him cast the first stone who has not done anything wrong. He may be guilty of duty of omission but not of commission. Gujarat has him India needs the like of him and may he lead India forward without making him an icon raji
Posted by:RajinderSingh - 08 Apr, 2012
4: This man is really the icon of youth in india.MR. narendra modi, works for people. Many of us who worked with him, will defiantly say that,'he must be the next prime minister of india.' If you focus on the last 10 year's growth of the state, you will get the answer of his hard work and team planning. The basic level of gujarat is farming and he focused on that sector which most of politicians ignores.He encouraged students to join the companies of state rather than foreign. He encouraged business, by giving them suitable deals. He has the ability to take INDIA at the top in next 10 years.
Posted by:Ravi Jivani - 30 Mar, 2012
5: Gugarat's development is sorely due to the age old, Industrious ness and hard working Business Communities from Gugarat. Modi the sly Fascist rat has only tapped into this and is taking the name for himself. Plus he has the majority in Legislature that is required to get things done, by using 'communal differences and using the hindu majority to promote Hindutva stratergy. He thus subverted the election and political process by using exact Hitler's metods and organisational structuresto get the majotity in the Legislature. This is now satndard methodology of the saffron Fascist Guys in India. Yuck! Yuck!
Nascy Caldeira
Posted by:Nascy Caldeira - 27 Mar, 2012
thiz guy dnt want c india as devaloped country .but he likes to think of his personal benefits like most of Indian's think .
the people lik diz guy's wont change .
ravi Replied to: Nascy Caldeira - 22 Mar, 2013
indian Replied to: Nascy Caldeira - 02 Jun, 2012
first drag your ass in gujarat, live for few weeks and ask the local public about their views on development...then give the comments!
Sukool Replied to: Nascy Caldeira - 12 May, 2012
9: leading the state not only depends on the CM but also on the bureaucrats, other political leaders, common people etc. usually all the governments try to do something for the society atleast for the votebank purpose. but everyone may not understanding the benefits clearly or afraid of something which can happen future or may think that leader is benefiting more than the common man etc. These make the common man not to approve any of the govt projects. in this context gujaratis are known for business which makes Modi easier to understand and provide the necessary needs. For any developments leader should know what to to do. For this the people should know first what they need from the leader. Always it may not possible to find the necessities needed for the common man unless they express it. About the PM position it may not be a good idea sending Modi from state to center. He will definitely loose control over state which defeats the purpose. He should remain in the state and continue making progress. He can be very well as an adviser to center. Regarding implementing the system all Indians are not just Gujaratis to co-operate with the leader. potentially he can be a failure if he become PM. The best deal will be every state CM should learn ways to make progress to the state from Modi and voters should change their focus on to developments rather involving into deep politics. Current India not only need developments but also the relations which demand opportunistic politics in both foreign and domestic related issues.
Posted by:pnrk - 25 Mar, 2012
10: for pseudo-secularists he is a threat.but for common citizens he is a beacon of hope.
Posted by:V SRINIVAS - 24 Mar, 2012
11: some folks would ponder and think,that how come Modiji wasnt shrewed enough in that scottish company show the oil or sniffed it in rajasthan and bought only for a few million and then sold it after extracting oil for a massive mega billions of pounds of profit.i.e Cairns energey company.so if modi had done a joint venture and extracted the oil as a partnerhsip,then just imaigine how the money like many european governments like uk do,use for infrastructure developments and investments from the royalties.eg north sea oil royalties to uk government.hence,gujerta would be like switzerland.it is not to late.how about creating a new honk kong type of island in div and daman ,ex portugese colonies whihc are now in gujerat so it beocms a trading hub,finanaiclai centre like hong kong and get way to india or another dubai.also how about piping water from assam which gets masses of rainfall so reservoirs can be created and water piped to gujerat where it doesnt rain for years in some cases as i found out when visiting our ancestral home of my gran parents in jamnagar in gujerat and also creating Guv shalas.i.e mother cow shelters and feeding and rest and care centres.alos,how about buying out part of uk plc eg yorkshire or devon or leicester as a quid pro quo in trade,invetsment,education,tourism etc.indeed,whn i asked my english wife where she would like to go on holiday next year.i.e india or tanzania or kenya where i was born,she said that india as my father wanted her to visit gujerat and also go to sata par so as to fullfill my late fathers wish for her to see where my grandpa came from and where my grandma came from.i.e satapar and jam nagar whence the british colonila rullers took 27,000,mostly gujeratis to develop and open up the dark continenet of eats africa for commercial gain.
Posted by:Ravi - 24 Mar, 2012
12: Modi is a man with clear vision having the qualities of leader.Now its time he should lead the nation like India.People of India need to come out of vote politics and select the leader.
Posted by:Ravindra - 24 Mar, 2012
13: the real face of fearless and result delivering india is right in front of us.its high time we decide what is good for the nation and what is not
Posted by:djnitt - 21 Mar, 2012
14: Lots of CONGRATS 2 Mr. Modi...plz keep up the good work 2 b face of INDIA. Where r the SCAMGRESSIs (congressis!)? u better b blind bcoz u can't c white a white n black a black, u people only c green...U r colour blind 4 ur own profit. shame 2 u
Posted by:Ramu - 20 Mar, 2012
15: In these days of high corruption, scams and degenerating values of politicians, India is in a dire need of a strong and disciplined administrator like Mr Modi to lead the nation for better future. My 100 percent support for him to become the next Prime Minister of India. I wish him and pray for the country.
Posted by:Dr Bhushan - 20 Mar, 2012
16: Modi deserves a hearty congratulation. Ohter leaders should follow his path.
Posted by:Nalinaksha - 20 Mar, 2012
17: Great Sirji, you have made us proud to be part of Gujarat and think how to advantage Indian by your keen leadership. May be you are the one who make INDIA super power in future.

