Lead Generation Services

Lead Generation Services

We are a buying culture living in the biggest global marketplace that has ever existed on this planet. And no, this is not an exaggeration, not by a long shot. As a consumer you can order from Amazon, you by from your neighbors in virtual yard sales, you buy directly from businesses or heck you can order from China on Alibaba.

We now exchange goods and services that put to shame our ancestors and their silk roads. We are virtually just a few decades away from buying and having products instantly transported to us like a scene out of Futurama.

Because of this, the competition for leads is more cutthroat and more competitive than ever.Companies are fighting for every last lead to help their sales team to perform well and grow their business.

Lead generation really isn't child’s play either. Some lead generation requires more manual work, whereas others are more creative ways to generate leads. In either case, these lead generation processes are time-consuming, and they cut into the time your sales team could be out there doing what you pay them to do, sales.

This idea of freeing up salespeople's time to sell is not one that has existed forever. For a long time, a salesperson was in charge of his or her pipeline from the top of the sales funnel all the way to the bottom.

As time has gone on, and business has evolved and improved, we as a collective group have gotten better at being strategic in the world of sales. Specialization has been a key part of that. Lead generation is a numbers game and the ability to have a dedicated team handle this process and streamline your leads coming in is an invaluable asset to your organization. Having an in-house lead generation team though can be a costly endeavor. This is the driving force for why so many business to consumer companies in the United States are looking to, or are already outsourcing their lead generation services.

There is a tricky balance to strike here though, as companies are looking to save money and make their processes more efficient but not to do so in the name of quality. Picking an outsourcing company to partner with is much like choosing a good dance partner. If you both are not on the same page then it is all for not, and that does not help anyone.

The setup process will be very important in creating a successful or unsuccessful partnership.There are many different types of leads, and there are numerous ways to go about generating and accumulating leads. As you select an outsourcing partner and begin a partnership make sure to set clear expectations of the number of leads, the types of leads, and the types of lead generating tactics you are expecting.

These clear expectations and understanding of the lead generation process will ultimately determine if outsourcing will be successful for your business.

Let us just list out a few ways in which you can generate leads.
1. Through marketing events like webinars, trade shows, conferences etc.
2. Gated content on your website like white papers or case studies.
3. Prospecting, either in person, by phone or through search engines like Google and or Bing

Variety is the spice of life and the key to a healthy prospect pool. You will want to work with your new partner to devise a plan of the mix of types of leads you will want for your business. When you make this decision to outsource your lead generation you certainly have your options. It's an important decision for your business so take your time and find the best route for you and your sales team.

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