KENT CamEye - The Next-Gen Car Security Device in India

With the number of vehicles increasing on the road, more issues are arising for the car owners. You’d think that hiring a chauffeur for your car would ensure your car’s safety,but they come with their own set of challenges. These chauffeurs can’t always be trusted when they are left unsupervised with your car. Moreover, don’t even get us started with teenagers and their reckless behaviour when it comes to driving.

KENT CamEye - The Next-Gen Car Security Device in India

Keeping all these circumstances in mind, it becomes vital to equip your car with a device that would help tackle issues that come with owning a car and having a chauffeur. Most car security devices in India don’t have enough features to support the specific needs of people. This is where products like KENT CamEye come to the picture. It’s designed to address all the problems faced by people on the road.

Here are a few features that the product possesses and how it helps tackle problems that arise from time to time!

KENT CamEye Features

KENT CamEye is a next-generation car security solution that ensures the safety of your loved ones and the security of the vehicle. It comes equipped with more features than any other car security device in India. Here are some of the features:

The Dual Camera Feature

With the dual camera feature on your KENT CamEye, you can not only view the dash cam video but also what’s happening inside the car, that too on a live stream. It has a 120-degree FOV video recording. It also has integrated face recognition technology that automatically detects anyone who is not whitelisted to drive the car.

There are many issues that this feature helps solve, here are a few:

Putting Chauffeurs in Line

In your absence, chauffeurs often drive rash as they are alone and unsupervised. They could also be doing this while dropping your kids to school. This is a direct danger to your kid and vehicle. With the dual camera feature, you can put them in place by alerting them about their behaviour immediately.

Ferrying Passengers for Extra Money

To earn extra money, your chauffeur could be using your car for ferrying passengers or handing it over to someone else. This unethical behaviour can be recognized with the dual camera feature. It has face recognition that automatically identifies a non-whitelisted driver. If this ever happens in the future, you can call out the driver on his behaviour with the instant alert feature of this new-age device.

Video and Image Playback

In case you’ve had a busy day and had no time to keep a check on your driver, you can easily access the trip videos on your KENT CamEye app. This comes handy when there has been an accident, or your car has been towed away during the presence of your driver.

A User-Friendly Device

KENT CamEye is easy to use and can be ordered from Amazon. A demo is also available, and a company representative will visit your house and run you through the device and app. The device is easy to install; here are some features that the KENT CamEye comes with:

Easy Installation

The device comes with an informative manual for installation. You can follow the manual and install the equipment in your car within minutes, without any assistance.KENT CamEye easily plugs into your 12V car socket and comes with a pre-installed 4G sim for fast connectivity.

Easy App Installation

The application is available on both Android and iOS platforms. It can also be downloaded by scanning the QR code available on the manual. Keep the app always updated to ensure you are getting benefits of the latest features and advancements.

Sharable App Access

The user-friendly app allows staying connected with your car from anywhere on the globe. You can also share your current status with your friends and family. That’s not all, you can even give access to up to ten other users.

App Notifications to Keep You Alert

The official KENT CamEye app provides the user with various alerts to keep their car security intact. Some of these include engine idle, noise alert, over speeding, geo-fencing, AC on, unknown driver and more. Here’s how these alerts always keep you a step ahead of trouble:

Reduces Car Misuse

All of us have witnessed chauffeurs dozing away in the owner’s car with the AC on full blast. This useless consumption can be put on halt with the engine idle and AC switching on alert. This keeps in check the wasteful habits of your chauffeur. It also contributes to minimising pollution.

Reduces Your Child Worries in Your Absence

You are always on the edge with your children’s security. Having them unsupervised in the car can maximise your worries. With this device, you can set a place of interest and receive a notification every time your vehicle reaches or leaves the location. This will give the sense of security you always craved for your kid during your absence.

2 Way Calling System

The device has a feature that comes with an in-built mic and speaker for a smooth back and forth communication. The user can directly contact the passenger or the driver through the device without using the phone. Here are a few situations where this feature comes in handy:

Keeps Rash Driving in Check

In your absence, your chauffeur could be driving rashly or misusing the vehicle by smoking inside the car. To keep the driver in check, you can alert him through the two-way audio system. It is instant, and you can inform the driver even when you can’t reach his phone.

KENT CamEye Here to Save The Day

KENT CamEye is a next-gen device that efficiently ensures the safety of your loved ones. There are many other features of the device than the ones mentioned above.Some of these are cloud backup, 24 hours battery backup, easy route playback, temperature alerts, live tracking and much more. It’s undoubtedly the best car security device in India that you can opt to use in your car. Book a free demo of the device to witness its capabilities first-hand. Order KENT CamEye directly from Amazon and gift your family and your car the security they deserve. This product is completely made in India and tackles the problems faced by the people of the country!

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