Is it a good time to buy ISA shares?

Is it a good time to buy ISA shares?

It is always good to look at investment alternatives that offer attractive returns, in which case equities can be eye-catching, if you know your risk profile. Before continuing further, it’s recommended to know the best performing stocks and shares ISA2020.

How to buy and sell stocks online

We never tire of telling you that if you have money to spare you have several ways. You can keep it on your mattress or in a piggy bank, in which case you will feel that you have it 'safe', but at the risk that by actually keeping it hidden, you are losing its value due to inflation. That if it runs with the luck that it is not stolen before and there it would be a loss to regret.

Another path can be that of the banks and open a deposit such as a CDT, where you tell the entity 'take, there I leave my savings saved for a while' and in return the bank agrees with you a deposit rate, where they can pay interest from $ 50,000 or up to $ 150,000 annually, it depends on the amount saved. But subtract commissions and even income tax from that. You even end up losing money, if you don't know the product well and don't understand those discounts and commissions.

Another market that exists is equities, where you can win or lose and for that you need to get very good advice 'before', as one might say there. And among the products most used by issuers and investors are shares, which represent a part of a private or mixed company (public and with private participation) in the hands of participants, who become investors.

They do not offer minimum expected profitability, but their behavior depends on many factors, the country's economy, the behavior of the sector where the company is located, the performance of the company as such and a very volatile factor: trust. If there is no confidence, the stock falls; and go up if confidence grows.

It must also be said that speculation, understood as a legitimate expectation of an investor for a product where a security is expected to have a certain behavior, also comes to play an important role in investments. All of the above to tell you what has happened to the action of an energy company like ISA and to tell you if this is an ideal time to bet on the shares of this electricity generation and transport company, but which also invests in road concessions, information technologies and telecommunications, as well as in real-time systems management. In fact, it was one of the first great arrivals on the Stock Market, when in 2000 its shares were issued. In 2009 it made a new issue and its securities are traded.

Is it a good time for equities?

It is true that if we had a crystal ball, we would all be millionaires. But like everything else, there is room to continue growing and your money can take advantage of the opportunities that remain in equities. There are still opportunities to participate in the stock market. Of course, you need good advice and know some important economic variables, such as GDP, inflation, the interest rate, and the behavior of the sector to which the company in which you want to invest belongs. Do not be afraid to ask until you are tired about your investment and get good advice from the authorized entities.