Indian please vote for this gentleman if you want to see INDIA on top of the world. Greta keep it up. Best Wishes India......
Posted by:Santosh Solanki - 20 Mar, 2012
18: Rightly and positively described by TIME to MODI. Most of the Indians like the administrative capabilities of Mr.Modi and admire his work culture. As a INDIAN I also like MODI to be prime-minister with complete majority in CENTER but for this Mr.MODI you have to put some good and open views to your parent party because to become a prime minister we definitively require the support of our muslim brothers and sister because only after that we could defeat the US and CHINA in many fields / areas. Shishu Paul Chandigarh
Posted by:shishu paul - 19 Mar, 2012
19: great sir
Posted by:shiva - 19 Mar, 2012
20: MR. Modi
I want same growth in Our Country India.
I wish you must be our next Prime Minister.
We don't required this cast/religious or loot based politician like congress, BSP.
Posted by:Sanjeev Sharma - 19 Mar, 2012
21: The Time has come to wipe off the dynastic politics and the families of phirangees. We need Sincere and true Indian leaders like Vajpayee, Abdul Kalam and Modi. They are indeed the great leaders this nation has and will ever have. Why is the whole India fascinated by the Gore Gandhi who have looted our wealth more than the Britishers. We need good leaders and Not Breaders
Posted by:Mamta Kabra - 19 Mar, 2012
i also agree your opinion.....but not only Nandhi,but you can also include Nehru in your list
das Replied to: Mamta Kabra - 27 Mar, 2012
23: Shame on US govt. which denied Visa to Modi.....US will need him more than Modi in time to come
Posted by:AKG - 19 Mar, 2012
24: Dear Mr. Modi, Not long ago, under the influence of your detractors at Delhi, the US govt decided to deny you a visa. Today, one of the most respected US magazines has praised you so much. Your sincerity of purpose, and your perseverence to provide good governance has indeed paid off. Makes me proud to call myself a fellow countryman of Mr. N Modi. You need no other merit certificate from any one to prove that you are so good in what you do. Keep it up. You and Mr. N Kumar (in Bihar)have also busted the myth that only "Harvard Economists" or other firangi educated, "chosen" members" of "hallowed" dynasties, are fit to govern...I say once again,I AM PROUD TO BE AN ORDINARY INDIAN LIKE MR. MODI / MR. NITISH. JAI HIND!
Posted by:P Chakravorty - 19 Mar, 2012
25: We must be proud of Mr. Narendra Modi. Let him be the next Prime Minister of India to make other States too like Gujarat, in industrialisation, power supply, elevation of poverty, good administration etc. Let India be the first in the world to challenge other countries in all fields. =vratha,india=
Posted by:vrathakrishnan - 19 Mar, 2012
26: Congratulations Narendra Modiji for occupying the cover4 page of TIME which in the past was occupied by Mahatma Gandhi,Jawaharlal Nehru,Subhash Chandra Bose,Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel ,Lal Bahadur Shashtri,Indira Gandhi etc.

Here are csome details about TIME:

TIME is an American weekly news magazine published in New York City. A European edition (Time Europe, formerly known as Time Atlantic) is published in London and also covers the Middle East, Africa and, since 2003, Latin America. An Asian edition (Time Asia) is based in Hong Kong. The South Pacific edition, covering Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, is based in Sydney. Time is the world's largest circulation weekly news magazine with a readership of 25 million, of which 20 million are in the US(Wikipedia).

Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Posted by:Anumakonda - 19 Mar, 2012
27: that's great news, which however, is well known to all rational indian on the face of the earth. it would be wise for any indian who loves his/her country to vote for the political party that this man represents, especially, if he is nominated as the candidate for premiership.

this message is for all indian congress party members as well. you may love your party, whichever it is, but, for the sake of india, vote for this man - narendra modi - if he's to be the next prime minister.
Posted by:gerry kenny - 19 Mar, 2012