Less-known activities to try when visiting Singapore

Less-known activities to try when visiting Singapore

If you want to visit Singapore, but you are tired of the same old tourist attraction and activities that you have been reading about, this list is the one you have been looking for. Singapore is full of attractions that are less known by tourists and that can give you the true feeling of Singaporean culture and beauty.

Taking advantage of the mix of nature and urban feeling of this city and stepping away from the Marina Bay Sands or the Little India, local attractions that are so popular today, is the best choice for a complete travel experience in this gorgeous location.

These are also great activities to try if you are in a quick business trip and you don’t have the time to do something else in your evenings. After getting your Singapore business visa, you can rapidly plan all the activities you will try and stick to the schedule. Here is what you can do:

Take a cycling tour

For tourists that are tired of visiting a city on foot or in busses, there is another option that may give you the best view of the beauty of Singapore – cycling. Cycling tours are very common in Singapore and they are also cheap. If you are a fan of physical movement and you like to enjoy nature at its best, take advantage of the forever-beautiful weather in Singapore and join a cycling tour. It can be a great way to relax after a business meeting.

Go kayaking

If you are more of an adventurous spirit, you can try the kayaking experience around Singapore. The shoreline in Singapore is very welcoming and has calm waters that are great for a first-time kayaking experience. Of course, for experienced people, the offshore islands of Singapore offer expeditions that are more recommended to kayaking veterans. There are also companies that offer kayaking courses or tours, especially during the peak season.

Visit the local farms

Stepping away from the urban jungle and taking a breath of fresh air is one thing you should try. Shopping malls are less interesting than the countryside farms in Singapore. The farms near Singapore are open for tourists most of the times and they even have bio products to sell. Singapore has farms that are less conventional, such as a frog farm and a koi fish one. You can also serve traditional meals made of fresh farm products.

Visit the offshore islands

In case you have more time available to spend visiting Singapore, you should visit the offshore islands. They offer great views and an amazing opportunity to visit the remains of older villages and untouched wetland nature. You can take a boat or a ferry there and even spend the night. Check out locations such as PulauUbin or the Coney Island. Don’t forget that Singapore has some of the most impressive treks and underwater trails. If you have some hours to spare, try the scuba diving experience in the Sister’s Island Marine Park.

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