Kids in Juvenile Homes Exposed to Drugs and Sexual Abuse

When asked about his drug habits, he said, “I experimented with everything ganja, fluid whitener, injections, smack or whatever I could lay my hands on.” He further added, “By the time I was 12, I had started breaking into people's homes along with my friends, all of whom were hooked to drugs. We stole stuff that could be sold to fund our habit. The police eventually caught us. I was brought to the observation home where I found that more than half the boys were drug addicts like me,” as reported by TNN.

It took him hardly any time to understand the inside games of the juvenile home, he said, “The older boys who are usually repeat offenders take the lead in creating a brawl. Fights break out many times during the day especially when the 'repeaters' are high on what we call the 'Dus number' tablet. It removes all feeling of pain. It also makes them very dangerous. We used to dread it when the lights were switched off.” He also pointed out that the older boys sexually abused the young and weak children in the home mostly during the night, which is unbridled, extensive and goes unchecked.

The official did acknowledge that fights do break out but they denied all allegations related to the abuse of children at the observation home. The facility's superintendent informed, “The only solution is keeping the trouble-makers separate. But we don't have enough space inside to create separate rooms.” Regarding the drug usage at the home, he said, “Do you think drug peddlers walk into the campus, scale our walls to deliver packets to the boys inside?” as reported by TNN.

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