MYSQL Backup by Ottomatik is worth your Consideration

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, 02 November 2018, 13:25 Hrs
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MYSQL Backup by Ottomatik is worth your Consideration

Data backup is essential for any business in today’s age era. Downtimes can occur when least expected. You do not want to suffer huge losses for failing to use the most efficient data backup solution for your data storage. The MySQL backup solution is one of the most reliable options to settle for in the market. It is a flexible plan that backs up your data based on your needs. Whether you need;

  • Data back up on-premise.

  • On cloud.

  • Hybrid.

MySql backup caters for your needs. Most importantly, it takes care of all your back up needs right from production to data recovery. The backup solution is designed and handled by the best technicians in the market. For this reason, they have the deepest knowledge of MySql and the exact storage solution that you need for the safety of your data.

MySQL backup by Ottomatik has been designed to ensure the safety of your information. It forms the foundation of your data storage. This is because it is a storage and recovery system that works best for small and high-end businesses. The backup, unlike other options, doesn’t require constant management or monitoring. Most importantly, it is a simple and efficient solution that creates the storage unit for your data and that of your clients.

As mentioned above, MySql can be used efficiently by small and large organizations, on cloud or on-premise. You only need to define your needs and determine what option works best for your organization.


Ottomatik offers a highly reliable MySql backup solution designed by experts. This is attributed to the technologies adopted including open source backup software solutions.

Similarly, a reliable monitoring and efficient software; is usually installed to ensure MySql backup runs as desired. In the event of a downtime, you do not need to worry about the safety of your data or even the recovery process. The storage solution is enhanced to ensure data recovery process takes place within the shortest time possible.

To ensure more safety of your information, MySql backup by Ottomatik are set or installed according to regulatory requirements. For this reason, you do not have to worry about installation, backup, and recovery of your data or that of your esteemed clients. MySql backup also stores data on highly secured servers. This means that the data can be accessed by authorized individuals only.

Efficient Recovery

When using MySql backup by Ottomatik, you are guaranteed of the most efficient data recovery process. This is attributed to the advancements incorporated in the data storage or backup software. It is also managed by experts who understand best what it means to get back on your feet when data safety is compromised. With the backup solution

  • You can easily recover all data including the last captured details or images

  • Full information to the specific moment when downtime occurred

  • Tables and applications can be recovered in the same state when data loss occurred. This is attributed to the availability of additional backup points on MySql.

Flexible and cost-effective

The backup solution is also highly flexible and cost-effective. It enables you to access different storage approaches that significantly reduce the amount you spend on backup and recovery.

Additionally, with MySql, you can explore different server and backup locations. This includes in the cloud, on-premise and you can also configure the entire backup process to match the needs of your organization best. This kind of flexibility is available when you use Ottomatik backup services.

Furthermore, the backup solution has an immense ability to handle large traffic. In case you have a lot of data to backup, you can rely on the system as it works exceptionally well.

No replication conflicts

Replication conflicts often occur when you work with the wrong backup service provider. However, with MySql backup by Ottomatik, you can always keep your data safe and keep hard copies for your own reference. This is usually a highly admirable technique that gives you the;

  • The flexibility of a backup service.

  • Reliability of data storage and transfer.

  • Ease of recovery and retrieval.

  • Ease of sharing with relevant parties in a setup that doesn’t generate conflicts.

It is important to note that you can easily automate the whole data storage and recovery process with Ottomatik. This is even more important if you have multi-master setups involved. Therefore, you do not worry about how long data recovery will take. It happens within the shortest time possible following a downtime.

There are no capacity limitations

When using MySql backup, you can easily scale through different applications. This is an incredible feature for large business because often, you need to complete numerous transactions or store large amounts of data. With MySql, you can backup at the click of a button, and recovery also takes place within the shortest time possible. Everything in the system is synchronized to provide room for efficient data storage and recovery.

Therefore, with MySql from = simply allows you to store and maintain the integrity of your data. It is a simple and efficient solution that will always have your back in the event of a downtime.

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