Marketing and Advertising Hacks for Social Good Businesses

Marketing and Advertising Hacks for Social Good Businesses

More businesses are finding success in promoting socially responsible behavior and embracing philanthropic work. It has many advantages, including building strong ties to the community in which it exists. Businesses that have socially good ideas, create a sense of respect and cooperation, not only with their eco-friendly consumers but also with their employees. Millennials, especially, indicate that having social responsibility as part of their business’s mission provides them with an individual sense of purpose and pride. In fact, 87 percent of Americans will purchase products from a specific company because it has advocated for an issue they cared about, and millennials are more likely than other generations to research the social issues a company supports

Because philanthropic works of socially good companies are important, not only for the viability of the company itself but also for the future of humanity, it’s important to let consumers known about what the company is doing as part of an ethical vision for the future. Here are some marketing and advertising hacks that can help socially good businesses make their target demographic aware of what they are doing

Share success and meaningful experiences.

Get the word out. While your goal is to sell more product and service, you won’t appear overly self-promotional if you post interesting and appropriate content that helps generate enthusiasm for your cause and, by default, your company. A byproduct of such sharing means that consumers will get to know your brand and understand the vision and mission of your company whether it’s an effort to address water scarcity or a commitment to reducing your business’s carbon footprint.

Remember that consumers who come to read a post about your social success or to post on content you’ve included on your social media are more likely to purchase at some point. Increase the amount of online traffic your business’s social media site enjoys. Utilize your business Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts as perfect spaces to engage in conversations with your customers. Trusting and ongoing relationships with consumers can only be forged through regular contact and open lines of meaningful communication.

Be responsive to your followers.

Whether your company wants to buy real Instagram followers or a vast majority of your users are company employees and their friends and family, it’s important to read and respond to social media comments. Other customers who drop by to your business site are watching how you interact in comments, and they will take note when you exemplify a sold and ongoing conversation with your consumers. If the feedback is positive, you can offer a timely thank you. If the comment is a concern, attempt to resolve it quickly and efficiently with a healthy and conciliatory attitude. With a social good company, this is especially true, as you will be held to a higher standard in the minds of consumers who already see you as an exemplar for ethical and responsible behavior.

Using hashtags.

Hashtags can be a quick and easy way of spreading the word about the philanthropic work of your company. Explore options that include using more traditional hashtags like your company’s name in combination with a concept or idea, or choose one of the many CSR hashtags available that draw attention to the specific philanthropic work being done by your company. Whether that includes #letscurecancertogether or #noanimaltesting, hashtags help individuals understand the actual social goods being performed on behalf of the community. What is more, because hashtags sort information, it can provide individuals with more access to information about how to become involved or allow them to look at past experiences and successes your company has had. Hashtags can encourage all people, consumers and employees and followers alike, to become more fully involved in the socially responsible vision of your business. What better way to maintain loyal consumers than to link oneself to the company through shared goals and experiences?

Incentivize initiatives and then work toward permanent change.

What does it mean to incentivize initiatives? Quite simply, it is offering some type of reward or compensation for a dedicated task or initiative. The goal, of course, is to encourage consumers and employees to invest in the socially responsible work more fully so that when the incentive is removed, there remains a commitment to it. When organizations introduce socially responsible processes or systems that change the way people work, incentives can stimulate performance. But once the initiative is completed and the bonus received, the question of whether or not those behaviors and practices stick around arises. Remember that incentives don’t help people change, but it can be a catalyst for a more permanent change if, in the process, you are able to enact a paradigm shift.

Which of these hacks will your company prioritize and why? Feel free to share here.

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